Experiment to see if green onions regrow better in water or soil
Did you know that you can easily regrow green onions at home? All you need is a cup of water, soil and a little sun. If you already knew that you …
posted by LetmeLearn on Jan 17, 2016
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Ikea Shelf turned into an Indoor Aquaponics System
It is November and temperatures are dropping below zero (centigrade) already, I need to move the fish from my balcony aquaponics system (as introdu…
posted by leftfootmoreright on Dec 3, 2015
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Street Kitty Rescue Kit
Helping animals in need has been an inclination of mine since childhood. I grew up with many pets, some who were rescued from less than ideal situa…
posted by ashleyjlong on Nov 16, 2015
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Barrel Aquaponics System for small Balcony
While there are quite a few ibles and how-tos on building a one barrel aquaponics-system, I decided to write another one for the following reason: …
posted by leftfootmoreright on Nov 2, 2015
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Hydroponic ideas
Hi AllI have not published in a while as I have been designing new hyroponic systems.This instructable is not how to build the systems but to show …
posted by Graham L on Oct 22, 2015
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Build a Large Self Watering Garden & Greenhouse from Reused Materials
This instructable shows how I built a versatile and low maintenance above ground garden & greenhouse. This garden planter is self-watering, moistur…
posted by mustangcobrax on Jul 13, 2015
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10 DIY Beauty Hacks
Beauty on a budget? Out of a certain product? Too lazy to go shopping? Whatever the reason, there's always something around that house that can be …
posted by nailsbyjordan on Jul 2, 2015
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Mosquito Killing Ovitrap
This little device is cheap to create, and has been used by the US military on bases in malarial zones with fantastic results. There are many type…
posted by jfulop10 on Jun 19, 2015
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Mobile Craft Module
The Mobile Craft Module, a product of the Prototyping Mobility Advanced Architecture Studio led by Adam Marcus at California College of the Arts, p…
posted by adammarcus on Jun 18, 2015
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Caterpillar Condo and Metamorphosis Hut
A few of my friends and I planted milkweed earlier in the year as part of the effort to restore habitat and breeding spots to the Monarch butterfly…
posted by ashleyjlong on Jun 8, 2015
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DIY Rain Barrel - sized for an apartment
A simple step by step guide by @chriselsasser. ** Before starting you can check your local rain-water collection regulations at http://www.enlight…
posted by chriselsasser on May 18, 2015
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Verticanteiros e Jardinelas
Esse é um jeito novo de plantar temperos, verduras, frutas e legumes orgânicos usando pouquíssimos recursos. Essas hortinhas verticais são uma tend…
posted by SérgioO1 on Apr 8, 2015
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Environment Control System
In this project I show the construction of an Evironment Control System which is controlled with a Raspberry Pi.This was for my eighth-grade STLP (…
posted by KYPYRO on Mar 26, 2015
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Coat Rack made from Shopping Cart Hooks
A lot of people today live in urban areas where they experience the discomforts of ongoing gentrification and increasing prices for living space. A…
posted by dr_peru on Feb 4, 2015
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Aquaponic Fish Tank Topper
I've been interested in many different methods of hydroponics for quite some time now and use them to teach my students about how food is grown, es…
posted by stratigary on Jan 6, 2015
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This modular hydroponic garden allows you to customize your system by choosing the components according to your personal demands. You can decide yo…
posted by MalikIvan on Dec 2, 2014
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Chic and Simple Carnivorous Plant Terrariums
Carnivorous plants are fascinating, and come in so many exciting varieties. Chances are that you've given a venus fly trap a shot at some point, b…
posted by ashleyjlong on Nov 27, 2014
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Vertical Hydroponic Farm
We call our project RUFS, for Robotic Urban Farm System A vertical hydroponic garden Allowing for high density yields and shorte…
posted by BLT Robotics on Oct 10, 2014
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Urban gathering - fruits of the city
ever since i was a little kid i loved to find things, especially edible things in the nature. gowing out to gather walnuts in autumn from one of th…
posted by sursula on Sep 24, 2014
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Jugger Weapons
EDIT: since we first wrote this Instructable, we've built a couple more sets of Jugger weapons. The old instructions are attached here (jugger_wea…
posted by savageinternet on Aug 30, 2014
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Oil drum garden fire pit with a skyline..!!
I had an oil drum sitting outside rusting for the last couple of years and i never really new what to do with it.! that was until i had a brainwave…
posted by limer_10 on Aug 20, 2014
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Pooping In Paradise (or in nature) - how to do it easily
Pooping in nature seems to be one of those great taboos in the world of great outdoors. Actually, I think it's even the only one left. Everybody is…
posted by bricobart on Jun 4, 2014
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Upcycled Wine Bottles Into Indoor Herb Planters
I live in California where wine bottles are plentiful. As a maker, it's great to have a never ending source of material for my projects and thankfu…
posted by acoens on May 19, 2014
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Personal Mushroom Farm
Preamble:This project was mainly done for participating in the US-China Green electronic Challenge. If you like our project, think it is interestin…
posted by colt88 on May 15, 2014
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How to make a modular vegetable protection cage.
