Motor Controllers for Cheap Robots
Thus far, I've shown you how to create wheels out of household items, several motorized chassis out of cardboard, and a couple of simple and effect…
posted by JayWeeks on Sep 19, 2014
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Quantifying Access to your Mind
So, I manage a creative technology lab at California College of the Arts. It's essentially an educational hackerspace for art and design students.…
posted by ElectricSlim on Dec 17, 2013
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USA Flag made with diffused LED
USA flag constructed using a total of 2,301 diffused red, white and blue LEDs completed with Arduino sketch animations, I hope this instructions he…
posted by atairu on Sep 18, 2014
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Adding CV inputs to the Auduino granular synth
When I first got into the Arduino I went looking for audio projects. One of the first things I built was TobaTobias' Auduino granular synth. I was …
posted by Chuck Stephens on Sep 18, 2014
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Making a USB Game Controller
Here at NextFab, we designed a fully functional, USB game controller for Philly Tech Week. This project will be particularly tricky without some m…
posted by NextFab on Sep 17, 2014
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Measure RPM - Optical Tachometer
This Instructable will show you how to make a Portable Digital Optical Tachometer using an Arduino Uno. This project is inspired from This instruct…
posted by electro18 on Sep 17, 2014
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DIY Small Bench Power Supply
This is a small bench power supply that I made some time ago, and because I was very busy I couldn't do the instructable for it. I do apologise for…
posted by newtonn2 on Sep 17, 2014
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Building your own Micromite Companion Minicomputer
The Micromite Companion Minicomputer is the next generation in the Pocket Mini Computer series.It is the combination of two Open Source systems, th…
posted by Propellerpowered on Sep 13, 2014
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Dot Matrix Printer from a CD/DVD Reader with Arduino
Hey!Some time ago while going through the pages here in Instructables, something catch my attention, a printer made of a CD reader, and i was amaze…
posted by Robson Couto on Sep 16, 2014
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Arduino wall avoiding robot - FabLab NerveCentre
This instructable assumes very little with respect to prior knowledge.If there are any areas you feel could be improved or clarified, please feel f…
posted by TonyCanning on Sep 16, 2014
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Open source BLE door lock
Ever been looking for your keys, and wanted to call them, before you realize that they are hideously analog pieces of metal? Or wanted to let someo…
posted by simsalapim on Sep 15, 2014
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Smart Homer Web-enabled TV remote
Smart Homer, a Web-enabled TV remote puppetSmart Homer is a Web-enabled puppet that turns on your TV when Simpsons is on. As Homer is too lazy to b…
posted by tamberg on Sep 15, 2014
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Shapeoko 2 Dust Cabinet With Lighting
If you've worked with a CNC machine in a small room then you know how everything gets covered in 10 feet of dust. Ok, maybe not that much but this …
posted by larryservin on Sep 13, 2014
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DR1: Discovery Rover
DR1 is a rover robot with Arduino Core. Many robots on the Internet are designed to solve a determined problem, such as localization, light followi…
posted by fxxxx on Sep 14, 2014
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Gravity Touch bluetooth glove
Hey guys! I'd like to share with you the input device I created specifically to interact with AR glasses like the Google Glass, Meta, Moverio BT or…
posted by jbesuchet on Sep 12, 2014
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How to turn inkjet printer to print on Coffee
The aim of this project is to make latte printer, I used 1 printers and 1 scanner , it prints one line a time, all what I have done is hacking the…
posted by baffouri on Sep 11, 2014
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Six wheeled All Terrain Vehicle (6WD)
Hello,In this post we"ll be making a Six wheel drive all terrain vehicle (ATV). These are rare and hence expensive robots (at least in India). Dagu…
posted by gagan8619 on Sep 12, 2014
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Battle Bots
Battle your friends with these Intel-powered battle bots. These little bots blast each other with squirts of water and detect hits with water senso…
posted by 10DotMatrix on Sep 11, 2014
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Classic Joystick to USB Adaptor
If you grew up in the early 1980’s and were into video games, you probably had an Atari 2600, ColecoVision, or similar game console. The controller…
posted by MatthewH on Sep 10, 2014
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Raspberry Pi Soil Moisture Sensor
Agriculture consumes between 80 - 90% of all freshwater in the United States. An easy way to conserve water in the agricultural sector is to instal…
posted by jenfoxbot on Sep 10, 2014
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Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard
Introduction:Okay, I cheated. Any similarities between previous Instructables uploaded by me and the graphics, pictures, text and / or programming …
posted by paulindallas on Sep 10, 2014
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Line Sensors for Cheap Robots
Welcome back to everybody who's following along with my For Cheap Robots series! For those of you who're not so familiar with what I've been doing …
posted by JayWeeks on Sep 7, 2014
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Cardboard Chassis for Cheap Robots 3: Boardbot
Hello again to all those who have been following me so far, and hello to everyone who hasn't read any of my previous Instructables too! This is my …
posted by JayWeeks on Jul 22, 2014
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Web Controlled Wifi LED Tower
This project is a web controlled LED tower that uses an Arduino and Wifi Shield to connect to a web server to get commands submitted by users. The…
posted by CarlS on Sep 9, 2014
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Geluid breien / sound embracer
Maak je eigen muziekinstrument van rekbare stoffen, geleidend garen en elektronica!Deel 1Benodigdheden: 1x ATtiny85 chip programmer (Sparkfun), 1x …
posted by FabSchool on Sep 9, 2014
