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  • Making an Inexpensive Broken Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool

    +1, pointer to dielectric grease in the instructable would help others avoid this problem next time.

    Found it through Google. It's the first hit on a search for "spark plug stuck boot tool", which must mean a lot of other folks have also had success with this Instructable and linked to it. Thanks again!

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  • Making An Inexpensive Broken Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool

    THANK YOU for this magic tool! Depicted in the photo below, removing the stuck boot took mere seconds: push tool onto plug with stuck boot; rock tool around in circles; remove; the boot comes out with the tool! Subaru Foresters have boxer engines where the engine's valve covers and the body's frame are just two inches apart, barely leaving room to get a wrench onto the plug, which is deeply nested between two overhead cams. The second photo shows how the socket, extension and wrench must be disconnected in order to be put in place. Not just any plug boot tool could also fit into this awkward space. This tool did the job instantly, with cheap and available materials. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Th

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