Instructables: exploring - food - pasta - italian - pesto Sun, 20 Apr 2014 18:04:04 PDT BLOX v1.01 Perfect Pesto
Perfect Pesto - More DIY How To Projects]]> alannarosewhitney Perfect Pesto is easy to make, the rich flavour is unforgettable, it makes a versatile dish that can be paired with almost any entree (or serve as one itself) and very healthy (especially if you omit the cheese for a vegan version and use rice or other gluten-free noodles). BASIL is useful in mai...
By: alannarosewhitney

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Tue, 12 Nov 2013 13:11:45 PST
Yet another pasta with pesto. davijordan Not everything Italian is red sauce based. We like a little sorta pesto once in a while to make things more interesting. Like I have said before sometimes you use what is fresh or what is on hand in a real Italian household. This what I used today: (amounts are to taste) Salt Pepper Chives 1 B...
By: davijordan

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Sat, 14 Jul 2012 10:10:53 PDT
Basil pesto pasta with tuna and pine nuts
Basil pesto pasta with tuna and pine nuts - More DIY How To Projects]]> ExpatCucina A healthy but tasty pasta dish perfect for the summer season! Ingredients (serves 2): 2 tbsp basil pesto 180 g short cut pasta 5 leaves fresh basil 1 tbsp pine nuts 2 tbsp feta cheese 1 can tuna fish Cook it, dress it, serve it! Boil the pasta according to package instructions. Drain it and dre...
By: ExpatCucina

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Sun, 17 Jun 2012 06:11:13 PDT
Spinach Asparagus Pesto and Caprese Salad
Spinach Asparagus Pesto and Caprese Salad - More DIY How To Projects]]> Shancasso A new take on the classic Pesto, paired with a Caprese salad and an optional soup from the left overs. Ingredients for Pesto: Olive Oil Frozen chopped spinach Frozen Asparagus spears Plain Sunflower seeds Plain Almonds Bell pepper 1/2 can Cream of Poblano condensed soup Mozzarella cheese (I used a ...
By: Shancasso

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Sat, 20 Aug 2011 16:10:03 PDT