Instructables: exploring - food - bbq-and-grilling - chicken - featured Fri, 31 Jul 2015 04:48:42 PDT BLOX v1.01 Pan Fried Chicken
Pan Fried Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> Bhawya Pan Fried Chicken is made with marination of vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar and soy sauce. It is a great dish to try out this summer. Please do try this simple recipe, I am sure you will like it. Ingredients 2 lb chickenMarination:1 cup of olive oil1 cup of brown sugar1/2 cup of white vinegar1...
By: Bhawya

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Sat, 18 Jul 2015 21:21:49 PDT
The Best BBQ chicken doesn't need sauce
The Best BBQ chicken doesn't need sauce - More DIY How To Projects]]> tirent11 Follow my recipe and you'll never use sauce on your chicken again. The tastiest grilled chicken is just a few steps away! Step 1: Brine first , ask questions later. The first step to any tasty grilled or smoked meat is to brine it. This is my favorite for chicken and turkey. The whole idea o...
By: tirent11

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Mon, 22 Jun 2015 19:39:28 PDT
Pineapple Oven??
Pineapple Oven?? - More DIY How To Projects]]> CurtosNoirDesign What is this hearsay and crazy talk!!? If you like pineapple, then you are in the right place. I love me some pineapple and meat seems like the logical choice. Follow along and I will show you how to cook meat inside of a pineapple. As a bonus I will show you how to cook chicken in a bell pepper and...
By: CurtosNoirDesign

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Sat, 6 Jun 2015 18:09:24 PDT
Joe's Blackened Chicken Nachos!
Joe's Blackened Chicken Nachos! - More DIY How To Projects]]> Caulerpa I'm not a big fan of chicken but my husband-critter made blackened chicken and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT! It's pretty tasty by itself, but on nachos it's a whole new experience. Normally Joe cooks this so I wouldn't make an instructable, but I realized that if he dies tragically I won't have anyone ...
By: Caulerpa

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Wed, 6 May 2015 22:33:32 PDT
Blackened Chicken
Blackened Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> Straklin I love Cajun and Creole food. Jambalaya, gumbo, etouffees, and blackened dishes are all tasty, spicy goodness. Blackened chicken is a great and easy dish to make. Here I will show you how to make this tasty Cajun dish. It's great on a bun as a sandwich, or as a main course. I made this for my wife a...
By: Straklin

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Wed, 18 Feb 2015 10:26:37 PST
Smoked, Beer can Chicken
Smoked, Beer can Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> Wired_Mist Hey everyone !I have three passions in my life, Family, Technology, and Cooking! I've been wanting to do a food Instructable for a while now, my newly Hacked Smoker was just the ticket needed. As a Family we always try to have Sunday dinner together. It gives me and dad some room for competition! Th...
By: Wired_Mist

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Mon, 10 Nov 2014 16:13:19 PST
Perfect Smoked Buffalo Wings
Perfect Smoked Buffalo Wings - More DIY How To Projects]]> XaqFixx Buffalo Wings are a fantastic treat, smoked meats are even better, this summer I decided to combine them for the 4th and for our weekly gathering: "Meat & Great: A Carnivore Carnival" where I fire up the smoker, the gas grill, and the charcoal grill for BYOB/BYOMeat Friends, Food, and Fun.A quick p...
By: XaqFixx

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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:55:10 PDT
Spicy Grilled Chicken Legs
Spicy Grilled Chicken Legs - More DIY How To Projects]]> Bhawya Grilled Chicken is perfect dish during Summer. My family Loves it lot at any time. Here I made this Dish on Stove top Method. I used Cast Iron Grill Pan to cook the Chicken legs. You can adjust the spicy taste according to your taste buds. Ingredients 2 Chicken legs with thigh (Skin on)1 1/2 tab...
By: Bhawya

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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 08:06:05 PDT
Messy's Grilled BBQ Chicken
Messy's Grilled BBQ Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> Everythingbutfish Things You’ll NeedBoneless Chicken BreastsMarinade: 1/2 Cup Ketchup1/4 Cup Duck Sauce1 Tablespoon Red Curry Paste1/4 Cup Light Brown SugarSea SaltBlack PepperOnion PowderGarlicMessy’s BBQ Sauce: 1/2 Cup Ketchup1/4 Cup Water1/8 Cup Apple Cider VinegarDash of WorcestershireTablespoon Spicy Mustard5 Ta...
By: Everythingbutfish

