Instructables: exploring - food - spicy - featured Fri, 12 Feb 2016 14:38:12 PST BLOX v1.01 Easy Shrimp Stir-Fry
Easy Shrimp Stir-Fry - More DIY How To Projects]]> fiddlebones DISCLAIMER: The following recipe is intensely delicious and may contain trace amounts of humor. You have been warned. Proceed at your own caution. Get It Together! You will need 10+ Precooked Jumbo Shrimp (Approx. 1 cup) 1/4 Medium Sized White Onion 2 Celery Stalks 3 Tablespoons Soy ...
By: fiddlebones

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Thu, 4 Feb 2016 07:18:02 PST
Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Lamongan)
Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Lamongan) - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong This chicken soup is originated from Lamongan, East Java, in Indonesia Spice Paste 1 large onion, regular or purple one is fine1 heaping tbsp minced garlic, store bought1/4 tsp white pepper powder1 tsp coriander, dry fry (heat/fry without oil)2 cm fresh turmeric7 candle nuts, dry fry would be bes...
By: klinong

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Fri, 22 Jan 2016 06:53:54 PST
Boneless Buffalo Wings
Boneless Buffalo Wings - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaddieJ3 Wings are one of my FAVORITE game time snacks! These Boneless Buffalo Wings are perfect to satisfy my game-day cravings. When I have to bring something to a party, I prep these guys up ahead of time and warm them when I get there! They are really simple to make! The best part is they are made with 1...
By: MaddieJ3

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Sat, 16 Jan 2016 17:28:10 PST
Thai Meatballs
Thai Meatballs - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong These meatballs are awesome. Vinegary, spicy, and a tad sweet. Spices 5 bunches of fresh coriander leaves, chopped2 green onions, chopped2 tbsp store-bought minced garlic1 tsp lime juice + 1 strip of dried orange peel (you can subs both with grated peel of 1 big lemon)1-2 tsp ground black pepper1...
By: klinong

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Thu, 14 Jan 2016 08:59:53 PST
Bang Bang (Rock) Shrimp
Bang Bang (Rock) Shrimp - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaddieJ3 These gently fried shrimp are coated with a creamy, sweet sauce with a touch of spice! I had them at a restaurant once and fell in love! This is my take (copycat) on "Bang Bang" aka "Rock" Shrimp. Trust me, you won't know the difference! These shrimp are a great appetizer served in a fancy martini g...
By: MaddieJ3

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Thu, 7 Jan 2016 19:00:43 PST
Meatless Flavorful and Spicy Pumpkin Stew
Meatless Flavorful and Spicy Pumpkin Stew - More DIY How To Projects]]> SourourD I love pumpkin stew, it's the best recipe to make with pumpkin especially with particular spices :) Assemble all ingredients before starting to cook : + 6 wedges of pumpkins + 2 carrots + 2 red chili peppers + 1 tin of shopped tomatoes ( 400g ) + 1 cup of frozen peas + 1onion + 1 / 2 cup of dried fa...
By: SourourD

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Wed, 30 Dec 2015 08:04:02 PST
Spiced Apple Cider
Spiced Apple Cider - More DIY How To Projects]]> Marishas Couture Most of us can agree that apple cider is a seasonal and holiday favorite. Well this recipe, is right up there with the five star orchard ciders. It's rich, flavorful and purely heavenly. So give it a shot, and let me know how it goes. Click above to watch the tutorialPS- It's also great to cook with...
By: Marishas Couture

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Thu, 24 Dec 2015 23:44:33 PST
Thai Fish Soup
Thai Fish Soup - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong Another great soup for winter, if you like seafood that is. Ingredients and Method 4 c fish stock4 lemon grass3 limes2 red bird chilies, seeded and thinly sliced2 cm fresh galangal (or frozen is fine as well, thawed. If you cannot find fresh or frozen, dried is fine too!)about 6 cilantro2 kaffir ...
By: klinong

