Instructables: exploring - food - quick - cake - featured Sun, 7 Feb 2016 16:21:35 PST BLOX v1.01 5-minute Chocolate Cake
5-minute Chocolate Cake - More DIY How To Projects]]> scoochmaroo There are a lot of 5-minute cake-in-a-mug recipes out there, but I've taken the time to experiment with eight variations on a a recipe to come up with the best, tastiest, and most reliable 5-minute chocolate cake on the web.  This quick and easy chocolate cake recipe will change your life! Now you c...
By: scoochmaroo

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Sun, 19 Oct 2008 22:17:37 PDT
Easy Banana Cake | DIYwithNatasha
Easy Banana Cake | DIYwithNatasha - More DIY How To Projects]]> Diywithnatasha HI!Today I am going to show you how to make this super easy banana cake! This is so yummy and, again, super easy to make! I am new here on Instructable and might not be able to post much on here because I am so busy with my YouTube as well as school!Youtube Channel:
By: Diywithnatasha

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Fri, 8 Jan 2016 11:42:17 PST
Emergency Birthday Cake
Emergency Birthday Cake - More DIY How To Projects]]> Paige Russell Have you ever been camping, or driving through Small Town, USA when you realized that you forgot your travel companion's birthday? Need an Emergency Birthday Cake, but there are no bakeries or bigger grocery stores around? Well have no fear, I'm going to show you how to make an easy no-bake emergen...
By: Paige Russell

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Wed, 3 Jun 2015 10:30:14 PDT
Quick Fix Donuts
Quick Fix Donuts - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong My 5 years old son always asks for an after school/taekwondo surprise and sometimes I prepare him these donuts as they are ready in less than an hour and using ingredients that you can find in your pantry.No need to proof yeast, no need the hassle much, and definitely kids approved.If you are lookin...
By: klinong

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Thu, 14 May 2015 11:51:59 PDT
Chocolate Pot de Crèmeème/
Chocolate Pot de Crème - More DIY How To Projects]]> kelleymarie Easy and simple, decadent chocolate dessert recipe that's also Gluten Free! I had my first chocolate pot de crème in a restaurant in San Francisco. It's creamy texture and smooth rich chocolate were intoxicating. I immediately set out on a search for the perfect recipe to create my own mouth-wateri...
By: kelleymarie

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Fri, 18 Apr 2014 15:43:55 PDT
Winterfell Cake - From Game of Thrones
Winterfell Cake - From Game of Thrones - More DIY How To Projects]]> bagnitsch This is an instructable to make a quick and somewhat easy Winterfell cake. Another must have for a Game of Thrones Party! Full party instructable can be seen here: Find a picture for reference I used pictures from T...
By: bagnitsch

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Fri, 14 Feb 2014 21:02:57 PST
Sundae Cupcakes
Sundae Cupcakes - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaraStar This was a family project with my sisters, step-mom and one of my friends! we had so much fun. My little sister was sick but at the end of the night she looked a lot better and said she haven't laugh so much in a long time. You see my my dad is divorcing my step-mom and it has been a difficult time ...
By: MaraStar

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Tue, 3 Jul 2012 09:04:42 PDT
Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes
Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes - More DIY How To Projects]]> shesparticular Flourless chocolate cake is decadent and delicious - and pretty darn easy to make! In cupcake form, they're perfect for parties, work/school lunches, or snacks, and are pretty cute. You could frost them, but on their own they're pretty wonderful, and since they're flourless, they're also gluten-free...
By: shesparticular

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Sun, 19 Jul 2009 14:48:12 PDT
Dessert Pizza
Dessert Pizza - More DIY How To Projects]]> noahw This dessert pizza recipe is sure to class up your next dinner party and tickle your sweet tooth.  It really only resembles a pizza in so much as it's round, has some type of a crust and is finished with toppings, other than that, it's a dessert for sure.  I wouldn't mention it in Italy or try to ge...
By: noahw

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Sat, 31 Oct 2009 18:30:42 PDT
Instint Mint Coffee...
Instint Mint Coffee... - More DIY How To Projects]]> killerjackalope Want minty coffee? Want it right Now? Look no further than this authenticated, medicated, confabulated coffee cure... Stuff you'll need. Tools: - A cup - A spooning device - A kettle Ingredients: - Coffee, it can be instant or brewed it makes little odds - Kendal mint cake - White sugar...
By: killerjackalope

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Tue, 17 Jun 2008 18:11:30 PDT