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  • DIY Muscle Sensor / EMG Circuit for a Microcontroller

    Hi, Can you share your work till now as how you are doing this?

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  • MPU6050: Arduino 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro - GY 521 Test & 3D Simulation

    Hi,I need your help. i am making a quadcopter from scratch which means all codes i am making. i am using GY521 to stabilise the flight. i tried many codes but not getting stable values. i need a simple sketch which gives me stable x,y,z that i feed to my motors to control their thrust. i can use map command to translate the drift.. your instructable hit me and tell me you can help me do this

    also my values are changing when i run your code even my gyro is flat and stable on table:(at first minute)ypr-15.1928.04-15.13ypr-15.2028.00-15.11ypr-15.2027.98-15.08ypr-15.2027.96-15.05ypr-15.2127.94-15.03ypr-15.2227.91-15.00ypr-15.2227.88-14.98ypr-15.2327.86-14.95ypr-15.2427.83-14.92(at 2nd minute)ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44

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