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Halloween spiderweb - More DIY How To Projects]]> bowmaster In this Instructable we are going to learn how to make a spider web!! Materials!! For this instructable all you need is some yarn and a pair scissors. I used a blueish color for the yarn but you can use what you want. Basic frame First you want to start with a basic frame of one vertical lengt...
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Tue, 7 Oct 2008 19:27:52 PDT
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic - More DIY How To Projects]]> stunami I have to give credit to a lot of people for this instructable, particularly Atrophius for his award winning instructable, which was my inspiration. I actually wanted to create a whole set out of sintra like he did, but because I'm out of work at the moment, I decided that cardboard was a more econo...
By: stunami

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Mon, 2 Nov 2009 09:13:26 PST