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Sun, 29 Nov 2015 10:11:06 PST
Maple Bourbon Chai Toddy
Maple Bourbon Chai Toddy - More DIY How To Projects]]> Paige Russell A hot toddy is hands down one of the best weapons against a cold winter night. Add the warming qualities of chai spices and you have the drink equivalent of a down quilt. The spices in the chai tea used as a base for this drink are scientifically warming, just adding to the toddy's cold fighting su...
By: Paige Russell

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Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:12:38 PST
Roasted Salsa Verde
Roasted Salsa Verde - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaddieJ3 This is the PERFECT salsa! It's amazing warm and great chilled. Oh, and it has sooo many uses! It's great with taquitos, tortilla chips, pita chips, enchiladas, tamales, rice, the possibilities are truly endless! It has the perfect amount of spice to form a party in your mouth with every bite! Best ...
By: MaddieJ3

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Fri, 20 Nov 2015 19:42:08 PST
Atomic Mac'N'Cheese Bites
Atomic Mac'N'Cheese Bites - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaddieJ3 Atomic Mac'N'Cheese Bites are the prefect football snack! They are also great as a party appetizer for heat craving friends and family, or a great snack if your feeling rather spicy! These comfort food poppers are creamy, cheesy, and perfectly spiced to heat up any atmosphere. Did I mention they sup...
By: MaddieJ3

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Fri, 13 Nov 2015 18:58:36 PST
Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - More DIY How To Projects]]> backenforth Just finished carving your Halloween jack-o-lantern and want to make use of the rest of the pumpkin? Seeking a healthier alternative to snacking on potato chips? Here's a quick and simple recipe for spicy roasted pumpkin seeds. Ingredients To prepare the spicy roasted pumpkin seeds, you will need...
By: backenforth

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Sun, 8 Nov 2015 17:16:34 PST
Pickled Hot Peppers
Pickled Hot Peppers - More DIY How To Projects]]> bobcatsteph3 These are some zesty tasty peppers! They can be used in so many ways to give a dish a pop of heat; simple nachos, pasta dishes, chili, sloppy joes, almost any Mexican/Tex-Mex dish, use your imagination!The beauty of this recipe, from Better Homes and Gardens book Can It! is that you can make these p...
By: bobcatsteph3

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Fri, 30 Oct 2015 15:49:16 PDT
Candied Jalapenos
Candied Jalapenos - More DIY How To Projects]]> Not_Tasha Over the weekend my husband, some friends of ours and I were in a cheese shop in Salem, MA when I saw a bag of chocolate covered jalapenos. Thinking this sounded like an interesting combination, I was going to buy the snack chip sized bag until I saw the price tag---$7.50. I've mentioned before in o...
By: Not_Tasha

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Mon, 26 Oct 2015 18:10:35 PDT
Peanut Satay Ramen
Peanut Satay Ramen - More DIY How To Projects]]> Not_Tasha Even though I'm a married adult I still keep Ramen in the house. As a teacher, there are days that when I come home, I either have no idea what to make for dinner or I don't want to cook at all. This is where Ramen saves me. In college, I was well equipped to make many dorm masterpieces. I had a min...
By: Not_Tasha

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Mon, 19 Oct 2015 16:19:05 PDT
Traditional Serbian Ajvar
Traditional Serbian Ajvar - More DIY How To Projects]]> Nemanja Jovanovic There's nothing like a taste of an exotic yet homemade cuisine! This is my first project on Instructables and I am going to try to demonstrate how to make a traditional Serbian preservable delicacy called ajvar (pronounced I-varr)!Most people prepare their peppers in the oven or on a tin plane but ...
By: Nemanja Jovanovic

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Wed, 30 Sep 2015 13:25:34 PDT
Spicy Rice-Lentil Cake
Spicy Rice-Lentil Cake - More DIY How To Projects]]> ashish1405 To start for, this will be my first Instructable, so apologies if it is not upto the mark. Today I'm going to show you how to m(b)ake a Spicy Rice-Lentil Cake (Handvo), very well know item from where I come. But have done few alterations to make it more tasty. Ingredients: For the Batter: 1 Cup ...
By: ashish1405

