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Jan. 23, 2016
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  • Best Cat Scratching Post Ever AND Cat Weight-loss Device

    I thought this was an excellent idea. My 6yr old daughter and I took on the project together. We deviated slightly from the plans since our local Lowes only had 8" & 12" sonotubes so we chose the 12". That slight change also required 700' of rope and seemingly endless winding around to the top! Our 2nd variance was in the top. I had some extra carpet laying around so we cut a square of plywood, bordered with 1x1 and made Noah a little pad to rest and hide from our great dane on. It also helps that he loves tearing at our carpet, so now he has his own. There is a little mouse hole cut in the back so he can climb up the post and onto the platform. Just as the OP had stated, our kitten took to it immediately. I would also like to send kudos to anyone being able to wrap the rope without getting glue everywhere! We had a blast building this, but the rope is stained with the excess glue pretty bad. Its no big deal for me, as I figure Noah will eventually wear it off, but some may not be as laid back about final appearance. Great project!

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