Rapid Prototyping!
You may have heard it a dozen times, but unless you have done it yourself, you probably do not know just how amazing rapid prototyping can be! Sav…
posted by adamkumpf on Mar 13, 2006
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Rapid Prototyping with Polymer Clay
Polymer clay is a great material to use for rapid prototyping your projects. It is very heat resistant and does not dry out unless baked. I use i…
posted by Proto G on May 11, 2015
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Rapid Prototyping with Paper: T-Shelves
Inspired by the J1Studio T-shelves, I wanted to try making them with lasercutting. To figure out some of the shapes I could build, I started by pro…
posted by SelkeyMoonbeam on May 24, 2012
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Rapid Prototyping - 3-D Printing to Make Masters
By using a 3-D printer to make your original prototype, it is then possible to make duplicates of your design quickly and cost effective using the…
posted by ComposiMold on May 29, 2013
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Rapid Webcomic Prototyping System (Microsoft Edition)
Using aspects of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, it is now possible for budding artists (including angsty HS teenagers) to make their own …
posted by cryptopath on Jun 5, 2006
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Poor Man's (not so rapid) Prototyping Method for the Fabber-less
Many have wished to be able to fabricate plastic models of their 3D designs, and many do not have access to rapid prototyping machines or cnc mille…
posted by xeijix on Jun 9, 2007
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Venturi Vacuum Degassing Apparatus for use in Rapid Biomedical Part Prototyping
Project Team:Richard H. Siderits MDChristoper Sereni MSIIIVarun Singh - Investigational Pathology TeamRemoving bubbles, when you're making blanks t…
posted by siderits on Sep 16, 2009
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Rapid Prototyping technique for designing joints using Bezier curves.
Rapid Prototyping #11;technique for designing #11; articulated, interleaved or intercalated joints using Bezier curves in modeling complex robotic …
posted by siderits on Oct 5, 2009
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Rapid Prototyping the old fashioned way (Sheet Metal + Solder)
You want to make cool things? Cheap? Fast? You need some way to actually do the building. No point just coming up with ideas eh? This instructable …
posted by sdfgeoff on Aug 13, 2015
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Syringe pump prototype
This video demonstrates how to make a simple single or dual syringe pump using an AXE deodorant container (for the linear actuator), a Lego WeDo ro…
posted by siderits on Jan 27, 2011
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Rapid Fire Mouse Button
Many computer video games involve a lot of rapid mouse clicking. But there are limits to how fast your finger can click and how long you can ke…
posted by DIY Hacks and How Tos on Feb 25, 2014
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Rapid Technique: Preparing Plastic #11;CNC Milling "Blanks" for Parts Used in#11;Prototyping Scientific Equipment
Rapid Technique: Preparing Plastic CNC Milling "Blanks" for Parts Used in#11;Prototyping Scientific Equipment Richard H. Siderits MD A. Maskey …
posted by siderits on Jan 11, 2010
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An introduction to P-R-P. 'Poor man's Rapid Prototyping'. Let's build an IRobot keyring.
This is a tribute. A Thank you. Dedicated to all people who selflessly experimented, tried, failed and succeeded. They who created instructables so…
posted by Ironwave on Dec 22, 2013
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Chibikart: Rapid-Prototyping a Subminiature Electric Go-Kart Using Digital Fabrication and Hobby Components
Chibikart! is a very small yet powerful and maneuverable 2WD electric go-kart that you can build using off-the-shelf industrial and hobby component…
posted by teamtestbot on Jun 1, 2012
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Prototyping with Light PIpes
The advent of 3D-printable transparent materials has opened doors to new possibilities with rapid prototyping for optical applications. Now, we can…
posted by fictiv on Aug 26, 2015
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Dragon Shell Pavilion Prototype
Dragon Shell Pavilion is a collaboration between Alan Cation, Dennis Huang, and Leah Zaldumbide. It is a full-scale prototype carried out in the di…
posted by AlanCation on Sep 29, 2014
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WizFi250-CSI(C Script Interpreter) for rapid-prototyping, DIY, IoT-startup or students.
