Instructables: exploring - - ninja - halloween Fri, 24 Mar 2017 20:54:48 PDT BLOX v1.01 How To Make Deadshot Armor 2.0
How To Make Deadshot Armor 2.0 - More DIY How To Projects]]> struth novo In this Instructable I am making Deadshot's armor from the movie Suicide Squad.If you like this Instructable please check out my youtube channel below. Tools And Materials Tools·Utility Knife·Wood Burning Pen·Heat Gun·Pen·Pencil·HandsMaterials·...
By: struth novo

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Thu, 25 Aug 2016 17:16:12 PDT
Scorpion - *Mortal Kombat* Costume Cosplay
Scorpion - *Mortal Kombat* Costume Cosplay - More DIY How To Projects]]> PleaseNoFisticuffs I’ve always been a big fan of the Mortal Kombat games/ films and looked at a ton of picture before deciding what version of Scorpion to make. The idea was to have something original that hardly anyone had made and can’t buy. I finally settled on the original version from the first Mortal Kombat film...
By: PleaseNoFisticuffs

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Wed, 3 Aug 2016 05:08:00 PDT
Best paper mache ninja-star/Shuriken
Best paper mache ninja-star/Shuriken - More DIY How To Projects]]> paul the maker so today my pals were going to make the best paper Shuriken which will look amazing and scary which will make any cool Halloween costume look even cooler!! It should fly incredibly well but i must warn you don't throw at any ones face or they might get hurt . so be careful and don't throw at your mu...
By: paul the maker

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Tue, 20 Oct 2015 10:45:14 PDT
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes and Masks
TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes and Masks - More DIY How To Projects]]> jleighkrupp This is a tutorial on the entire Ninja turtle collection. I made the shells, the eye masks, the chest piece, pants, the mascot head and the latex mask. I won't get too much into the latex mask in this instructables but I will do a separate one. I made all 4 turtles. I ran out of green fabric so I ma...
By: jleighkrupp

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Sun, 31 Aug 2014 14:42:50 PDT
Quick & Easy Chinese Parade Dragon
Quick & Easy Chinese Parade Dragon - More DIY How To Projects]]> poofrabbit Several years ago I shared with instructables my Chinese Parade Dragon for Under $75.  You have all been so kind in your comments, messages and over all good cheer.  When I created that dragon I was working fast, in a hurry and on a budget.  I also was not very good about taking pictures of the con...
By: poofrabbit

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Fri, 9 Aug 2013 00:31:37 PDT
Block a Ninja Star on Stage!
Block a Ninja Star on Stage! - More DIY How To Projects]]> justjimAZ It's 2011, and I am in charge of choreographing a bunch of children in a "ninja" skit to be played out on stage in front of their friends and families.I decide to finish the skit by having the two most experienced kids have a battle on stage. In the beginning of the battle, the Ninja would bow, and...
By: justjimAZ

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Sat, 10 Nov 2012 16:28:59 PST
1990 Shredder Costume
1990 Shredder Costume - More DIY How To Projects]]> R2E2 Halloweens come and gone and here are some pictures of the shredder costume that I made this year. This was my First time making a costume that used  pepakura, resins and Bondo Auto filler. Materals: Pepakura file - Shredder Helmet Pepakura file - shredder blade X Acto knife / Craft Blade Hot glu...
By: R2E2

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Tue, 6 Nov 2012 20:37:16 PST
Shredder & the Foot Clan Costumes
Shredder & the Foot Clan Costumes - More DIY How To Projects]]> ModMischief Just because you're a female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, doesn't mean you are stuck dressing as April O'Neil. Both of these costumes are quick and cheap to make and will have you terrorizing the turtles at your next Halloween party. What you'll need For the Shredder: bike helmet - $0 - ...
By: ModMischief

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Thu, 3 Nov 2011 22:24:39 PDT
Easy Ninja Turtle Costume!
Easy Ninja Turtle Costume! - More DIY How To Projects]]> amydomo I did this costume awhile ago for superhero day at my school so I will re-do the steps in a mini version (using paint and other editing sofwares). Materials: - Ninja turtle beanie. ( I got mine at spencers but you can find plenty online, ex:
By: amydomo

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Mon, 3 Oct 2011 17:10:18 PDT
No weld steampunk knife
No weld steampunk knife - More DIY How To Projects]]> ATOMIKMONKEY This is simple and awesome. I made a sword as an awesome steampunk practice weapon and now I'm going to make a knife. materials: Copper pipe (any length, any width) Gorilla Glue clamp accesories (aka garage sale free box crap) copper pipe cutter cut the pipe I think the title of this step is pret...

