Instructables Robot

Instructables RobotThis group is the place for all the Instructables that feature or somehow incorporate the Instructables Robot! I've noticed quite a few and I'm fin… by Gjdj3

Bronies on Instructables

Bronies on InstructablesThis is a group for all the bronies on instructables. If your a hater, I honestly don't want to hear it. That's what youtube is for. by dog digger

Pier 9

Pier 9 #group-body { background:#b0b0b0 url('') no-repeat center 25px !i… by jsass

Instructaholics Anonymous (Sort of)

Instructaholics Anonymous (Sort of)This is a group for all of you that are addicted to this site, to come and see that you are not alone in the world, and admit to yourself that you … by whatsisface

Guitar Hero Mods

Guitar Hero ModsThis is a group for all Guitar Hero Instructables or anything doing with Guitar Hero!! by GorillazMiko

Mindstorms Unlimited

Mindstorms UnlimitedThis group is made for people who have a small idea and need to change it into a great Instructable. Or, for people who want to help others with In… by nathan brown

Disney Group

Disney GroupHeres a group involving any Disney related things from Alice to Dr. Jaques Von Hamsterviel by Ahar

Portable USB Power

Portable USB PowerAnybody who needs help charging or powering stuff in the portable favor, can post instructables on how to do it or ask how. by Yerboogieman

instructables staff group

instructables staff groupA group that the instructables staff can put their stuff on so otheres can see what they have done. by dkfa

Medieval madness

Medieval madnessAnything you can think of that's medieval or just old-style! by duck-lemon

30 second instructables

30 second instructablesIf you can build something useful in less than 30 seconds, post it here. Be Amazed. by ry25920