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  • ww123td commented on mnatanagara's instructable Google Cardboard 2.012 months ago
    Google Cardboard 2.0

    The lenses were purchased in China and I'm afraid that the seller won't ship it to the US... These lenses are dirt cheap in China, if you are a retailer. You can actually get them for 1 CNY each (minimum quantity: 100 pairs). These retailers are really draining every bit of your life!As for the strap, I bought it in the same shop. However, I believe that you can make it without any aid. It's consists of two pieces of velcro to stick on both sides of the cardboard, and a long elastic band with loops on it. You can achieve the same effect by sewing two pieces of velcro on to the two ends of the strap.I made a tremendous mistake when choosing the velcro: I used the 3M Dual Lock instead of normal velcro. Now every time I put my phone into it, it feels like I have to break the thing up...

    Mine is made using the box for my graphics card, which gives the final work a sense of coolness. I added a custom strap and also changed a little bit of the design. I cropped the inner and middle layer so it won't get too cramped.Also if you are using a pair of 37mm lenses, you can trash part No. 3, because nearly all the lenses on the market have supports to fix them.

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