LED Aqua Bead Nightlight
This is a quick tutorial on how to make a beginner LED Nightlight.  I originally made this for my little brother to help keep the monsters at bay. …
posted by Kamisha King on Apr 23, 2014
views: 1,556comments: 2
Big Digit Backwards counting bluetooth Clock
Why? I wanted to make my own big 7-segment digits for a long time now. I had some ideas how to do them differently. During the process I came to th…
posted by kenyer on Apr 23, 2014
views: 777
Ultralight, 3D Printed, 3-Axis, Modular Time-Lapse Motion Control System
This is the story of my first 3D printing project and how it helped to drastically reduce the overall weight of my 3-axis motion control time-lapse…
posted by Doug Urquhart on Apr 22, 2014
views: 1,532comments: 5
Laser Crown
I love some of the new wearable stuff that's showing up on Adafruit, Hackaday and Make Magazine. When I saw Adafruit's new 60 LED Neopixel Ring, …
posted by p3nguin on Apr 22, 2014
views: 3,209comments: 3
WiFi Enabled Puppy Condo
When I got my puppy in a box I didn't want him to be cooped up in only one box so I taped a few boxes together with "doors" from one to the other…
posted by larryservin on Apr 21, 2014
views: 6,206comments: 16
Homebrew Arduino Pulse Monitor (Visualize Your Heartbeat)
Movies look cool with those EKG (electrocardiogram), the one that beeps and detects heart activities. A few months ago, we had to shoot a hospital …
posted by ASCAS on Apr 20, 2014
views: 5,585comments: 5
Laughing Lady in the Bathroom
This was an April fools prank that my friend and I did this year. It was my friend's idea, and I helped her build it! :) It is a pretty simple…
posted by helenbang on Apr 20, 2014
views: 1,044comments: 2
Printer to vinyl cutter hack
Vinyl cutters are used in the sign writing industry, and are great for making stickers, signs and graphics. I would like to thank Instructable  mem…
posted by liquidhandwash on Apr 18, 2014
views: 42,291comments: 18
Charliexplexed LED Clock - Arduino
One of my clocks stopped working – and it happened to be a clock my wife likes a lot. Went to the repair shop and the guy said that he didn’t have …
posted by dushu on Apr 20, 2014
views: 2,774comments: 4
Capacitive Sensing + Open Frameworks + SPACEBREW
See our set up in action!!!! Crystalline Highlands from Lucy Matchett on Vimeo. This is a step-by-step on how to connect Arduino to OpenFra…
posted by Snax_and_Macs on Apr 18, 2014
views: 7,401comments: 3
Holocron: Build a Star Wars Thumb Drive
In the Extended Universe of Star Wars, the Holocron is a sort of AI-assisted, telepathically-operated, information storage device. And, sure, you c…
posted by nomuse on Apr 18, 2014
views: 21,751comments: 14
Make an Oscilloscope Using the SainSmart Mega2560 with the TFT LCD shield and the 3.5 "color touch screen
This instructable will show you how to build a portable Touch Screen Oscilloscope for less than 40 U$! The oscilloscope is one of the most powerfu…
posted by johnag on Apr 11, 2014
views: 55,005comments: 28
Arduino Robot V2 (Fast)
This is my second version of my arduino robot after "Build your first robot". My Second version is slightly complicated as compared to my first o…
posted by lamefreaks on Apr 16, 2014
views: 23,735comments: 8
Arduino Lilypad Slipper Automatic Foot Massager
I made a little automatic slipper foot massager with the Lilypad Arduino and some of the Lilypad Vibe Boards for the actual massager. The sens…
posted by melarky on Apr 16, 2014
views: 4,357comments: 6
Make A Cheap Lithium Battery Pack
With some few hacking, you can turn your old phone battery into a powerful Lithium battery pack. This is a great alternative for the expensive Li…
posted by ASCAS on Apr 14, 2014
views: 62,206comments: 38
Live data to excel from an Arduino Light Sensor
I started this little project the other day when I saw that Instructables had posted a competition for the use of Sensors, however its turning ou…
posted by HUKBMBEAR on Apr 16, 2014
views: 5,333comments: 2
Prop Bomb Count Down Timer
This is a simple one day project that i have made from 8051 microcontroller. The project can be easily ported to other microcontrollers or arduin…
posted by ckanth1 on Apr 13, 2014
views: 12,493comments: 84
Portable Lap Desk & TechShop Tool Kit
