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  • wzeller commented on askjacob's instructable Animated 'Haunted' Ouija Board1 year ago
    Animated 'Haunted' Ouija Board

    Thanks for this. I'm considering making one. People will obviously assume that there are mechanisms inside the box. To make it more mysterious, I'm thinking I might buy an actual Ouija Board (from Hasbro) and make it the top of the box, and sink the box into a hole cut in the top of a table with a table cloth on it. Embed a magnet in the cheap plastic planchette. Now it'll just look like a kid's Ouija Board, sitting on a table, but it'll actually work! I could put it on my front porch with a hidden mic so that I can hear people asking it questions, and type answers into my computer. Should be good for freaking some people out!

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