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Fri, 20 Jun 2014 09:13:45 PDT
Dr. Pepper Bar-B-Que Sauce
Dr. Pepper Bar-B-Que Sauce - More DIY How To Projects]]> shambuda2000 Barbecue Sauce! Homemade Barbecue Sauce! Homemade Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce! Are there 5 words that sound better?  I decided to make something that combines two things I love (Dr. Pepper and Barbecue). As with most recipes, you can adjust the spices to your particular liking. Enjoy! Ingredien...
By: shambuda2000

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Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:08:15 PST
Simply Perfect Roasted Chicken
Simply Perfect Roasted Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> oesti This method is perfect for everyone with a gas grill and no rotisserie mechanism. The secret of the method is to place a pan with water underneath the chicken. All fat dripping from the chicken is captured in the water. No fat drips on any hot metal or in the fire (no carcinogenic fumes). Also the ...
By: oesti

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Sun, 16 Jun 2013 18:18:05 PDT
Smoked Chicken Thighs
Smoked Chicken Thighs - More DIY How To Projects]]> FireHogs Creating amazing chicken thighs on the smoker that don't dry out. Buying quality meat. When you go through all the work smoking food, buy good meat, I get mine from a local butcher. Prepping the Chicken Remove the skin from the chicken thighs and set them aside and remove any excess fat from t...
By: FireHogs

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Mon, 10 Jun 2013 17:39:16 PDT
CHARCOAL SALT lmnopeas Attention All Grill Masters: looking for that special ingedient to enhance your BBQ? Look no further. My charcoal salt recipe is perfect for adding just the right touch of smoke with a spicy element that leaves your tongue tingling and a lemony garlic finish that will have you sprinkling this salt o...
By: lmnopeas

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Sat, 8 Jun 2013 20:12:18 PDT
Stuffed BBQ chicken (sushi style roll)
Stuffed BBQ chicken (sushi style roll) - More DIY How To Projects]]> DootMadskills You can put anything inside of the chicken roll and season the outside in any way you could imagine. This is a fun early summer day snack with grilled garlic bread and corn. First we have a 3-4lbs chicken My "wrong" knife was a little dull but the goal is to ride the cartilage down the cente...
By: DootMadskills

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Thu, 23 May 2013 11:12:32 PDT
How to Roast a Pig
How to Roast a Pig - More DIY How To Projects]]> noahw Having a pig roast is hands down one of my favorite things to do.  There are few other edible, legal party activities that put everyone in a good mood and garner as much excitement as serving moist delicious roasted pork to a large group of friends does.  If you've never roasted a pig before for a p...
By: noahw

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Wed, 6 Feb 2013 15:10:22 PST
Easy way to Marinate Chicken
Easy way to Marinate Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> shellycaron Whenever we want to marinate our chicken, we use dressing and dips to do the work for us. It's really easy and makes really good chicken! Get your Chicken and Dressings Whenever the chicken at my local Safeway is on sale, I take advantage and buy a ton! Get your chicken and any dressings you wan...
By: shellycaron

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Sun, 21 Oct 2012 22:15:41 PDT
Smoked Chicken
Smoked Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> crcampeau Super Easy smoked chicken with different rubs. Preparing the Chicken Brine Chicken Recipe 2Gallons of Water 2 Cups Kosher Salt ½ cup Vinegar 3 cups Brown Sugar 1 cup pickling spice In a pot heat ¼ of the water add all of your ingredients and let dissolve. Once dissolved simmer for 5 minutes the...
By: crcampeau

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Mon, 27 Aug 2012 11:29:37 PDT
Herby Orange Barbecued Chicken eatproperly This recipe started life as an experimental marinade for some chicken we were grilling for a recent barbecue. It was so tasty I felt I should share it. Ingredients Juice and zest of an orange 2 skin on chicken breasts (thighs and legs would also work well) couple of sprigs of tarragon 1 tsp dried o...
By: eatproperly

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Thu, 23 Aug 2012 04:27:45 PDT
Chicken Thandoori
Chicken Thandoori - More DIY How To Projects]]> 786Ayesha This is a very easy and tasty Thandoori chicken recipe which is really awesome. The ready made Thandoori paste is freely available over here in all Asian stores. I have tried both the powder and paste.There is no difference,both are good. Please try this out it is really good and tasty. Ingredient...
By: 786Ayesha

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Mon, 13 Aug 2012 13:59:43 PDT
Filipino BBQ Chicken On a Stick
Filipino BBQ Chicken On a Stick - More DIY How To Projects]]> Cgreg1113 Barbecue on a stick is a very popular traditional Filipino dish. It is  a popular street food in the Philippines, and is very similar to the Indonesian Satay . It is usually made from chicken or pork which is then grilled in a slightly sweet sauce on skewers. This version is made with chicken. The ...
By: Cgreg1113

