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Your avatar is an iPhone screenshot, but you have multiple Google apps...ironic, no?
yapoyo (author)  The Dark Lord3 years ago
Sorry for the late reply. I got a new phone that runs Android because I was getting bored of iOS :)
Cool. Welcome to the dark side. ;)
iOS is very limited (as you very well know) in what they let you do with your phone. I don't like being told what I can and can't do with my phone by the higher-ups. Plus, I like the customization with Android.

Android for sure, at least until Ubuntu phone is more widely supported. :P
yapoyo (author)  The Dark Lord3 years ago
Yeah same here, but one good thing about iPhone is that the carriers have no power in restricting things, but in android they have every right to infect the OS with bloatware, block apps, etc. Come on, AT&T, we pay you for connecting us to your phone service, not for making a very pleasant experience a bad one. So that's why i rooted my Galaxy S3 and installed CyanogenMod. MUCH faster than my phone was with that touchwiz crap. Heck, it's faster than the Galaxy S4!
Nope, not by a long shot.
yapoyo (author)  OrigamiAirEnforcer4 years ago
That was a fast reply.
I do my best. :)