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Wed, 16 Sep 2015 09:37:10 PDT
Spicy Arugula Pesto
Spicy Arugula Pesto - More DIY How To Projects]]> kelleymarie A quick and easy arugula pesto to complement the traditional basil pesto of summer. Arugula adds a unique and welcome bite to pesto, the perfect addition to a fresh pasta, pizza or spread on a sandwich. Abundant in the spring, or early fall (depending on where you live), pesto is a great way to use ...
By: kelleymarie

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Fri, 11 Sep 2015 08:17:27 PDT
Sriracha Fridge Pickles
Sriracha Fridge Pickles - More DIY How To Projects]]> Not_Tasha Pickles are awesome. One of my besties loves pickles so much she dressed up as one for Halloween last year. For the last two years we've tried growing pickling cucumbers in our school garden with the purpose of learning to pickle cucumbers with our students, as well as learning more about pickling. ...
By: Not_Tasha

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Thu, 10 Sep 2015 15:42:06 PDT
Spicy Peach Microwave Jam
Spicy Peach Microwave Jam - More DIY How To Projects]]> Not_Tasha Making jam doesn't have to be hard and after some research on alternative methods that don't involve boiling jars, I learned that you can make jam in the microwave. This recipe is a play off of Trader Joe's Spicy Peach Salsa, which used to be one of my favorite salsas. I also eat a lot of red pepper...
By: Not_Tasha

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Wed, 9 Sep 2015 17:30:38 PDT
Indonesian Mini Sweet Buns (Roti Unyil)
Indonesian Mini Sweet Buns (Roti Unyil) - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong These mini buns are normally weighed at 10 grams each before filled and baked, thus they are called "unyil", smaller than minis. However, for this instruct-able, weighed them for 20-30 grams each before filled and baked.Fillings are various from chocolate, meat floss, chicken, sweet corn, milk, cust...
By: klinong

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Wed, 9 Sep 2015 12:59:14 PDT
Devilled Chicken (Spicy Chicken Satay)
Devilled Chicken (Spicy Chicken Satay) - More DIY How To Projects]]> klinong If you like grilled meat, if you like spicy foods, try this one! (This satay can be done over broiler grill, bbq, or over hot ember of charcoal). Ingredients and Method 1/2 c cooking oil preferably olive oil1 lemon, grate the rind and squeeze for the juice1 tbsp mince garlic (store bought)2 tsp d...
By: klinong

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Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:54:59 PDT
SPICY GARLIC EGGPLANT WITH SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS (Yǔ Xiānggū Yú Xiāng Qiézi) - More DIY How To Projects]]> THE GOURMET GRANDPA This recipe was supposed to be called "Chinese Spicy Garlic Eggplant With Shiitake Mushrooms," but I could not find Chinese Eggplants anywhere. I substituted Baby Eggplants from the Garden State of New Jersey (my home state; we used to grow eggplants there), but somehow "New Jersey Spicy Garlic Eg...

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Wed, 26 Aug 2015 19:18:52 PDT
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Thai Green Chicken Curry - More DIY How To Projects]]> marthahunt This is quick, easy and very tasty. Quicker and cheaper than getting a takeaway delivered.It is well worth keeping lemon grass, lime leaves, and chopped coriander in your freezer - these ingredients will really lift the flavour of a curry made from a ready-prepared paste. These are obtainable from l...
By: marthahunt

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Wed, 26 Aug 2015 12:43:35 PDT
Yum Kimchi!
Yum Kimchi! - More DIY How To Projects]]> moon_goose I started making Kimchi a couple years ago. Since then I like to make it to eat with everything. Its really fun because you can modify it however you like and it turns out pretty great! Sometimes I add a ghost pepper to make a spicy batch. This instructable is for how to make a batch of kimchi at ho...
By: moon_goose

