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  • wonderkid64 commented on Mr.Hyde's instructable "Knalpot" Fire pit2 months ago
    "Knalpot" Fire pit

    SirCooksalot: For someone who is picking at another persons grammar you have constructed a very "unique" paragraph to do so. I must say that the author's statements were clear and easy to understand, while yours, I had to read several times to make sense of. While your point is taken that the conventional use of "for eg" is to do so preceding the example sited, the authors statement was still clear and their helpful offering easily understood. So lets stay on point shall we? This is an Instructable (and a pretty good one by all accounts) and not Grammar 101.

    Many of the newer front loaders have these drums. Unfortunately I just recycled one just like this before seeing this Instructable. (bummer!) it was a GE machine. Try a metal recycler or some appliance repair places. :)

    Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. I obviously misunderstood your intent. I totally agree that the comment sections can often be as valuable as the content section at times. Lots of minds and experiences working to create the builder community. It is a wonderful time to be alive! Cheers all and happy building.

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