Cheap (no Photo Emulsion) Screenprinting
There are a ton of ways to screen print on the cheap, and with little materials to purchase. This guide is just the method I used, given the mater…
posted by quasiyodel on Apr 14, 2009
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Screenprinting Ink + Vinyl Stencils = Cheap, Custom Shirts!
No screenprinting screens, expensive chemicals, or complicated set-up! This method lets you print one (1) custom design on a shirt/piece of clothin…
posted by idevoque on Feb 15, 2015
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Screenprinted T-shirt
I've been designing shirts for a few years now, so I've always been interested in printing my own designs. I took a tour of the Austin-Round Rock T…
posted by emilytag on Jul 1, 2013
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"Vintage" Fake-screenprint T-shirt Design
How to make a t-shirt design that easily looks "retro" and "screenprinted" while being super-easy and much cheaper! (The photos are taken with flas…
posted by buchd on Jan 15, 2008
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DIY Screen Printing: Easy, Detailed & Inexpensive!
You can make your own unique, detailed, screen-printed shirt at home with a few simple materials! This method uses Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler …
posted by anotherway on Apr 13, 2010
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Screen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At Home
You don't have to spend a ton of money on equipment or have a screen printing studio to make some pretty good quality prints. I taught some frien…
posted by tracy_the_astonishing on Jul 28, 2006
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One time use screen printing. (Ghetto screen printing)
This is a guide for people who wish to make professional looking screen printed items without shelling out the cash for a bunch of screens. It gets…
posted by gregdoom on Feb 16, 2008
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How to make, and print with, reusable silk screens... cheaply!
This Instructable will show you how to make your very own reusable silk screens for printing on fabric or paper. The silk screens you will make wil…
posted by jgroner on Jul 5, 2012
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how to make your own blank clear acrylic paint medium cheap
Hi all!Recently, after weeks upon weeks of investigation (like 5 weeks maybe) ive at last solved a huge personal problem.I sell thermochromic pigme…
posted by oldmanbeefjerky on Sep 14, 2014
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Screen Printing Tutorial Part 3: Printing an Image
This is the third in a series of three screen printing tutorials, in which I will describe the process I use to create the hand printed items for s…
posted by thedoghouse on Oct 4, 2009
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$20 Portable Silkscreen Kit
No more excuses!  For $20 you can make a dozen screens, each with the ability to ink many times. This instructable seeks to significantly reduce t…
posted by br3ttb on Aug 1, 2012
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I've always wanted to make my own t shirt designs and I hope that these instructables will help me to accomplish that goal down and dirty screenp…
posted by ROFLalways on Mar 28, 2016
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DIY Screen Printing at Home: Multiple Printing
These DIY screen printing stencils allow me to make my own t-shirts with my own design in no time. And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. Her…
posted by ThatGirlSloane on Jul 15, 2014
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Incredibly Easy & Fast DIY Screen Printing on Tote-Bags, Step by Step How-To
This project is so fast and easy, it took less than an hour to finish. I used EZScreenPrint silk screen stencils and Darvy fabric markers to make a…
posted by ThatGirlSloane on Jul 14, 2014
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How to make Real Vinyl Stickers - stickers
This is how to make real vinyl stickers. These are real stickers not labels or cheap stuff like that.
posted by AirbrushTricks on Oct 4, 2008
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Amazingly Easy Screen Printing T-Shirts at Home with StencilPro
Learn how to screen print at home like a pro with our amazingly easy to use StencilPro silk screen product at a fraction of the cost of the profess…
posted by stencilpro on Apr 27, 2014
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refashion a shirt with freezer paper and fabric paint
You don't have to have screenprinting equipment to custom print a shirt. This is a great way to refashion a hand-me-down, thrift store find or a fa…
posted by skeezicks on Apr 14, 2011
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DIY Scratch Off Business Cards
Make your own scratch offs just like you find on lotto tickets. All it takes is a little planning, some clever screen printing, and a steady…
posted by bofthem on Mar 5, 2010
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Screen Printing Photo Emulsion Light Table
Here's a cheap method to create a light table to burn the photo emulsion on your screens. i made this table for 20x24 screens, so the final size is…
posted by mart! on Apr 18, 2016
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Photo-emulsion Screen Printing
Sometimes you need to your message out quickly and cheaply. How do you print a ton of t-shirts and patches fast? Here's how I did it.This Instruc…
posted by m1k3y on Apr 21, 2008
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How to make Goose Hunting Decoys by Screen Printing w/ Hair Conditioner and Spraypaint
No messy ink-.99 cent paint & .99 cent hair conditioner. I call it "Screen-Painting". I printed a photo-finish on my decoys made of 4mm corrugated …
posted by rjeblogue on Mar 2, 2008
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Epilog Challenge Winners
Instructables and Epilog Laser are happy to announce the winners of the Epilog Challenge! We asked you to show us something amazing with a green tw…
posted by Contest Robot on May 19, 2009
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Duct Tape Silk Screen
Not too long ago I got into screen printing-shirts, but didn’t want to shell out $40 on a pre-made screen. I wanted to make my own screen on the ch…
posted by Marbie25 on May 7, 2015
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Screen Printing Tutorial Part 2: Creating a Printing Screen
This is the second in a series of three screen printing tutorials, in which I will describe the process I use to create the hand printed items for …
posted by thedoghouse on Sep 8, 2009
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Custom Shape Your CD or DVD Disks
This instructable aims to show you how to cut any type of disk to a desired shape. It is particularly useful in cutting down cheap 12cm DVD-+R 's i…
posted by Revolutionaries on Sep 3, 2007
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Homemade Paper
I've been rocking my handmade paper out newspaper and other types of "recyclable" papers, but I found that already recycled paper (post-consumer) i…
posted by thickneckarts on Mar 13, 2009
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Low-cost screen printed colouring-in T-shirts
After our first adventures using the Silhouette to cut vinyl and stencil onto t-shirts, we decided to venture into trying screen printing proper. O…
posted by KerryW on Jul 13, 2015
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Pedal Powered EL Wire Bike
This is a relatively simple instructable that uses advanced EL wire techniques. If you've never worked with EL wire, check out some of the other gr…
posted by samsmith17 on Feb 11, 2011
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Best of 2009: Best of Each Category
To celebrate the end of the year we already looked at the top 50 lists for comments, views, and ratings, but this time we're going to break it do…
posted by Instructables Guides on Dec 26, 2009
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Camp Art Director Project Ideas
I have worked for 13 years as a children's summer camp art director.  I dislike buying packaged arts and craft projects and look outside the box fo…
posted by poofrabbit on Apr 16, 2012
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Projects at TechShop
If TechShop is like a gym for makers, these are some great workouts to flex those DIY muscles. These projects were built using tools available at T…
posted by randofo on Jan 5, 2012
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Assemble a Universal PCB
The Universal PCB (UPCB for short) project was started to allow a single game controller, especially fighting sticks, on as many different consoles…
posted by Toodles on May 26, 2007
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