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Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:42:16 PDT
Zesty Hot Salsa
Zesty Hot Salsa - More DIY How To Projects]]> fastrunner08 This is a good receipt for a very colorful full of flavor hot salsa. It uses many easily obtainable fresh items from the garden to make. Preparing the Tomato Base For this salsa you want to have about 20 whole tomatoes peeled and cored. 1/4 of them should be run through a sauce master with a ...
By: fastrunner08

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Sun, 23 Aug 2015 20:58:58 PDT
How To Make Spicy Roasted Chickpeas
How To Make Spicy Roasted Chickpeas - More DIY How To Projects]]> thevegetarianbaker Check out the printable recipe here: Roasted Chickpeas are the perfect snack for times when you are on the go and an amazing healthy alternative to the fatty potato chips. These may be a bit spicy if you have a low tolerance to spicy foods,...
By: thevegetarianbaker

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Tue, 18 Aug 2015 11:37:52 PDT
Balsamic Chilli Sweet Potato Fries
Balsamic Chilli Sweet Potato Fries - More DIY How To Projects]]> killerjackalope These are tasty, excessively so...I've been using the same treatment for normal chips for some time now and it works really nicely. However I've been trying to get sweet potato fries right. I hadn't had a go at my standard, I should have. Preheat the oven for 200cThe ingredients: Sweet potatoes (as ...
By: killerjackalope

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Wed, 22 Jul 2015 11:04:08 PDT
Intro to Ethiopian Food & DIY Injera
Intro to Ethiopian Food & DIY Injera - More DIY How To Projects]]> lmnopeas My husband introduced me to Ethiopian cuisine almost seven years ago, and I was an instant fan. Ethiopian food is rich in spices, the most common being a blend called Berbere (pronounced " ber-beray"), a mixture which includes ginger, garlic, fiery red chile, salt, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, black p...
By: lmnopeas

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Thu, 29 Mar 2012 10:52:11 PDT
Boneless Stuffed Spicy Chicken Wings
Boneless Stuffed Spicy Chicken Wings - More DIY How To Projects]]> 1018 Who doesn’t love a crispy delicious chicken wing! Chicken wings are one of America’s most popular foods for good reasons. They’re crispy, spicy, and fun to eat! Inspired by the awesome Asian flavored wings at Pok Pok in Portland and MọPHọ in New Orleans, this is an Instructable for a chicken wing wi...
By: 1018

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Mon, 22 Jun 2015 19:19:18 PDT
Whole Grain Chipotle-Adobo Noodles
Whole Grain Chipotle-Adobo Noodles - More DIY How To Projects]]> loydb Since I began milling my own flour, I'm enjoying experimenting with all sorts of strange additions. These came out with a pleasant spicy flavor, but no significant heat (Disclaimer: I'm from Texas). Milling the Grain Start with a 10 oz mix of wheat of your choice (or even a single kind if you do...
By: loydb

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Sun, 21 Jun 2015 20:06:41 PDT
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno and Cheese Chicken Rolls
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno and Cheese Chicken Rolls - More DIY How To Projects]]> crapsoup Jalapeno poppers and lemon chicken rolled into one. Time for the fiesta! Things You Will Need Note: This recipe should make 10 rolls2 Pounds Ground Chicken Breast10 Strips of bacon8oz Block of cheese (I used Pepper Jack)5 large Jalapenos (the fatter, the better)1 tsp Salt2 tsp Pepper1 TBSP Lemon ...
By: crapsoup

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Tue, 9 Jun 2015 09:31:08 PDT
Michelada Recipe
Michelada Recipe - More DIY How To Projects]]> Paige Russell The Michelada, a classic Mexican drink is the perfect cocktail for hot summer fun. And by hot, I mean spicy. This drink is an amazing combination of refreshing and a kick in the pants for your taste buds. Of course I'll show you how to adjust the heat to suit your comfort level, but it is meant to ...
By: Paige Russell

