Make A Guitar Pickup
How to make a single coil guitar pickup! This will show you how to make your own guitar pickup. It won't look or sound exactly like a regular picku…
posted by Leperello Mikesiah on Jan 17, 2008
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Replacing the Pickups in Your Guitar
If you're anything like me, you started out with a basic beginner's guitar, and over time you realized that you were ready for something better. I …
posted by John Smith on Jun 12, 2009
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Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Turn your acoustic guitar into an acoustic/electric! This is a simple and inexpensive design you can make at home to get that special one-of-a-kin…
posted by adamkumpf on Mar 8, 2006
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cheap and easy guitar pickups
here is a little tutorial about improvised guitar pickupsmade from easy to find junk pickup basics simply a guitar pickup is just a coil of ins…
posted by lennyb on Mar 26, 2006
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Guitar Pickup Test Leads
In this instructable I will show you how to make a pair of test leads that can be used with a multimeter to test your guitar/bass pickups without t…
posted by ampRiser on Apr 7, 2010
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Guitar Operation: Pickups
In this instructable I will be showing the process in which you replace the stock neck single coil pickup in my telecaster with a new humbucker siz…
posted by Skyscool93 on Aug 5, 2013
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DIY Pickup
This is a simple and cheap way to make your own electronic pickup using a relay switch! The relay switch has a fine wire coil inside which is perf…
posted by Toms Workshop on Jun 14, 2012
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Guitar Pickups - Swapping or replacing humbuckers
Swapping out pickups is one of the easiest ways to drastically change the sound of your guitar. All of my main guitars have different pickups than…
posted by rghoff on Feb 5, 2011
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Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Build a cheap(But good sounding) acoustic pickup from house hold items. Materials Gather these materials. 1-Old smoke detector/co2 detector.(…
posted by Xuthal on Dec 1, 2010
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Cheap Acoustic guitar pickups or microphones!
Hi,this is my first instructable,and I'm not form England,so i don't have very good english :D In this instructable i will show you how to build a …
posted by Vaz3 on Apr 8, 2008
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Acoustic Guitar Diy Piezo Pickups
In this Instructable i will show you how to take an acoustic guitar and add one or more piezos to it so you can hook it up to an amplifier.  It…
posted by rbneville on Mar 7, 2011
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Homemade DIY Guitar Pickup Cover
If you think, "i,m bored for my guitar look" but you don't want a full modification, this is an option. add a cover to you guitar pickups, like a …
posted by men lahak on Sep 6, 2012
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guitar picup
how to make ur own contact pickup at home !!!go to any electronis shop and get a piezo buzzer !!break the outer cover!!leave the front part as it i…
posted by rohan paul on Feb 10, 2015
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Installing Pickups in a Stratocaster Style Guitar
A Quick, but detailed process of installing new Pickups in a Fender Strat Style guitar from Brian Porter of Porter Pickups. We'll go over the tools…
posted by porter pickups on Jun 19, 2011
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Active Pickup 9 Volt Adapter
This project started out of frustration dealing with constantly dyeing batteries used in the active pickups in the bass played by my friend in the …
posted by JoeBeau on Jun 29, 2012
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How to Make a Bass Pickup
This instructable will show you how to make a guitar pickup using neodymium magnets, a couple Popsicle sticks, and some wire. Total cost for this p…
posted by laminterious on Apr 24, 2008
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Suction Cup Acoustic Instrument Pickup
So I've seen a lot of how-to's for acoustic instrument piezo pickups. But there has been one thing that has bugged me about all of them: They all t…
posted by DIYFTW on Jun 29, 2013
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Instructables has loads of useful guitar projects. Whether you're looking to learn how to play guitar for the first time, build one from scratch, …
posted by Instructables Guides on Nov 12, 2008
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Led electric guitar pickup mod *** Updated with schematic for blinking leds and video!
Ever wanted your guitar to be unique? Or a guitar that made everybody jealous of it? Or are you just tired of the plain old look of your guitar and…
posted by adem70 on Jun 9, 2009
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Rockabilly Guitar
A while ago I inherited a DeArmond X-135 from the estate of my dear friend (and phenomenal musician) Martin Smith, with whom I used to play in the …
posted by SimonF3 on Dec 18, 2014
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Pro quality pickup winder - 3000+ RPM pickup winder with Tach, Counter and autostop
Why build this winder? Cost vs performance for starters. Features for another. Want to push your decision over the edge? You can build this winder …
posted by mojoatomic on Jul 16, 2014
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Turn An Electric Motor Into a Pickup!
Most toys/gadgets/walkmans/tape players/electronic object that needs something to move will have a motor of some kind inside it. These can be easil…
posted by offtandiscord on Jul 5, 2013
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Building a Bass Guitar
This Instructable is for building a bolt on neck, 5 string bass guitar, however all these steps are applicable for a guitar or 4 string bass as w…
posted by rolfskylark on Apr 19, 2014
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Make your guitar's humbuckers switchable to single coils
If you have a guitar with dual-coil pickups, or humbuckers, you can easily modify the wiring to allow you to use just one of the coils on each pick…
posted by mofoya on Mar 20, 2012
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Modding and cleaning an electric guitar
In this instructable, you will learn how to deep clean, modify, rewire, and sheild your electric guitar. Please keep in mind that I am absolutly 1…
posted by fastcar123 on Feb 17, 2011
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My Homebuilt Guitar
posted by ski4jesus on Mar 2, 2011
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How to make a piezoelectric trumpet pickup
For those of us who will never learn guitar, there's a better instrument called the trumpet. Digitizing this beautiful tone and applying effects an…
posted by gurellia53 on Oct 19, 2010
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Mario Guitar / Custom Guitars
I don't actually make these, because the process is extremely hard and i just don't have the technical ability to do it. However if you are like me…
posted by G33kd on Jul 30, 2012
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Devil face Electric Guitar diy.
