null 5 things to make from Bottles Bottle glass cutting and polishing. Simple Bottle Cutting Jig Glass Cutter by Kreat0r Dri…
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--------Tanks for checking out my instructable and please vote for me in the candy contest if you guys like it -------- Did your mom ever tell y…
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Drinking Glasses from Glass Bottles
Drawing on the excellent instructables on the topic, I thought I'd try recycling the many (too many) empty whiskey bottles I've been collecting int…
posted by SamDport on Dec 12, 2015
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DIY Repurposed Glass Bottles
An easy and and cheap DIY project to turn those empty glass bottles into something awesome! Step 1: Gather Your Materials Have in mind what ki…
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Glass Bottle Coat Rack
I made this from a few Dr. Enuf bottles (If you ever come to Tennessee, get one!) and scrap wood over the weekend. It turned out a lot stronger tha…
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Cutting Glass Bottles
I've seen plenty of glass bottles cut into cups online and have been thinking that, as a college student, I needed some of these. I spent time look…
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Powder Coating Glass Bottles
Powder coating is an electrostatic process in which polymers or plastics are applied in a dry spray. Typically, this process is used for metals, bu…
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glass bottle tree decor
 i hand glass bottle cokes laying around so i finished them up and i really liked the bottles so i decided to tie them to a tree because i thought …
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Tabasco Bottle Shot Glass
Make a shot glass from an empty Tabasco bottle!This is a relatively easy project, and only requires a few simple tools to complete. This is the fir…
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Stained Glass Bottle Lamp
How to make a stained glass lamp out of any bottle.  Things you will need 1 Glass Bottle of you choice, Dremel tool with dimond ball bit an…
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Drill hole in glass bottle?
 Dear All.. I would like  to drill holes(3 to 5 mm) on a many of glass bottles(beer bottle). Could you point me what kind of DRILL BIT ( see photo …
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Bottle glass cutting and polishing.
There have been quite few instructables on bottle cutting on instructables lately, some of them quite good. They are more about the bottle cutter t…
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Glass Bottle Cutter
A few weeks ago my wife and I saw some interesting wine bottle lamps and after one glance at the price tag, instantly thought to ourselves "we coul…
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DIY: Glass Bottle Cutter
Bottle cutting is a great way to recycle bottles. You can make custom presents like vases, drinking glasses, candle holders and many other things…
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Glass Bottle Cutting Jig
This instructable shows the jig I made to cut glass bottles. The method I use is from Jor2daje, here is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/…
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Glass Bottle Cutting
Step 1 cont. cont. cont. cont.
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Wine Bottle and glasses Holder
This is a great project for any wine or champaige conisure. This is a bottle and glass holder and carrier. It is made out of a piece of wood. I ad…
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Glass Bottle Oil Lamp
Make a small decorative oil lamp out of an empty glass bottle with screw-on metal lid. It's cheap, easy, and possibly romantic. The lamp is fille…
posted by Aira.vj on Jan 23, 2007
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This up-cycle was part of a college project(Medicine Hat College) for an non government organization called Habitat for Humanity. We were supposed …
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Plant in a Glass Bottle
The theme for this summer’s reading program was “Dig Deep, Read!”  So I figured we better do some type of project with dirt and planting.  I decide…
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Beer Bottle Pint Glass
Did you know that 2/3 of all PET plastic (soft drink, water bottles, etc) that are put in the recycler end up in the landfills and our oceans? Ther…
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Glass Coke Bottle Candles?