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Wed, 27 May 2015 10:52:06 PDT
Bacon Cheese Chili
Bacon Cheese Chili - More DIY How To Projects]]> crapsoup Spice up any barbeque with a side of cheesy bacon filled Heaven! Things You Will Need Ingredients:1 15oz Can of pinto beans1 15oz Can of kidney beans1/2 Package of bacon (1/4 pound)1 16oz Block of pepper jack cheese 1/2 Cup Diced onion1/3 Cup Chopped green onion1/3 Cup Minced garlic1/3 Cup Diced ...
By: crapsoup

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Sun, 24 May 2015 20:06:58 PDT
Chilli con carne
Chilli con carne - More DIY How To Projects]]> FJYE This wonderfully cheap and tasty dish couldn't be easier to make and is the perfect classic dish to have for dinner. Comprised of Onions, Mince, beans and some tomatoes it is perfect to throw on the gas and leave for 40 mins whist you do more important things. I have decided to be generous with the ...

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Sun, 10 May 2015 18:49:03 PDT
Homemade Beef Jerky
Homemade Beef Jerky - More DIY How To Projects]]> zymurgeneticist Beef jerky is one of those savory delicious snacks that's easy to make at home and, when you win an excellent food dehydrator from Instructables' Gardening Contest, there's no excuse not to! Not only is homemade beef jerky a delicious snack, it's about as "paleo" as you can get and it can be made to...
By: zymurgeneticist

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Mon, 4 May 2015 19:58:33 PDT
Snake Snacks - The Cheesy Snack that Bites Back
Snake Snacks - The Cheesy Snack that Bites Back - More DIY How To Projects]]> TheCoffeeDude We often have horror movie nights on the weekends, and when we do, we like to have snacks that go with the theme. One of our favorites is Snake Crackers. These snake snacks are cheese crackers brushed with Chamoy, a tangy sauce from Mexican Cuisine, that has a tangy bite that everyone enjoys.What yo...
By: TheCoffeeDude

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Wed, 15 Apr 2015 13:33:33 PDT
Jamaican Beef Patties
Jamaican Beef Patties - More DIY How To Projects]]> karalalala Jamaican patties are one of my favourite snacks. They are like handy, portable little soup pockets of curry pie goodness. They can be a quick, cheap bite to eat on the run or they can become a meal when tucked inside a butterflap and dipped in oxtail gravy. Oh man. They warm you up when it's cold ou...
By: karalalala

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Wed, 15 Apr 2015 13:05:34 PDT
Wasabi Macarons April Fool's Prank | Josh Pan
Wasabi Macarons April Fool's Prank | Josh Pan - More DIY How To Projects]]> joshpancooking That time of year is coming again! Tomorrow is the first day of April, a.k.a. April Fool's Day. This is the day when you can do whatever you want to your parents, siblings, friends, and family and get away with it. This year, I've decided to stem away from the traditional household pranks and pull s...
By: joshpancooking

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Tue, 31 Mar 2015 19:27:28 PDT
Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme - Copycat Recipe
Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme - Copycat Recipe - More DIY How To Projects]]> tomatoskins As a college student, fast food is my Achilles heel. When I'm cramming for a test or staying up all night writing a research paper, Taco Bell has been one of my best friends. Wanting to start saving money and eat healthier, this Crunchwrap Supreme copycat recipe was born. Cook Ground Beef Ingredi...
By: tomatoskins

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Mon, 9 Mar 2015 11:14:48 PDT
Blackened Chicken
Blackened Chicken - More DIY How To Projects]]> Straklin I love Cajun and Creole food. Jambalaya, gumbo, etouffees, and blackened dishes are all tasty, spicy goodness. Blackened chicken is a great and easy dish to make. Here I will show you how to make this tasty Cajun dish. It's great on a bun as a sandwich, or as a main course. I made this for my wife a...
By: Straklin

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Wed, 18 Feb 2015 10:26:37 PST
Krampus Brownies
Krampus Brownies - More DIY How To Projects]]> MsSweetSatisfaction Krampus is Santa Claus's nastier half, depending on interpretation of folklore. He is a horned, goat hoofed, creature who takes the bad children away on Christmas night, leaving a lump coal behind, and then proceeds to either beat/whip or eat the bad children. Again this all depends on who to inte...
By: MsSweetSatisfaction