I like to you show how i created a electric guitar from using part from an old strat replica. I always wanted unique design. iI was feedup seeing g…
posted by ubaid88 on Jul 31, 2009
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Guitar Refurbishment
A guide on how to improve or fix any old guitar . The Begining When I bought the guitar it was in a state of misery; the body and neck of the gu…
posted by d1gz on Jul 31, 2009
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Altoid Guitar
After seeing TimAnderson's Bedpost Banjo, I had the idea to make one out of what else, an Altoid tin. The guitar sounds quite mandolin-ish, besides…
posted by bumpus on Jan 19, 2008
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The Hero Guitar
After my first attempt at luthiery with a Cardboard Ukulele, let's take it up a level.It's not quite a mandolin, or a banjo. It sounds a bit like a…
posted by MikB on Mar 13, 2015
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Guitar Killswitch
Guitarists such as Tom Morello of RATM and Audioslave and Buckethead are known for their use of killswitch in their songs to add cool effects. Alth…
posted by itsachen on Nov 4, 2007
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Easy DIY Magnetic Coil Pickup for you CBG from a "Wallwart" Transformer.
In this video, I show how you can easily make a magnetic coil pickup for your Cigar Box Guitar from the coil in an easy to find 12volt "wallwart" t…
posted by OneHarp on Jan 24, 2012
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Acoustic-Electric Wooden StompBox with Piezo PickUp
This instructable is intended to walk you through the building of an acoustic-electric stomp box. This type of stomp box is a percussion instrumen…
posted by vicvelcro on Jul 16, 2013
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k'nex flying v guitar
Flying v guitar made out of knex its a bass guitar and it can support 5 strings (rubber bands) It's quite heavy has a tremlo bar (whammy bar). it's…
posted by doom980 on Jun 16, 2009
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Homemade Diddley Bow Electric Slide Guitar (a la Jack White)
This is possibly the cheapest and easiest guitar you could ever hope to make. There are some similar guitars in other tutorials, but in my opinion …
posted by CaptainWow on Jun 19, 2009
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One Stringed Music Stick
Having seen Seasick Steve playing his diddley bow on YouTube I wanted to have a go at making one. I thought it'd be cool if I could combine a walki…
posted by Toms Workshop on Jun 14, 2012
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DORM ROOM GUITAR (my first custom guitar!)
Introduction I am a sophomore Technology Education undergrad at the college of New Jersey. This past fall I took an introductory materials course a…
posted by jerdreich8 on Apr 8, 2014
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Resonator guitar converted from old acoustic guitar
I had this old acoustic guitar and decided to convert it to an electric resonator guitar.....I'm retired in Costa Rica and my tools and resources a…
posted by busupholstery on Apr 10, 2010
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Machine Your Own Guitar
If you're thinking about designing and building a custom guitar, or even if you're just curious, this Instructable can give you some valuable knowl…
posted by mattthegamer463 on Aug 7, 2010
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3 string slide guitar
this is my homemade slide guitar.its made out of junk and scrap and is pretty easy to make gather the bits materials used: 1. birch board 1x3x3…
posted by lennyb on Mar 18, 2006
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VOLVO guitar project
A tribute to VOLVO ! 40 years OLD Maple and Elm - wood 40 years OLD Maple and Elm - wood /impregnated/ Professional line ACRYL laquer p…
posted by RockaRollaBG on Sep 19, 2012
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Modifying Your Guitar
Many guitarists eventually find themselves making modifications to thier guitars, be it the electronics, the hardware, or the guitar itself. It can…
posted by freeza36 on Apr 8, 2012
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Scratch Built Electric Guitar
The final for a music class I took was building an instrument. So I built this. Wood: Maple-Neck Paduak-Body, headstock Unknown-fretboard Walnut-i…
posted by benthekahn on Jul 29, 2009
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Homer Simpson Guitar
I'm going to show how I made a guitar that looks like Homer Simpson. It's not the best sounding or playing guitar, but that was not the point. I ju…
posted by captainserious on Aug 25, 2009
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How to Sheild a Guitar
Sheilding a guitar is the best way to queit down some of the noise from single coil pickups. Sheilding means your kinda making a force feild around…
posted by cruiseaharley on Jan 18, 2010
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guitar sound effects
One day i searched on Youtube for Herman Li guitar effects and wondered if i could do some of the sounds without a whammy bar. I finally figured ou…
posted by peach_fart on Apr 4, 2009
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my bass guitar project
Ad my title says, this is my bass guitar project. I am making it out of raw materails, being mainly wood, copper and other types of wire, and other…
posted by Hackrtanman on Jun 2, 2010
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Awesome Wooden Guitar Project
This is a great little project to do in the weekend with a friend that will produce an awesome model wooden guitar which is a little smaller than …
posted by duck-lemon on Jan 13, 2009
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