The Maker gods recently smiled on me when a TechShop opened up only a few miles away from work.  One of the challenges of this new opportunity howe…
posted by MonolithFab on Apr 14, 2014
views: 14,755comments: 13
Robotic Camera Dolly System
Recently I received the opportunity to try out Servo City's Actobotics build system. While I could have used it to build a great many things,…
posted by randofo on Apr 14, 2014
views: 18,169comments: 8
Wearable Message Board
I had several 8x8 LED matrices with a MAX7219 driver board lying around for a clock/message board project i'm working on.  I'm heading to RobotFe…
posted by mroy15 on Apr 13, 2014
views: 3,219comments: 1
Smoke 'Detector'
This instructable explains how to make a simple smoke detector using and Arduino and a Carbon Monoxide Sensor. The sensor is one of the MQ series…
posted by daryllukas on Apr 12, 2014
views: 2,688comments: 6
Make a Desktop Tamagotchi
One day I was sitting behind my desk at work and I got that weird need to build something, after looking around for a bit I got my eye on an LED …
posted by Syst3mX on Apr 11, 2014
views: 7,576comments: 6
Periodic Table Glowing Radioactive Eggs
Hear about the one that laid the golden egg? Well, this is a batch of organic(not hatched at least) glowing radioactive eggs. A fine sample of radi…
posted by caitlinsdad on Apr 10, 2014
views: 17,324comments: 61
Arduino BASIC Shield
Hi all, this is my first instructable documenting the creation of my project, the Arduino UNO BASIC shield which turns the Arduino UNO into a compu…
posted by dan14 on Mar 3, 2014
views: 20,311comments: 9
In my previous instructables I described the details of energy monitoring of a off grid solar system.I have also won the 123D circuits competitio…
posted by deba168 on Apr 9, 2014
views: 43,319comments: 36
Car Digital Compass & Thermometer
I'm not really good at finding places and direction but at least I'm able to read maps and compass. These days, GPS navigation systems are getting …
posted by JeonLab on Apr 16, 2013
views: 11,603comments: 10
Heat-Seeking Desk Fan (using Arduino)
Summary: The following is a step by step guide on how to make a Heat-Seeking Desk Fan from an Arduino microcontroller, a computer fan, a servo, and…
posted by ePums on May 3, 2012
4.27 (3 ratings) views: 17,324comments: 16
ATtiny Programming Shield for Arduino
This little circuit sits nicely ontop of an Arduino board and lets you quickly plug in an ATtiny chip for programming using the Arduino "language" …
posted by Plusea on Feb 22, 2013
views: 15,437comments: 14
Sound Reactive LED Strip
THERE MAY BE 9 STEPS BUT I PROMISE THIS ONE IS QUICK AND EASY!  In this Instructable I will be showing you how to create a light reactive LED syst…
posted by GraziCNU on Jan 27, 2014
views: 17,619comments: 20
More Electronics Building Tips ( in 21 plus more steps )
Fairly recently I wrote a fairly a set of electronics tips ( Electronics Building Tips in 21 Plus Steps…
posted by russ_hensel on Apr 9, 2014
views: 12,465comments: 5
ESM - ExternalSerialMonitor
Sometimes I needed an external serial monitor like the Serial Monitor in the Arduino Editor, to see what is going on. So I made one. The first pict…
posted by ARPix on Mar 28, 2014
views: 22,247comments: 26
Draw your own musical keyboard with pencil on paper, using Arduino and capacitance sensing. Here is a demo and explanation of a finished project: …
posted by NYU_MusicTechnology on Apr 8, 2014
views: 5,696comments: 5
HIGHFIV3D: Desktop Reassurance Device
I had this idea of making an interactive fixture for giving high-fives. Sometimes you need a little dexterous pick-me-up, but actually getting so…
posted by andrewt on Apr 8, 2014
views: 15,441comments: 14
Ask an Engineer Ninjabot Plushies
You won't find them here, there or anywhere. You have to make them yourself because they are engineered to be open source ninjas. As an unintended…
posted by caitlinsdad on Apr 8, 2014
views: 1,243comments: 3
Build a Controllable Coffee Roaster from an Air Popcorn Popper
I have a passion for coffee.  I also have a passion for electrical engineering.  Why not combine them? This Instructable describes how I transform…
posted by Brennn10 on Apr 7, 2014
views: 20,571comments: 6
The Wireless,Obstacle Detecting,Beeping Robot using Arduinos!
