Sobre: I began drawing when I was very little. I chose to stay inside for school recess on the terms that my teacher would keep my drawings. It was always clear what I wanted to do when I grew up. I cast my first sculpture of an Elk when I was 13 and had my dad's help getting into his galleries. ............PR Blurb........ "Sculptor Mike Fields began learning technique, form and design from his father at an early age. Growing and maturing with each new work, he is determined to continue to refine his style and technique in a quest for perfection. With time and consideration, Mike breathes life into his creations and develops his gift for realism with each precise movement of his instrument. Quality workmanship is never compromised in order to release a new work into the marketplace. Each piece can require from 500 to 2000 hours to complete and each new composition demands increased attention to meet his accelerating expectations. 'There seems to be subjective as well as objective measures of art. Although art is subjective in its nature, I think objective qualities such as attention to craftsmanship and the depth of thought that go into a work are necessary to support the power of the piece. I am only beginning to understand that art is much more than a mechanical process. A painting or sculpture can be well-executed, yet fail to evoke emotion. I believe the true challenge to an artist is to bring the work to life.' Mike’s deep inquiry into style, culture and methodologies molds his work into powerful pieces. His father’s tutoring emphasized the importance of proper proportions and attention to detail. The journey into the creation of Mike’s own art has added a restless and continuing obsession with improving the depth of his skill and emotion he conveys. 'The very perception of beauty is an art. It is from that perception that I am beginning to gain a deeper inspiration and I am forever humbled. Art offers a rare opportunity to share a point of view, aesthetically or intellectually with others,' says Mike. Young Fields has already gained recognition from art collectors and dealers nationwide." Dad's site: Google Album: (modern work) WSU Project:
Localização: Spokane, WA
Idade: 35
Sexo: Male