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Mon, 4 Oct 2010 10:06:36 PDT
Homemade nunchucks
Homemade nunchucks - More DIY How To Projects]]> airsoftsniper12 Ok, so I had some extra pieces of bamboo sitting around and wasting space. And I needed something to make. I got my idea from a friends halloween costume, he's is being a ninja but didn't have nunchucks, so I made him some. Materials For this one you will need,  1) Bamboo, 5-6 inches long each 2...
By: airsoftsniper12

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Mon, 27 Sep 2010 09:08:37 PDT
How to make a sturdy Ninja sword for Halloween
How to make a sturdy Ninja sword for Halloween - More DIY How To Projects]]> craftycounterpart Thing Two wanted a ninja outfit for Halloween...primarily for the sword. I knew the costume sword would be a huge disappointment - some made-in-China crap that would be lucky to even make it to Halloween. So I told him I would make him one...which meant making one for Thing One as well. The sword c...
By: craftycounterpart

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Wed, 1 Sep 2010 11:36:01 PDT
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic - More DIY How To Projects]]> stunami I have to give credit to a lot of people for this instructable, particularly Atrophius for his award winning instructable, which was my inspiration. I actually wanted to create a whole set out of sintra like he did, but because I'm out of work at the moment, I decided that cardboard was a more econo...
By: stunami

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Mon, 2 Nov 2009 09:13:26 PST
Origami Ninja Star
Origami Ninja Star - More DIY How To Projects]]> novakfor3 Make a cool origami ninja star by using these 4 easy steps. Become a true ninja by knowing the art of origami and having one of their weapons! But seriously, you have to know how to make one of these. They're awesome. Go! Gather Your Material Sheet of paper. All you need. Well, maybe a pair of ...
By: novakfor3

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Sat, 10 Oct 2009 17:01:50 PDT
Snake Eyes Visor
Snake Eyes Visor - More DIY How To Projects]]> jolovesvlad Would you or child like to be Snake Eyes for Halloween this year? I found my supplies around the house and whipped up this little beauty to show that you don't have to pay the big bucks to get a good costume piece. With some extra effort it could even be comic convention worthy :) Mostly I was tr...
By: jolovesvlad

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Sat, 5 Sep 2009 01:42:24 PDT
Simply-Simple Ninja Hood
Simply-Simple Ninja Hood - More DIY How To Projects]]> LaserTaser64 This is another of the simply-simple series. this is a one step project (well, one that you actually have to do something). Hope u like it Materials These are the random objects needed to create the devious ninfa hood: -book cover (known to some as a book sock) -scizzors P.S. the book cover is...
By: LaserTaser64

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Sat, 18 Oct 2008 16:41:35 PDT
Ninja Star Thumb Tacks
Ninja Star Thumb Tacks - More DIY How To Projects]]> Super Cameraman If you've been with Instructables for a while, you've probably seen some images of ninja star (shurken) thumb tacks floating around. In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make your own for about a dollar. Materials! First, get your materials. For this, you will need:Plastic Ninja Star...
By: Super Cameraman

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Sat, 11 Oct 2008 12:44:01 PDT
Halloween spiderweb
Halloween spiderweb - More DIY How To Projects]]> bowmaster In this Instructable we are going to learn how to make a spider web!! Materials!! For this instructable all you need is some yarn and a pair scissors. I used a blueish color for the yarn but you can use what you want. Basic frame First you want to start with a basic frame of one vertical lengt...
By: bowmaster

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Tue, 7 Oct 2008 19:27:52 PDT