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  • your_dragon113 commented on asergeeva's instructable How to spread kindness1 week ago
    How to spread kindness

    Yes, it's still posting, what might be considered unwanted, posters. There HAS been reports in my city over the last three weeks of someone posting 'White Supremacy' posters throughout the city, which has caused Quite the stir. Personally I would much rather see posters like this throughout my city rather than the others. How about the signs found at a lot of malls reading, "Sell your junker car now. Call (insert phone number here)" or "Snow Removal" ? Something that boasts a a Happy note is more welcome than any of those.I approve of this Instructable; It's showing how we can turn things around with a few kind words! Well Done!And, Yes, reelmanmi IS right...and I'm sure that he and his crews could stand to see some happieness out there as well.

    In the summer time you can see MANY signs posted for garage sales and yard sales both that've gone well past 2+ weeks. you May be an exception to the 'norm' but it can't be said for the 80+% out there - viva la Realizames

    Understanding where you're coming from; would you rather be cleaning up posters like these.... ...or posters spreading and promoting hate?

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  • your_dragon113 commented on caracoda's instructable Vintage leather briefcase/satchel2 months ago
    Vintage leather briefcase/satchel

    VERY impressed! I love the detail you went into on showing the carving and punching of the art work. Top Shelf!

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  • your_dragon113 commented on TheSpodShed's instructable Mega Power Bank3 months ago
    Mega Power Bank

    .......you might look at banggood.com as well

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