Nowadays there are more IoT platform using scripting language as below. http://micropython.org/ http://wipy.io/ http://www.espruino.com/ http:/…
posted by SteveK2 on Jun 2, 2015
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Solenoid Rapidly Presses XBox 360 Controller Button
We have a lot of unspent BadAss tokens in Borderlands 2. To spend each token, we have to press the "A" button twice - once to select the token and …
posted by vicvelcro on Jan 10, 2013
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Arduino based hackable prototyping board
Earlier in the year I needed to build a control system with the capability to detect alcohol vapour, measure fluid temperature, sound audio alarms …
posted by Tecwyn Twmffat on Nov 29, 2013
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3d Printed Speaker Project
This is just a cool project I did to design some speakers from scratch and design them so they match my custom Macbook! I used the internals from …
posted by werkhaus on Mar 16, 2013
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Buzzsaw TR-4 Final Prototype
Buzzsaw, a concept simply built to show a simple concept never tried before. I really enjoyed how this turned out and I know a lot of my fellow k…
posted by JonnyBGood on Mar 10, 2014
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Flora/Bluefruit Prototyping Armband
Introduction:I created this piece so my students could quickly prototype wireless wearable project ideas. As you can see, the armband allows for va…
posted by Jessica Rajko on Jan 11, 2015
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Bobby: an empathic little robot. [PROTOTYPE]
Meet Bobby. You can tickle Bobby, he doesn't really like it, though. You can also pet Bobby, het likes this better. What Bobby doesn't like, is col…
posted by AdrianaBorger on Jan 18, 2016
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Prototyping Toolkit for Low-Tech Extensions of a Prosthetic Arm
GOAL OF THE TOOLKIT : As shown in the pictures, this Toolkit can be attached to a Prosthetic Work-Arm to allow persons with an arm amputation to at…
posted by TerrynRobbe on Apr 20, 2016
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"Blink" - Prototyping a blinking eyeball sculpture
As an artist working with various forms of technology, I often find myself imagining creations just out of my reach technologically. My sculpture …
posted by Eckert on Nov 6, 2015
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San Francisco Architectural Silverware
I live in San Francisco where Sutro Tower is an integral part of the skyline. I can't help but think that, when viewed from certain angles, it lo…
posted by zisiadis on Feb 12, 2014
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10 steps to making Shrinky Circuits
Shrinky Circuit is a way to rapidly prototype circuit boards without the conventional PCB /chemical etching procedure involved. More Instructables …
posted by dorislee on Oct 25, 2014
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Making Gummies from Your Video Game Mods on the Cheap
So, you just finished designing a sweet Water Elemental for Skyrim, Zombie Mook for Half-Life 2, Mutant Bunny for Fallout 3, or whatever other game…
posted by Jetpack5 on Apr 20, 2012
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Rapid technique for Fabricating Disposable Thermal Chambers to be used in testing Low temperature USB powered Thermofoils and heating elements
R. Siderits, A. Malik, M Roche In this project we will describe the steps that we used to make an experimental Thermal Chamber. We used this ther…
posted by siderits on Dec 2, 2011
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Thought 2 Part ( part 1)
Description    How to take a thought and make it into a part.  #1 in a series. Step by Step Breakdown of Part 1 - Rapid Prototyping 1. Have a th…
posted by shawn simone on May 31, 2012
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3D Printer Basics and Troubleshooting: FDM Printers
This Instructable is to help with understanding the basics of 3D Printing and how to troubleshoot the most common problems with FDM 3D printers. Th…
posted by Laserbird on Nov 23, 2014
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Make a simple bike-flag-holder with a 3D printer
A simple clamp for holding a flag on a bike trailer, designed in CAD and printed on a 3D printer. The Problem I like pulling the kids in a bike …
posted by Doc Workingday on Jun 21, 2007
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Can cooler mod
Christmas gift from the love of my life to her favortie geek. USB Beverage Chiller The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is the only way to keep your dr…
