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Lowney4 years ago
Hey Subscriber! Just wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Thanks for subscribing as always, and sticking with me! If you could take the time to check out my new forum topic, that would be awesome, as well as my new video! Both links are below, and once again, Merry Christmas!


Lowney5 years ago
Hi there, subscriber! To say a big thank you to you, I wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

Also, to Yannyboy, you were the FIRST person to ever subscribe to me! Congratulations! :D
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yannyboy (author)  Lowney4 years ago
Lowney yannyboy4 years ago
lol this was from last year :D
FlutterTree5 years ago
Are you racist? You have a group for Christian Knex Gunners only.
That wouldn't really be racist... Also ihaz necro'd?
How is Christian a race? Christian is a religion, is it not?
Yeah, but what does " Also ihaz necro'd?" mean?
KnexFreek5 years ago
 would you consider subscribing to me? i have some sweet stuff coming up soon :) 
-Sorry for the spam-
bigdylan915 years ago
Lowney5 years ago
 Hey did you know that YOU were the first person ever to subscribe to me?
It seems many have followed in your footsteps as I now have 43
The Jamalam6 years ago
hehe i'm number 10 ;p but you spelt my name wrong :(
lol jamalan
LOL "Jamalan" is an anagram of "Anal Jam"