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Mon, 22 Dec 2014 06:04:44 PST
Thai Chillies - pickled
Thai Chillies - pickled - More DIY How To Projects]]> yonygg Where I live the crop season for the Tahi chillies I grow is very fast. before you know it they overripe and dry out on the Bush. So here is how I preserve them so I could enjoy them all year round. basically this method is very simple and will work with any other kind of Chillie pepper. Clean yo...
By: yonygg

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Fri, 10 Oct 2014 23:45:12 PDT
Blackened Hot Savce
Blackened Hot Savce - More DIY How To Projects]]> KVLT This Hot sauce is pretty mild and has a smoky flavor imparted to it by the Morita Chiles (smoked jalapeños). I trade these salsas with likeminded friends and other hot sauce heads. Some of my contacts are in New Jersey and we send 4oz jars of our creations back and forth across the country.Enjoy! ...

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Sat, 11 Oct 2014 11:42:55 PDT
Hot Pepper Preservation
Hot Pepper Preservation - More DIY How To Projects]]> Steamcrunk I grew way too many peppers! Must. Preserve.I realize this is a very basic Instructables, but many people are unfamiliar with food dehydrating, so this is a very basic lesson in operating one for preserving your garden harvest. I like to save hot peppers from my garden each year to use in a variet...
By: Steamcrunk

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Mon, 8 Sep 2014 13:30:56 PDT
Awesome Sauce (for all food)
Awesome Sauce (for all food) - More DIY How To Projects]]> MooMeat42 Want to make everything more savory? How's that food from the school cafeteria; causing depression and diarrhea at the same time, no doubt. I just invented a sauce that complements every food group and makes it taste amazing. This recipe is enough for 1 steak, 1 chicken breast, 1 large bowl of salad...
By: MooMeat42

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Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:51:15 PDT
Spicy Tangy Tomato Chutney
Spicy Tangy Tomato Chutney - More DIY How To Projects]]> deepta This is a very versatile vegetarian side dish, with just simple ingredients. If you feel like you are going to be killed by the tomato plant in your backyard this might save you a little! because 8 roma tomatoes yielded 5 oz of this, which i thought was cool. Never had a chance to experiment its fri...
By: deepta

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Mon, 18 Aug 2014 08:51:05 PDT
Spicy Chili Beef and Cheese Pie
Spicy Chili Beef and Cheese Pie - More DIY How To Projects]]> Everythingbutfish Things You’ll Need2 Pie CrustGround Beef (Lean)Olive OilChopped GarlicQuartered Brown OnionsSliced Jalapeno PeppersTomato Sauce(8oz can)FlourButterFat Free MilkShaved Mild Cheddar Cheese2 Large EggsSour CreamBrown SugarSpices (Chili powder, Paprika, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powde...
By: Everythingbutfish

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Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:42:15 PDT
Souper Simple Chicken Tortilla Soup
Souper Simple Chicken Tortilla Soup - More DIY How To Projects]]> colemishler This is a recipe that my mother used to make all the time. It's super simple and is a great remedy for a sore throat or cold.Ingredients: 2 boneless chicken breasts 2 Tbs. of butter 2 cloves of garlic, minced 2 jalapenos 1 medium sized onion 1 can (14.5 oz.) of black beans, rinsed and drained 1 can...
By: colemishler

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Tue, 22 Jul 2014 10:54:02 PDT
Avo's Portuguese Omelette
Avo's Portuguese Omelette - More DIY How To Projects]]> MikeyWalnuts One of my favorite comfort meals from my childhood has to be one of my Avo's (grandmother's) Portuguese Omelettes. My grandmother would make me these for breakfast, sometimes for lunch (served up in a portuguese roll called a papo seco) and even occasionally for dinner. It's one of the easiest meals...
By: MikeyWalnuts

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Mon, 7 Jul 2014 19:58:00 PDT