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Nov. 30, 2007
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  • It really should be too hard of a design. A muli-channel design would be difficult to setup, but 4 single units with a single speaker each should work (in theory).Id start with the a junk pair of noise cancelling head phones, or other noise cancelling device. Then pull out the circuit for the noise cancelling. Hot glue the mic to the offending noise maker and then the output into a amplified speaker.It may take some tweaking, but as each noise source is lowered, the overall sounds in the car will lowered. Again, in theory this is a possible way for it to work. Using other components and reworking / re-purposing them doesn't mean it wont work. It might not work well enough, But its a start. I just check goodwill, value village, and yard sales until I find something that has possibilities. Just remember you will need a small amplifier to increase the output of a small noise cancelling circuit. It by itself wont have the power to be noticed in a noisy car.

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  • This is a concept that I have been pondering. I have a Chevy Equinox, which has in-car ANC, but it works only for engine sounds. I have Asperger's, and noise drives me absolutely bananas. My least favorite is crinkling plastic. But please excuse my digression. It didn't occur to me to attack the sound at its source, ie. in the wheel wells, but rather at the destination. My idea is to place speaker/microphone pairs inside the cab, perhaps on either side of each headrest. This would lower all noises, such as road-to-wheel, wind, rain, engine and other automobile noise. However, it may dampen important sounds, such as sirens, horns, squealing tires and the all-important radio. It seems to me that there should be a button that, when hit, will listen to all of the ambient noise and block it only. That way, we can still hear the radio, the sirens, and in-cab conversation. It would probably be a digital filter of sorts, that memorizes not specific frequencies, but sound patterns, and reverses those patterns when the microphone sees them. I am almost an EE, and a programmer for decades, so there are some contributions I can make of anybody wants to collaborate.

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  • Full diagram and research from Texas Instruments - http://www.ti.com/solution/active_noise_cancellati...http://www.cvel.clemson.edu/auto/systems/active_ca...I believe the price will come in closer to $250 for an off the shelf install yourself unit. We can start a go fund me page.

    http://www.cvel.clemson.edu/auto/systems/active_ca...I believe the price will come in closer to $250 for an off the shelf install yourself unit. We can start a go fund me page.

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