posted by Bctcteacher on Jan 8, 2009
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Build a Professional Prototype Case for a Linksys WRT54G Series Router in Three Weeks
Since this is my first Instructable and the first 3D printed prototype I have ever made I have tried to explain in as much detail as possible wha…
posted by ShaneVadnais on Jun 4, 2012
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Two Part Raspberry Pi Case
As I'm sure many of you know the Raspberry Pi launched a few weeks ago (www.raspberrypi.org). As the initial units will ship without a case I decid…
posted by Major Peel on Mar 27, 2012
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Gummy Water Elemental: Video Game Gummies on the Cheap Remix
So, you just finished designing a sweet Water Elemental for World of Warcraft, Goblin from Skyrim, Zombie Mook for Half-Life 2, Mutant Bunny for Fa…
posted by Jetpack5 on May 25, 2012
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Arduino: Making a set of traffic lights
THIS PROJECT IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS FEEDBACK APPRECIATED!!!This tutorial will step you through the process of creating a set of controlable an…
posted by unknowndomain on Aug 6, 2008
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The T-shelf in Paper (second try)
I was inspired by the T-shelves by J1 Studio- beautiful modal furniture that looks great and is held together by zip ties. This is really take two…
posted by SelkeyMoonbeam on May 25, 2012
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Heated Build Chamber for Rapman 3D Printer
This is an Instructable for a heated build chamber to house a Rapman 3.2 3D Printer. I chose the Rapman 3.2 because of it's relatively large print …
posted by TimPayne on Mar 31, 2012
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If you all remember the CR\236P II, then I tore it apart to make this gun because of the low range with 4 #64 bands.  And I improved the pin guide …
posted by beanieostrich on Jan 21, 2012
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Poor Man´s " 3D Printing " Alternatives Guide
Hi it´s that Guy from MAYER MAKES3D Printing is one of the greatest achievements for Makers in recent times, but there are some issues with it.Not …
posted by MAYER MAKES on Apr 3, 2015
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PCB Isolation Track Milling with MyDIYCNC Desktop CNC Machine
Hey there,Tory @ MyDIYCNC here again to show you another cool project that is very easy on your Desktop CNC machine. We are going to be milling out…
posted by Tory MYDIYCNC on Jan 27, 2015
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Motion activated dropping spider, low cost, no programming
In this Intstuctable I’m going to show you how to make a very simple motion activated spider that drops down rapidly and startles anyone that wal…
posted by PaulMakesThings on Oct 29, 2010
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Super Light Quadcopter
The aim of this project is to maximize the flight time/ battery life of the very famous Hubsan X4 quad-copter. This will show how you build your ow…
posted by Joohansson on Feb 14, 2015
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Rapidprototyped Weighted <DEL>Companion</DEL> Storage Cube
I modeled it in SolidWorks and used the rapid prototype machine at school to make it. More info on the 3D printer can be found hereFull sized photo…
posted by Zorink on May 9, 2008
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Exploratory Design and Fabrication for Custom Devices
This Instructable documents the exploratory process that I carried out to design and fabricate a device for quickly prototyping interactive systems…
posted by mokogobo on Aug 29, 2015
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Make Your Idea Real
This instructable will give you a better understanding on how to make something virtual (an idea, sketch, CAD model, etc.) into a real, physical ob…
posted by vsh1982 on Jun 4, 2012
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5th grade sugru tool challenge
Objs- SWBAT (students will be able to) · recall at least 3 out of 5 steps of DT (Empathy/ Define /Ideate /Prototype / Test)· work ind…
posted by steamtruck on Nov 21, 2014
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Sugru 8th grade Tool Challenge
Objs- SWBAT (students will be able to) · recall at least 3 out of 5 steps of DT (Empathy/ Define /Ideate /Prototype / Test)· work ind…
posted by steamtruck on Nov 21, 2014
views: 244
6th Grade Sugru Tool Challenge
Objs- SWBAT (students will be able to) · recall at least 3 out of 5 steps of DT (Empathy/ Define /Ideate /Prototype / Test)· work ind…
posted by steamtruck on Nov 21, 2014
views: 213