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Sun, 12 Aug 2012 18:10:38 PDT
Blueberry Ketchup
Blueberry Ketchup - More DIY How To Projects]]> lmnopeas Ketchup is one of America's favorite & most popular condiments. It first originated in China around the 1600's , but wasn't anything like the ketchup we know today. It was called "ketsiap", extremely salty and made from the brine of pickled fish & spices. There were no tomatoes in this version or an...
By: lmnopeas

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Sun, 8 Apr 2012 20:15:34 PDT
BBQ Chicken Thighes- A step up from caveman method
BBQ Chicken Thighes- A step up from caveman method - More DIY How To Projects]]> Vyger Caveman style of cooking is where you take something like chicken and throw it in the fire, leave it sit for a little while and then pull it out and pick all the black stuff off it. While that is effective it doesn't always taste that great. This instructable is about a better method that gives res...
By: Vyger

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Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:59:11 PDT
Meat Onna Stick (aka. Chicken Teriyaki)
Meat Onna Stick (aka. Chicken Teriyaki) - More DIY How To Projects]]> venecha Just like most things that come out of our kitchen, this one was inspired by food we got from a local restaurant. One of the things we really like to get from our local Chinese takeout is their chicken and beef teriyaki on a stick. Normally I make this with my special fried rice on the side, but tha...
By: venecha

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Sun, 26 Jun 2011 17:12:11 PDT
Sweet Dragon Wings with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Sweet Dragon Wings with Spicy Peanut Sauce - More DIY How To Projects]]> bajablue These savory Dragon Wings won't have you breathing fire... just craving more!   Plump, juicy chicken wings are skewered whole and bathed in a salty-sweet Kecap Manis marinade.  Next, a quick dip in coconut milk and then onto the BBQ. When your Dragon Wings are grilled to perfection and ready to se...
By: bajablue

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Sun, 26 Jun 2011 12:39:50 PDT
Herbed Chicken under Bricks
Herbed Chicken under Bricks - More DIY How To Projects]]> skyisblu It's funny how once summertime comes knocking on our door, we instantly take up our tongs and our post in front of the BBQ for the season, speed-grilling kebabs, vegetable slices and juicy steaks in mere minutes. What about those bigger pieces of meat that require a little more effort that a quick f...
By: skyisblu

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Sat, 25 Jun 2011 12:50:10 PDT
How to barbecue ribs
How to barbecue ribs - More DIY How To Projects]]> VinceJDJ For this instructable, i grilled ribs and chicken at the same time, but this is for ribs. The following can be reproduced exactly like this or can even be improved on and made better. Enjoy and i hope i receive your vote. Materials needed You will need: Tools: Grill Grill cleaning brush Chimney ...
By: VinceJDJ

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Mon, 30 May 2011 16:33:19 PDT
Jerk Chicken My Way anatroccolo I like giving a twist to the same old menues. Where I live BBQ means grilled pork! I thought that a bit of chicken was needed to lift up a bit the flavours. I decided then to prepare some jerk chichen for the 1st May BBQ! Real jerk would have knocked down a few people so I prepared my version of the...
By: anatroccolo

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Mon, 16 May 2011 13:45:34 PDT
Pulled Chicken
Pulled Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> branonls Pulled Chicken. It's delicious and very easy to make. I usually make this on my charcoal smoker or grill but I wanted to demonstrate how to make it on a gas grill since that's what most people have. What you will need. 1 whole chicken 4-5 pounds 1 "beer can chicken" holder Seasoning salt Garlic po...
By: branonls

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Sat, 22 Aug 2009 15:26:19 PDT
Illustrated Turducken Recipe
Illustrated Turducken Recipe - More DIY How To Projects]]> kachun The Event:In the two years previous (1998-1999), an X-treme BBQ, held outside regardless of the weather on Super Bowl Sunday, has proved to be wildly popular among graduate students in the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The highlights of X-t...
By: kachun

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Mon, 18 Feb 2008 12:51:36 PST
A Thai style Chicken BBQ cooked outside in 10-15 minutes. Using an old can, empty beer bottle and some hay.
A Thai style Chicken BBQ cooked outside in 10-15 minutes. Using an old can, empty beer bottle and some hay. - More DIY How To Projects]]> dandym Me blowing up chickens in my garden. A chicken is scored down to the bone. Marinated with crushed coriander (cilantro) root, fresh turmeric, chillies, palm sugar and fish sauce. Lemongrass is stuffed into the cavity and it is all perched on a beer bottle. An oil drum is put over the top and the whol...
By: dandym

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Thu, 22 Nov 2007 07:19:40 PST