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mary candy4 years ago
hiii friend! did you see my ible on the halloween contest? if you like it, I would be glad with your vote! Kiss
zascecs (author)  mary candy4 years ago
sure, ill vote
luvit4 years ago
920334 years ago
What's with all these 'removed' comments' about?
zascecs (author)  920334 years ago
I really have no idea... 
luvit5 years ago
 (removed by author or community request)
zascecs (author)  luvit5 years ago
 (removed by author or community request for racist remarks)
luvit5 years ago
 lol. something looks very wrong here in zascecs' orangeboardville.
zascecs (author)  luvit5 years ago
Oh, you mean the all of the deleted replies? I don't really know why I did that either. It looks like I made a chain of comments or something one day, I guess....