Cheap Arduino Controlled Light Sockets - Reverse Engineering RF
Smart lightbulbs cost your firstborn child. Which is a shame, because smart lights unlock tremendous potential for home automation, energy savings,…
posted by FabricateIO on Nov 21, 2014
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3D Light Painting
This project was conceived the night of halloween. Looking out the window on the frozen streets of Chicago, looking at the lights on the street ref…
posted by Sebastian Morales on Nov 21, 2014
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Simple Arduino LED Color Sensor For Beginners
There are a couple different types of color sensors.The one used in this instructable is a "reflective" color sensor it has a red light source a gr…
posted by TimSwift on Nov 19, 2014
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Automated Halloween Candy Tumbler / Dispenser
Sadly, we are never home to hand out candy on Halloween. In the past, we would leave out a bowl of candy, perhaps with a sign saying "please take …
posted by Fadoodle on Nov 20, 2014
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Microcontroller Register Manipulation
I'm always amazed at the new technology that is constantly coming out that allows hobbyists like myself access to powerful and cheap microcontrolle…
posted by brmarcum on Nov 20, 2014
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Gongbutton: Big button to control your gongs
At the Stripe office, there's a tradition of ringing a gong at meal times. As we grew, I built a cluster of networked robotic gongs to keep the tra…
posted by narced133 on Nov 20, 2014
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Fiber Optic Sea Warrior
As a designer who is mostly interested in illuminating us all by finding new ways to use lighting in costumes, bioluminescent sea creatures are nat…
posted by MikaelaHolmes on Nov 19, 2014
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Turn-Taking Device
Conversation analysts consider turns to be the most basic unit of conversation. As you would imagine, the intricacies of turn-taking have been well…
posted by rachel_yalisove on Nov 18, 2014
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Intel IoT Analytics Dashboard
This Instructable provides information on how to how to set up an Intel Analytics Dashboard account, connect a device to the cloud, control a devic…
posted by 10DotMatrix on Nov 18, 2014
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DIY slim NeoPixel strip with Spark Core
We needed some edge lightning for an edge-lit sign we are making for #HackBergen hackerspace.To make the sign easier to make I would like the LEDs …
posted by zerblatt007 on Nov 17, 2014
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Kid-friendly PuppyDuino 0.31
OK, this is not a fully autonomous "get you a beer, open it for you and then tweet about it" robodog (yet ;) but if you're itching to get past the …
posted by alhazen on Nov 17, 2014
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how to hack into a cheap electronic toy
It is a lamp called dreamlight. In the shake mode, it can blink after I shake it. If I switch it into sensor mode, it can blink when it sense the d…
posted by lianglh1005 on Nov 17, 2014
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Electronics Necklace from Headphone Cable
For some time, I've been contemplating how I can make an intelligent, micro-controller-powered necklace, but I hadn't been able to figure out how t…
posted by dalequark on Nov 17, 2014
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Two Player Simon Memory Game With External Switches
Electronics memory games like Simon can be a lot of fun. But it is even more fun if you add a second player and make it a competition. So I designe…
posted by DIY Hacks and How Tos on Nov 17, 2014
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How to 'bling' up a boring staircase
Well why indeed, Well why not!This project has 2 distinct appeals to me.1) For me, it does jazz up a very plain area of the house. It also does…
posted by sjowett on Nov 17, 2014
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How to make an arduino "get off my property" machine
This instructable will show you how to make my arduino "get off my property" machine. The sole purpose of this machine is to remove objects placed …
posted by SufferKevyn901 on Nov 16, 2014
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Self-balancing Raleigh Chopper inspired scooter
As an avid maker of "things that Seg" I was recently involved in the Hackaday competition with the MediCycle. This was a big one wheeled electric m…
posted by XenonJohn on Nov 16, 2014
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Controlling your Christmas lights with Text Messages
I really wanted to be able to control my Christmas lights remotely, with an Arduino. With this solution you can control my Lights remotely, via tex…
posted by VisionaryNutcases on Nov 16, 2014
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Control robotic arm with gloves, Android Phone and Arduino
Today, we have almost 2 techniques to play with Robotic Arm, either by buttons for example as on Game shield or using gloves that include sensors. …
posted by ashraf nabil on Nov 16, 2014
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Interactive LED Programmable Canvas
The Aim of this project was to go one step further with the custom canvas'. It cost a bit more but the potential is much greater for this design …
posted by tomhv9 on Nov 15, 2014
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Solar-Powered Heart Rate Monitor
Hey Everyone! In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make your own Arduino-based Heart Rate Monitor! But this is not just any other DIY Heat Ra…
posted by DangerousTim on Nov 9, 2014
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Motivational Bathroom Scale
Introducing the latest and greatest in health technology: the Motivational Bathroom Scale. Getting unwanted family comments about your recent wei…
posted by 10DotMatrix on Nov 13, 2014
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ATtiny85 Two-Channel Lead Acid Battery Charger
Winter just arrived. The enemy of all batteries. Last year this was the season the auxiliary battery of my T3 VW camper bus bit the dust. This like…
posted by Superbender on Nov 12, 2014
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Kid stuff (Big kids too)
Stuff to do with the kids. Kid's Green Tech - Solar Garden Lamp Kit Good take home project. Mass producing LED powering wind turbines in a kid…
posted by alhazen on Nov 12, 2014
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Mini Root Cellar in stair well.