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Day by day the price of the solar panel falls gradually.But still installation of a complete off grid solar system is costly.So I write this instru…
posted by deba168 on Jun 30, 2014
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the plant pot
hello world,update 1 : The Plant Pot basic ( 9/16/2014 ) learn more.i am the plant pot. I am currently in beta testing stage. I am stable but I nee…
posted by Akin Yildiz on Sep 8, 2014
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In country like India most of the people are dependent on agriculture.For effective planning in agriculture weather forecast is of utmost importanc…
posted by deba168 on Sep 8, 2014
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Adding Bluetooth to an EEG headset for mind-controlled projects
Controlling things with your mind is awesome. Unfortunately, EEG headsets like the NeuroSky MyndWave are a bit too pricey if you just want to exper…
posted by AndreLe on Sep 5, 2014
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RGB 8x8x8 LED Cube
For those unfamiliar with LED cubes, they are simply a 3-dimensional array of LEDs that make for interesting displays. My project here is not the f…
posted by Onyx Ibex on Sep 6, 2014
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3D Print: Make Servo Controlled Valves
Small and reliable servo controlled valves can be easily 3d printed. They are suitable for controlling air or water and all kinds of robot projects…
posted by mikey77 on Aug 28, 2014
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Code generator for custom Android/Arduino menus to switch Arduino outputs on and off. Andriod/Arduino for Beginners. Absolutely No Programming Requ…
IntroductionThis is the first of two instructables that make up a complete customizable Home Automation for Beginners example.See DIY Home Au…
posted by drmpf on Aug 27, 2014
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Motion Controlled Ultrasonic Lamp
Recently I've been learning about Ultrasonic waves and how to harness their power. It's simple enough to make some type of sonar device, but I want…
posted by gigafide on Sep 1, 2014
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Camera Surveillance Controller System
In this Instructables I will show you how to turn your static IP Camera into moving IP Camera, you can control the movement of the camera and live…
posted by faziefazie on Aug 11, 2014
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Kids Light Matrix
This is a weekend project for the family. Primarily aimed for kids around the age of two who love to switch on and off lights. What you will nee…
posted by Ryan MacKenzie on Sep 5, 2014
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Modification of the Lexmark E260 for Direct Laser Printing of Printed Circuit Boards - MCU Version
This is the second version of my E260 modification. It uses an ATtiny13 MCU to control the timing of the printer and make it possible to print doub…
posted by mlerman on Sep 3, 2014
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Javelin's Word Clock
My place of employment, Javelin, is always looking for ways to make our products and services personable. Recently, an opportunity presented itself…
posted by nitrohawk on Sep 4, 2014
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Arduino Phone Book
Ever wanted to have a Phone Book, controlled using a microcontroller, which is very easy to use, and you can use it while talking on phone, and is …
posted by Gigi Butbaia on Sep 3, 2014
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Rock...Paper...Scissors Game
You are a Rock!Or, maybe you are not!In the case of this project, you can be also be Paper or even Scissors!Yes, that old kids’ game, Rock...Paper…
posted by paulindallas on Sep 3, 2014
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Mapping the innards of a keyboard
Hey!This is an instructable about how to map the innards of a keyboard. More specifically, we're going to try to find which contacts connect with e…
posted by Sylkhr on Sep 3, 2014
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Hard Disk Clock (HDD Clock with Arduino Uno)
This is a fun project that can be done easily and also cheaply. In this instructable we will explain step by step how to make this beautiful POV cl…
posted by ACVoltage on Sep 4, 2014
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Rotary Vending Prototype
This tutorial explains how to build and program an online operated rotary dispensing machine that could be used in a variety of applications includ…
posted by kenshin1 on Sep 4, 2014
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Infrared Smart Outlet
The latest buzz in the tech world has been about "smart" home technology. These technologies are futuristic, and make day-to-day tasks simpler, bu…
posted by bergerab on Aug 25, 2014
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RC tank with a moving FPV camera
Hello.In this instructable I show you how to build remote control tank with FPV camera. At the beginning I build only RC tank without FPV camera bu…
posted by Nikus on Aug 27, 2014
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Air Bag and Seat Belt Backpack
About four years ago, I got in a pretty gnarly car accident (everyone was fine don't worry). When I went to the junk yard to pick up my belongings …
posted by CobyUnger on Sep 2, 2014
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Backpack Anti-Theft Alarm
If you're a student, like me, then you have heard of all the theft that occurs on campuses today. I can't even leave my backpack alone for five min…
posted by bergerab on Sep 2, 2014
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Soldering Iron Base (made with a sardines can)
(If you like this project, your votes are very appreciated. Thanks!)Hello everybody! I'm back into the action! After all the excitement of working …
posted by M.C. Langer on Sep 3, 2014
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How to Write a Good Electronics Instructable
This Instructable was inspired mainly by my contributions over at The Clinic, which, if you haven't heard of it, is a forum thread where you can go…
posted by Ben Finio on Sep 1, 2014
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World Clock in German using Arduino
While in Germany last year, I saw a world clock in a store similar to this one in a store that was priced at 900€. I read several instructables onl…
posted by trzimm on Sep 1, 2014
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Ever since first seeing QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk a couple of years ago, I have wanted a word clock on my living room wall. The original, however,…
posted by wouterdevinck on Sep 1, 2014
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