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  • wxjax01 commented on ajoyraman's instructable HDD Circular Chart Recorder9 months ago
    HDD Circular Chart Recorder

    Great idea. Years ago I toyed with making a chart recorder, but that was before the advent of Arduino, and your presentation here has me excited to try again.Have you considered making a strip chart recorder rather than a circular one? A small one could use a roll of adding machine paper for the chart paper, and would not be a problem to change, and also could record for several days before needing changing. Also, check into how micro-barographs of the mid-1900s wrote on the chart paper. They used a rather primitive fountain pen that needed very little pressure in order to write, was easy to load with ink, and was mounted in the vertical. (In the late 1900s, they began using small, redesigned felt tip pens.)

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