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  • wsround commented on audreyobscura's instructable Vertical Gardening Pipe9 months ago
    Vertical Gardening Pipe

    I made something similar to this, drilling holes into a PVC pipe, and I found that if you drill the pilot hole for the planting holes and then when you get to the larger hole saw part you put the drill into reverse it doesn't kick back. Another benefit is that the holes seemed to be smoother and less clean up.

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  • wsround commented on Carleyy's instructable Fabric Photography Sweep1 year ago
    Fabric Photography Sweep

    Nice idea I was thinking for small sets like this you might consider a tension rod. It would eliminate the need to put holes in the wall. Bad thing might be that you would have to find a rod long enough to span the area you are going to use for your sweep area. But then I was thinking maybe you could put the rod on the window so the light comes though the fabric and is difused by the fabric.

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