Have you ever had pigeons in your garden eating your home grown vegetables? And have you ever tried to scare them away? Then you have probably noti…
posted by Wout Mareen on Apr 3, 2014
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WHAT Today's worm composters are small and made to be placed inside your home. For a school project on 'Urban Gardening' we were given the task …
posted by Korneel De Viaene on Apr 3, 2014
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Recycling coffee grounds, a Cradle to cradle system
Did you know that coffee grounds could be used in your compost? Coffee grounds are an excellent garden helper, they can be directly applied on the…
posted by Clotilde_Destrebecq on Apr 3, 2014
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We are students industrial design and for the past 2 weeks we have been building a rain harvesting system. Our client is a community with a public …
posted by ElizabethGoetvinck on Apr 3, 2014
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A Worm Bin for Apartments
Why Worms? We live in a relatively urban area in an apartment with zero land that we can compost traditionally on. As voracious plant-eaters we hav…
posted by Permaculture on Apr 4, 2014
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Mobile Kitchen, a bike trailer kitchen on gas
Hello We are group 08 of the Intensive Program 2014 Urban Gardening This is a collaboration between Howest, Ugent, IDC, Velt, Transitiestad Kortrij…
posted by IP2014groep08 on Apr 4, 2014
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Modular triangle event planter
As a school project, we had to design a module that combined urban gardening and events on the rooftop of Budafabriek, Kortrijk Belgium,  which acc…
posted by lynnvdc93 on Apr 3, 2014
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One Way Sharing System
We live in a world where everybody has his own life, his own habits, and his own activities, but in the meantime we still want to be connected wi…
posted by JonasCallewaert on Apr 3, 2014
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Space Efficient Gardening Rack
Have you got a small balcony and you can't garden there? Have you got backache and you can't bend? With our system all your gardening problem…
posted by Alpigas on Apr 3, 2014
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DIY Growing potato tower with turning bins
Nowadays a lot of people lives in the city and they have most of the time a small gardening place. With this growing potato tower made of bins, we …
posted by jonathanengels on Apr 3, 2014
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Liftable hanging planters
The goal is to make a planter which is applicable for all wheelchair users and to provide a better ergonomic height for personal suitability, eve…
posted by J_Boi on Apr 3, 2014
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Biodegradable flower pots out of coffee grounds!
Did you know coffee grounds still have a lot of good uses after they've been used? In this instructable we'll make a flower pot that is completely…
posted by TVG3000 on Apr 3, 2014
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Casa Verde: A modular greenhouse
Casa Verde is the result of a school assignment. We worked on this project with 4 students Industrial Design from the University Ghent/ Howest Ko…
posted by ashaderumeaux on Apr 3, 2014
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Guerrilla gardening - bombing style
Imagine you're driving through the urban jungle. You're living your life, trying to do what's right and while you're eating miles and avoiding cros…
posted by bricobart on Mar 30, 2014
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Getting Started with Gardening Using Raised Beds
by Kristian Hansen, Garden Expert at the Urban Garden Workshop Starting your very first garden can be a daunting task. This is a guide to help mak…
posted by UrbanGardenWorkshop on Mar 3, 2014
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Low-technology items that are very useful but don't necessarily depend on electronics and electricity to function. Also these items are intended or…
posted by alcurb on Feb 27, 2014
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Build a raised bed out of pallets
Heres how to build a raised bed out of pallets to grow salads or vegetables. It will cost you about £20 at the most in materials if you are savy an…
posted by maxsalad on Feb 20, 2014
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16 Great Gifts made from Garbage
If you've delayed your gift shopping a little too long this holiday season, check out these 16 great gifts that are made out of things you were jus…
posted by Penolopy Bulnick on Dec 18, 2013
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Vertical Pallet Garden
Please vote for my Vertical Garden in the gardening contest and the Green contest!  Thank you! I moved from a house with a huge back yard to a pla…
posted by L.A.Woman on May 16, 2013
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Raised Bed Planter Boxes
After we bought our house, we started looking into ways of removing the copious amounts of gravel covering portions of the yard. When we started fi…
posted by freewheel on Apr 8, 2013
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Outdoor Survival
Instructables has one of the best collections of survival how-to's on the web. There are enough outdoor survival Instructables to take someone from…
posted by zazenergy on Aug 24, 2010
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Shopping Cart Furniture! - Part 1 -
Living in the city has its ups and it has its downs...one perk is that there is a plethora of abandoned materials hanging about just waiting to be …
posted by JFabor on Mar 4, 2013
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Make a Fruit Fence Planter
Sew a FRUIT FENCE Bag for your fruiting plant. Fruit Fence planters clip on to city fences. These bags have been designed to support larger fruiti…
posted by csikes100 on Jan 12, 2013
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Garden Box Construction (4'x6')
Have you ever wanted to build or buy a garden box?  The cost of pre-built boxes and lumber itself is extremely expensive.  Fortunately you can buil…
posted by MesaUrbanGarden on Jul 16, 2012
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Seeds for My City - Easy to Make Seed Bombs
The technique for creating seed balls was developed by Japanese natural farming pioneer Masanobu Fukuoka. Seed balls or seed bombs are very easy to…
posted by HellaDelicious on Jul 17, 2012
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Make a vegetable mural, frustrate rabbits
Originaly created to create an educational, yet subversive, living sculpure outside of a grade school cafeteria, this self buttressing  vertical sa…
posted by bmake on May 22, 2012
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