I grew a serious amount of potatoes and carrots this summer. I needed a way to store them. It dawned on me that if I could put a small root cella…
posted by Moose Dr on Nov 12, 2014
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The Makers E.D.G.E - A Guide for Teaching Young Makers
This guide is for anyone who has ever had to teach or organize a workshop or class for young makers. E.D.G.E. is a technique that is been used for …
posted by SolderingSunday on Nov 11, 2014
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Arduino Fridge Magnet
Do you have a habit of leaving notes on the fridge, now take it digital and add an Arduino to it.In this instructable I'm going to show you how to …
posted by ThisIsSteve on Nov 10, 2014
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Hyduino - Automated Hydroponics with an Arduino
So, you may be wondering...WHAT IS HYDROPONICS?Basically, hydroponics is growing plants without the use of a traditional dirt medium by using a nut…
posted by austinsimonson on Nov 10, 2014
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Arduino Morse Code
When I was younger I started practicing for my Ham Radio license but did not stick with this long enough to master the morse code. With this proje…
posted by Chris Weatherford on Nov 9, 2014
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Hat-mounted clock with multiple timezone support and GPS functionality
I wanted a clock. But not just any clock! I wanted it to be able to change the timezone being displayed at the flip of a switch. And I also wanted …
posted by gfish on Nov 10, 2014
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Frozen Pipe Alarm
Winter is coming. So it is time to make preparations. If you live in a colder climate, you need to be concerned about the possibility of your pipes…
posted by DIY Hacks and How Tos on Nov 10, 2014
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DIY Spectrometer) Explore the Unknown ->
Hey Guys! A Spectrometer is useful for detecting impurities in water and in other substances, or even just telling us what wavelength something is!…
posted by simonfrfr on Nov 10, 2014
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Automated Talking Skull
This instructable will show you how to add a moving jaw to a skull, pumpkin or other holiday prop. I used this one to make my 3 Axis Skull on my Ca…
posted by dathomar on Nov 10, 2014
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Chess Robot
--This project was my graduation project at Kuwait University-College of Engineering & Petroleum--Chess is a very famous and common game worldwide.…
posted by yousifnimat on Nov 10, 2014
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Building Christine (with lights and sound!)
This Halloween we themed our party around Stephen King's stories and we decided that a full size Plymouth Fury from "Christine" would make a great …
posted by flaming_pele! on Nov 10, 2014
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Smart home with arduino
Hello.I will show you how to build your own smart home. It shows the temperature both inside and outside, if the window is open or closed, shows w…
posted by Nikus on Oct 30, 2014
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Get started with the Bend Sensor
We started by looking at how the Bend Sensor is buildt up, and how it works.We then looked at different areas we can see it beeing used in.Finally …
posted by cecilise on Oct 10, 2014
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Build an Actobotics Quadruped Robot
Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that I will try my best to get at least one video and some Arduino code on here by this coming S…
posted by chris.deen on Nov 3, 2014
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Stomach shot - Halloween costume 2014
Have you ever felt as if you had butterflies in your stomach? Last Halloween 2014 day I felt that way.... Like a Walking dead fan, I wanted to d…
posted by Luis Martín Nuez on Nov 10, 2014
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Elven Magic Orb
First of all, please bear with me, this is my first instructable ...It all started with me browsing through Instructables and finding a lot of grea…
posted by fcfelix on Nov 10, 2014
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Raspberry Pi Christmas Tree Light Show
This project involves using a Raspberry Pi to drive 8 AC outlets which are connected to Christmas Tree light sets. The AC lights are simple one …
posted by Osprey22 on Nov 7, 2014
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Arduino Room Automation via Bluetooth
Before I start I would like to thank the instructable user ASCAS for showing me how to use bluetooth in my project. Here is howi learned http://www…
posted by sarju7 on Nov 9, 2014
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Maleficent's Raven - Robotized raven with LED eyes
Need the finishing touch to make your Malificent costume stand out?Or do you just want an awesome Halloween prop that will impress?This vileness, r…
posted by laurakenora on Nov 8, 2014
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Mobile Sun-Seeking Robot
Your plant can navigate to the sunniest spot in the house with this sunshine seeking indoor planter. It's controlled by an Arduino Micro and driv…
posted by 10DotMatrix on Nov 7, 2014
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TV Remote Light Switch
I wanted to have the ability to turn my lights and fan on and off with my TV remote. I like this much better than a smartphone enabled light switch…
posted by jaknieper23 on Nov 5, 2014
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Motorized Evil Shield
In this Instructable You'll learn how to build a Motorized Villain Shield so we can join forces against The Super Heroes and take over the world. …
posted by robdavinci on Nov 5, 2014
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Elevator fart prank
In this tutorial you will learn to play a WAV file from an SD card using the LightBlue Bean.We will then use it to play sounds in an elevator as so…
posted by simsalapim on Nov 5, 2014
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Accordion Master - A python/arduino music synthesizer
This project was created by a team of three student from the University of Pennsylvania at MHacks 2014 Detroit (A weekend Hackathon). The goal of t…
posted by Aiyoku19 on Nov 5, 2014
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Infinity Table
Hey Everyone :D This is a project that has been dear to my heart for over a year now. Sure I could have finished this in a week or two, but …
posted by Wired_Mist on Nov 5, 2014
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Capacitive Sensor Design
Capacitive sensors are an elegant way to control an Arduino using the Capacitive Sensing Library. But the sensitivity and error tolerance depend st…
posted by ohneschuh on Nov 5, 2014
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