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Feb. 16, 2009
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  • A Raspberry Pi Case Made From Scrap Wood

    I highly recommend the first project you make with the saw is a crosscut sled. It open up more scope and accuracy. You can even cut the slides with the saw.It takes a bit of fussing to get it accurate, but once done its well worth it.

    I made mine just by thinking about it, but I did watch a heap of videos of others for ideas. One mistake I made..... I made mine really big to cater for lots of different jobs as possible. In the end it is very clunky and too big for every day use. I have since made a much smaller one that gets used much more often. The bigger one is still good for larger jobs though. Its not like they cost much to make either.BTW you're a good sport allowing your thread to be hijacked with this discussion ;)

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  • A Raspberry Pi Case Made From Scrap Wood

    I have the exact same saw table and its by far the best thing I have ever bought. Its taken my carpentry skills from a 2 to a 7 in one straight hit.

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  • The Packard Chandelier - I made it at TECHSHOP!

    I really like this due to its originality. Brilliant effort.

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  • ynneb commented on laxap's instructable Easy Stylish Concrete Phone Stand1 month ago
    Easy Stylish Concrete Phone Stand

    I recon demolding might be an issue with resin or epoxy, especially with undercuts. One advantage with a printed mold would be that you print the walls thin and you break it off once set. Sort of like a disposable mold. Maybe another option is to 3d print a positive and then coat it in pourable silicon that hardens and become an easy to remove mold.It all sound like fun, keep us informed of any experiments you do.

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  • ynneb commented on laxap's instructable Easy Stylish Concrete Phone Stand1 month ago
    Easy Stylish Concrete Phone Stand

    I like the idea of a concrete stand. The ones I have 3d printed are too light. You have given me an idea though. I'm going to print a mold of the design I want and then cast it in concrete. This means I can incorporate the lip as well as include any other little feathures that I waent.

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  • ynneb commented on nickd561's instructable All in One Work Bench2 months ago
    All in One Work Bench

    I wonder if you could attempt a 3 wheel bench to ensure all 3 contact and a more stable surface. Just use the two wheels at the cutting end. (BTW his is 4 wheels)

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  • ynneb commented on treeofmotion's instructable BRANCHBOARDING / TREE OF MOTION2 months ago

    I had to 'log' into instructable, just so I could join you guys.

    I had to 'log' into instructables, just so I could join you guys.

    10/10 for originality.

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  • ynneb commented on j88k's instructable Huge vacuum tube light fixture.2 months ago
    Huge vacuum tube light fixture.

    I bought a tube from an op shop once. The guy sold it to me for 10 bucks. Out of interest I search for some specs about it online and discovered it dated back to 1930s. I also saw that collectors were paying upwards of $450 bucks for them. I'm still yet to sell it.

    I love tubes too. Always have. I have done an underlit project as well (Not as bit as yours though. I must admit that the gow of the actual filaments in the tubes, beats underlit. Keep in mind that its not the filament section of the tube that uses all the eneregy, and if you wire up just that part it wont use much electricity.

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  • Wireless Electricity Transmission (Simple things required to be collected from scrap)

    Essentially the same as a transformer. Primary and secondary coils around a metal core.

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  • Open a Padlock with One Paperclip, Nothing Else

    Enter stage left, the mandatory, pseudo moralist. Every group has at least one.Pretty sure that this tutoial is old news to any would be crim.

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  • ynneb commented on BeachsideHank's instructable Precision Hot Wire Station3 months ago
    Precision Hot Wire Station


    Thanks for this. You did well.I made mine using a PC power supply and a PWM kit that allows you to dial up the right heat for the wire. I put a lot of effort into making it but have never actually used it for any serious project.

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