Instructables: exploring - living - halloween - cheap Thu, 18 Sep 2014 22:51:51 PDT BLOX v1.01 Tide Pods Pumpkin Hack
Tide Pods Pumpkin Hack - More DIY How To Projects]]> oklahomafire Turn a Tide pods container into a Pumpkin! Items to get Tide Pods container Black permanent marker 50-100 strand of Christmas Lights Mr. Clean Eraser Small tent stake Video Remove Stickers Remove lid, discard Remove the stickers on the Pods container.  Best way is to soak them in water...
By: oklahomafire

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Thu, 31 Oct 2013 10:23:26 PDT
Dollar Store Skull Strobe Light
Dollar Store Skull Strobe Light - More DIY How To Projects]]> M3G I was wandering around the dollar store trying to find cool last-minute decorations for Halloween when I saw a cool plastic skull. As I left the Halloween aisle I spotted a bunch of cheap LED headlamps and flashlights. Suddenly, I had an idea; I looked down at the skull and saw how well let the ligh...
By: M3G

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Mon, 28 Oct 2013 20:36:13 PDT
Cheap, quick and easy wicked witch Halloween costume
Cheap, quick and easy wicked witch Halloween costume - More DIY How To Projects]]> Barry Neeson Been caught short this Halloween? No money to make a costume? Well worry no more you shall go to the Halloween ball! In this instructable i will show you how to make a cheap and easy wicked witch costume using materials you can easily acquire and the whole costume can be made in under an hour if ...
By: Barry Neeson

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Sun, 27 Oct 2013 05:12:01 PDT
Super Easy, Super Creepy Walk-Through Spider Webs
Super Easy, Super Creepy Walk-Through Spider Webs - More DIY How To Projects]]> gjɐɹoƨ For many people nothing creates the effect of chills running down your back more than walking through a silky spiderweb and having it tickle across your face.  This year I decided to add a bit of 'ambiance' for visitors to our house by making them experience that spine tingling feeling as they appro...
By: gjɐɹoƨ

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Wed, 23 Oct 2013 11:25:19 PDT
Halloween Decor for Under $3.00 matersgurl  I love Halloween and everything related to it, however the season can do a unwanted drain on the pocketbook if your not careful. Dollar stores are a great alternative, but sometimes the items can be a little bit cookie cutter. Here's a spin on 2 dollar store items that took me less than 5 mins, and...
By: matersgurl

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Wed, 16 Oct 2013 01:12:19 PDT
Creepy Halloween Dead Master skull! Sabsta 2nd video on how to make the dead master skull. Now that Halloween is near, stores where I live are selling cheap plastic skulls. So I decided to buy one for the Dead Master cosplay! This cost me around $10 to make as the only thing I bought was the skull. The materials needed are as follows; Skull...
By: Sabsta

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Sun, 13 Oct 2013 00:03:51 PDT
DIY Halloween Penolopy Bulnick Here you can find the up-to-date collection of all our Halloween Collections on the site. You can find Costumes of all kinds, Food, Decorations, Pumpkins, and even just crafts to do during Halloween-time. October 1st, 2013. null null null null null null null null nu...
By: Penolopy Bulnick

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Mon, 30 Sep 2013 15:27:39 PDT
Dollar Store Pumpkin
Dollar Store Pumpkin - More DIY How To Projects]]> monterreymachito Why pay exorbitant prices for kitschy Halloween decorations when you can make your own cheaply and quickly? This instructable will show how to make a simple Jack O' Lantern using materials only available at Dollar Stores. We'll start with this basic design and explore further in other Instructable...
By: monterreymachito

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Sun, 29 Sep 2013 15:21:07 PDT
Create a Harley Quinn Hammer on the Cheap!
Create a Harley Quinn Hammer on the Cheap! - More DIY How To Projects]]> midsummermuse Intro and Materials: Who doesn't love Harley Quinn and her Puddin’? I set out to make a cool looking themed weapon prop for my Harley Quinn costume this year, and I always like doing things crafty and on a budget. I thought, I could make that! (Something like what she uses here, for example.) I spe...
By: midsummermuse

