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canucksgirl4 years ago
Hey, thanks for subscribing! I just read your 'about', and I could've easily copied and pasted all of it (but then my about would be way too long). It's just nice to know that you have some taste and can think for yourself (and not just follow the masses). But thanks for following me! :-)

(BTW, I'd take Miley Cyrus over Justin Bieber any day)...
Thanks for subbing, I could help with ure shotgun.
ryry20115 years ago
thx for the sub
zach242004 (author)  ryry20115 years ago
pls help me with my knex shotgun i need a mag for it pls help ;0
i did help look at my stamped. that will have the mag
zach242004 (author) 5 years ago