Hey all,  I was trying to think of a good gift for my mom's birthday, and I had an idea.  While in my basement, I found an old Coca-Cola crate from…
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Upcycled Beer Bottle Glasses
Upcycled beer bottle drinking glasses are perfect for using at picnics or in the garden as it doesn’t matter if they get broken, you just make anot…
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Glass Bottle Vacuum
Here I am going to show how to make a vacuum with a glass bottle and a water. Supplies; -Glass Bottle -Clay -Straw -Bowl -Water -Microwave or Sto…
posted by devin23 on Apr 5, 2014
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Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter
I have wanting to make a bottle cutter for a while now, just because I really like the idea of making glasses from bottles. I found a lot of design…
posted by sbanas on Apr 25, 2015
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Glass Bottle Ring
Years ago a friend of mine showed me an easy way to pop the top off a glass bottle. The bit with the threads just snapped off. Now I can't remember…
posted by Gwenhwyfar on May 12, 2008
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Glasses rack on wine bottle
In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make this simple and beautiful wooden rack for your wine glasses that fits on top of a wine bottl…
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Zeo Bottle Flute Glass
I have an addiction to Zeo Zest (lime flavoured fizzy drink) and I keep all the empty bottles. They have a really dive design to them and I have be…
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Glass Soda Bottle Display
Use small things you love and shove them into an old soda bottle. Materials 1: you need an old soda bottle.(I recommend a coco cola bottle for t…
posted by EthanBeltramo on Nov 22, 2013
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Glass Bottle Pendant Lamp
I am going to explain the process of upcyclying a bottle of wine, whiskey etc to make a beautiful hanging pendant lamp.You will need1)A old bottle2…
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Camping Plastic Bottle Glass
Lightweight and environmentally friendly glasses made from empty plastic bottles. Marking the bottle Take the razor blade and mark where to want…
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Glass Bottle Bird Feeder
This is a glass bottle bird feeder. The bottle was a $1 from the local thrift store and is needed first to get the dimension for the rest of the p…
posted by kludge77 on Mar 4, 2014
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Glass bottle gifts
Yep, pretty self explanatory. You will need the following: -A six or four pack of a beverage that comes in glass bottles (Non-Alcoholic would proba…
posted by amandaggogo on Dec 11, 2012
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DIY Glass Water Bottle
I really don't like throwing away glass bottles, especially ones with resealable tops. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to carry around an un…
posted by Culturespy on Jun 7, 2010
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glass bottle terrarium
This is a fun green craft that is super easy and are nice decorations for a house or room once the plants start to sprout from it. Materials gla…
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Glass Bottle Tiki Torch
Tiki brand torches are nice for backyard BBQs, but if you are roughing it in the woods, at a campground or a hiking trail then you most likely won…
posted by tjesse on Aug 22, 2011
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Glass Bottle Coat Hanger
So here's a simple re-use / recycle project using glass bottles, wire, and a sheet of plywood. It's very simple, and can be done far more cheaply u…
posted by rotf101 on Jul 17, 2011
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Glass Bottle Plate Carrier
How many times have you been in line at a cook-out filling your plate only to realize you have to make the decision to either leave your drink…
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Cutting Glass Bottles
1.      Gather materials                                             i.      Sturdy/attractive bottle                                  …
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How to Reuse Glass Jars
Do you always end up with more jars or bottles after a quick run to the grocery store? Throwing them away would be such a waste but just what can y…
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Glass bottle cutting?(a champagne bottle)?
I have explored all your pages with regards to glass bottle cutting and i can,t find anything with regards to cutting a champagne bottle. Yes, the …
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House built with plastic and glass bottles
Versión en español A friend sent me these pictures about a house that was built using recycled materials.
posted by blkhawk on Jan 14, 2010
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Making fake sea glass at home
Sea glass or beach glass is the pretty, worn down, rounded, matted glass you can sometimes find at the beach. It is pretty rare, especially in othe…
posted by Moem on Aug 29, 2012
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Make Jewelry From Glass Bottles
In this Instructable, I demonstrate a way to make your own jewelry from glass bottles.What you will need: Microwave kilnGlass bottles Jewelry blank…
posted by ShakeTheFuture on Dec 11, 2015
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What to do with used glass bottles.
Glass bottles are awesome.... so awesome that you don't want to throw them away. Well if you aren't going to throw it away, what are you going to d…
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Glass Bottle cutter and warlis art
This is one of fascinating projects, I came across instructable and Google. One can cut old beer and wine bottles into craft. There is no need to c…
posted by Amit_Jain on Nov 16, 2015
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Cutting Wine Bottles for Glasses and Vases
This is my ripoff... er, variation on Fstedie's Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles Instructable using a Workmate and some clamps. I'm just going t…
posted by stickmop on Aug 31, 2009
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Simple Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter
It doesn't matter if the bottle is half full or half empty. With this bottle cutter you can make half a bottle thats all full, and half thats all e…
posted by lidsdad on Jan 23, 2013
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The Water-Bottle Wine Glass
For this instructable you will be creating a wine glass from hot glue a water bottle and CD. If you like this instructable please vote for it in …
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Recycling Beer Bottles Into Glass Cups
I saw this idea online not too long ago and I decided that it was something I would enjoy. . . after quite a few different attempts I decided that …
posted by Skyler Todd on Mar 27, 2012
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