This is Bart....a wirelessly controlled, autonomous obstacle detecting robot ! A while back I had made this Instructable and wanted to make some m…
posted by robodude95 on Apr 5, 2014
views: 5,509comments: 15
Modular Workstation
What if you had a workstation that was reconfigurable from the ground up? That's exactly what this workstation seeks to do, make a unit that can …
posted by raghav_anand98 on Apr 2, 2014
views: 6,401
Sugarcube MIDI Controller
This project is a portable, Arduino-powered, grid-based MIDI controller that boots up into a variety of apps to do lots of things with sound. It …
posted by amandaghassaei on Apr 7, 2014
views: 19,457comments: 27
GoonQuad, an Emotive Quadruped
Hi everyone This week my students from Computing in the Creative Arts had a public exhibit of their term projects. This project is close to my …
posted by antpgomes on Apr 5, 2014
views: 15,350comments: 10
Arduino Fart-o-matic toilet humor prank This is a fun and relatively simple prank that is ideal to use in a busy restroom. It is fairly simple to create with m…
posted by blackfire4116 on Apr 2, 2014
views: 4,872comments: 2
Magpi: The Micro Arduino Gaming Platform Interface
Here's a retro hand-held gaming console I built with my son. It uses an Arduino micro-controller, a small LCD screen, push-buttons, a 3D printed …
posted by zippy314 on Mar 25, 2014
views: 15,142comments: 20
Arduino Light Following Robot
Overview This instructable will use three photoresistors (light dependent resistors) and an Arduino to control the motion of a robot. Any commo…
posted by joesinstructables on Apr 1, 2014
views: 5,521comments: 5
"DIY CNC" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 12 different CNC projects.  Check out these great projects and learn how to make you…
posted by scoochmaroo on Feb 24, 2011
4.44 (7 ratings) views: 351,394comments: 8
Wobbly Woggly : A Goggly Eye Trap : A Very Bright April Fools Prank
A quick video describing the build how long is 5 seconds to a four year old..? forever. eventually, she learns a bit of patience. …
posted by mpinner on Apr 1, 2014
views: 2,228comments: 2
Arduino Mini-Shields
This is a set of simple, small form-factor, mini-shields that I created almost by accident. As I made more and more of them, I realized that they…
posted by ProfMuggs on Apr 2, 2014
views: 54,961comments: 21
Low-cost Solar Cell Encapsulation to make Modular, Pocket-Sized Solar Panels
Have you ever been outside and had your phone die? Have you ever wanted to make your own solar panels for charging a cell phone or electronics pr…
posted by cp123127 on Mar 24, 2014
views: 119,774comments: 29
NFC Computer Unlocker
  Quit pulling your hair out over incorrect passwords. Using an Arduino Leonardo and Adafruit's NFC shield, you can unlock your computer with an…
posted by The Electrodog Show on Mar 29, 2014
views: 41,060comments: 31
Giant Two-Digit Countdown Clock
You don't have to be in Times Square to enjoy large bright displays of lights. You can create that in the comfort of your own home with some foam…
posted by frankenroc on Apr 1, 2014
views: 21,733comments: 15
Spacebrewer - Remote Tea Making Device
We wanted to make a device that would allow us to remotely brew a cup of tea. Why? Because tea is awesome! On those cold winter days, you w…
posted by AdielFernandez on Apr 1, 2014
views: 2,847comments: 8
Marco Polo • Pinoccio Scout Camp, Day 1
Pinoccio pictured with assistant Chester Hey there! This is a starter project that should help you break the ice with your Pinoccio Scouts. (I…
posted by alexglow on Apr 1, 2014
views: 3,090comments: 1


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