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  • wynkin commented on Grunambulax's instructable Steampunk Menorah: The Grunambulorah2 weeks ago
    Steampunk Menorah: The Grunambulorah

    If you ask valve nicely sellers they have failed valves you can buy for peanuts.

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  • wynkin commented on j88k's instructable Huge vacuum tube light fixture.1 month ago
    Huge vacuum tube light fixture.

    Non-working valves can be bought cheaply from companies that sell tested valves, they are irreparable so they are only to happy to get rid of useless valves. The place I bought the valves from were surprised that there is now a market for non-working valves.

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  • wynkin commented on botronics's instructable Steampunk Vacuum Tube Night Light1 month ago
    Steampunk Vacuum Tube Night Light

    I contacted one of the people selling valves on ebay. He only sells valves that are thoroughly tested. Because he carefully tests all his valves he has lots that fail his tests. He has lots of discarded non-working valves and was glad to let me have a large box very cheap. He wanted to know why I wanted them, when I explained he was happy to have found a market for his non-working valves as they have no other use.

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  • wynkin commented on PeterD60's instructable Oil Filter life hack6 months ago
    Oil Filter life hack

    Good idea, on my car the oil filter has only about 3mm clearance from the sump and all three of my filter removers would not fit, as the strap or chain won't go through such a small gap. I purchased a oil filter tool that uses a thin metal band. I will give your idea a go next oil change.

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