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This is very helpful

This is very helpful

Thank you!

flapper5014 years ago
Why? Why? Why?

You didn't accept my entry for the angry birds con test!!!

Heres the link:

tjesse4 years ago
What happend to the altoids contest? I hope I can still enter. I was excited to see it posted and then it vanished like a ghost in a ghost story.
35Timmy5 years ago
can you do me a favor i got proof that the slingshot worjks the same one from the launch it contest with my parent's consent of past and entered my reisist flat slingshot below is the linkshttp://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-resist-flat-slingshot/ http://youtu.be/8XR9xdANbsk
ps sorry about the voice it's just a camera thing with my voice and some things the camera guy did not know

shot and exploded can.jpegresist pipe slingshot.JPGimages rocks.jpgUntitled cristmas story image0.jpg
hey love all your baking ibles, i need to post some baking ones but all my recipes are closely guarded since i usually sell what i make
djsfantasi5 years ago
Thanks for following... Did you see my other INstructable on the eyes?
zazenergy (author)  djsfantasi5 years ago
I did! It was really cool :)
The Epilog Challenge and the National Robotics Week Robot Contest are open for voting. I would appreciate your votes for my entries "Animatronic Penguin Torso" and "Animatronic Eyes".
Thank you, dj
ynze5 years ago
Welcome! Congrats with your new job. Enjoy it, and try not to get too addicted to it :-) Your blog makes me _very_ curious about your future i'bles...
zazenergy (author)  ynze5 years ago
I've got some fun stuff planned :)
aeray5 years ago
I just put 2 and 2 together... welcome to Instructables! I hope you enjoy the new gig, and I look forward to "seeing" you around. aeray.
zazenergy (author)  aeray5 years ago
Mudbud5 years ago
Hey I finished that voltage multiplier instructable step by step!
here the direct link