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Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:40:16 PDT
LED Strobe Pumpkin Decoration for Halloween for only $3
LED Strobe Pumpkin Decoration for Halloween for only $3 - More DIY How To Projects]]> powerman666 Go down to the Dollar General and buy 3 things A Carvable Pumpkin An LED Strobe Light and AA bateries Carve it Now cut the top open enough to fit the LED strobe light into the pumpkin. You can even carve a face into it if you want. I didn't carve a face into mine yet because I liked the way it ...
By: powerman666

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Sat, 8 Sep 2012 19:43:33 PDT
How to make fake intestines! T3N31 In our First Episode Sonya and Caid  show you how to make fake intestines! 
By: T3N31

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Tue, 27 Dec 2011 18:04:06 PST
How to do the Zipper Face costume iamkeebler Yes, I'm trying to lick it. When I say this is cheap and easy... really I mean it! All you need is:   A Zipper Spirit Gum Spirit Gum Remover (you'll want that later) Toilet Paper (The thinner the better) Red Face Paint Dark Eyeliner Gel Blood I think I spent about $12 for the ...
By: iamkeebler

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Tue, 1 Nov 2011 20:42:23 PDT
Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin Little Mom on the Prairie My daughter and I made a few chalkboard pumpkins from craft pumpkins. Use them to count down the days til Halloween, or draw a different jack-o-lantern face every day of October! Materials: Craft pumpkin chalkboard paint paint brush chalk 1. Wipe down the pumpkin to remove and dust or dirt. 2. Pa...
By: Little Mom on the Prairie

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Sun, 30 Oct 2011 17:58:37 PDT
simple eye catching easy halloween decoration eaolsen Do you want a simple cheap Halloween decoration,. What you will need; -Styrofoam ball from dollar store -Gumball eyeballs from Walmart -Hot glue Simple; Glue gumballs on to Styrofoam ball.
By: eaolsen

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Thu, 27 Oct 2011 20:21:24 PDT
Cheap Elegant Halloween Decoration logannebell Every year I dry Chinese Lanterns for Halloween. I cut the stem off and insert an led night. Looks amazing outside for Halloween. I place them around everywhere. All you need: 1. Chinese Lantern plant 2. Led light. If you didn't grow any this year, look around at neighbors houses and see if you can...
By: logannebell

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Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:35:43 PDT
Cheap Easy Halloween Decor logannebell I love Halloween, but who has money to spend on decor. This my idea for cheap modern easy decoration. What you will need: 1. foamballs found at any dollar store 2. Candy - I used candy corn but you can use anything. The gumballs with one eye look cool 3. Plastic spider 4. Glue Gun Step 1. Glue gun c...
By: logannebell

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Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:35:42 PDT
Easy Halloween Basket Decoration
Easy Halloween Basket Decoration - More DIY How To Projects]]> Neon Panda I'm super excited about this project- And I think it turned out really well in the end! These Halloween Baskets are great decorations, or for substitute "Goody Bags" at a kids party. (They could even decorate the baskets as part of the party- too!) They are also good just as decorations or props. ...
By: Neon Panda

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Fri, 14 Oct 2011 07:42:00 PDT
Ghosts, easy Halloween
Ghosts, easy Halloween - More DIY How To Projects]]> Obediah i saw these at Micheal's for $4 and figured I could make them at home for free, and Halloween decor should be free or close to it.  Almost too easy to publish, but a nice simple project to liven up the holidays.  Easy for kids.  what you need White sheet. Cardboard, preferably thick, double corr...
By: Obediah

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Tue, 11 Oct 2011 00:06:11 PDT
Zombie Halloween Banner CarlieBoos Very simple, very cheap!  It's just a plain plastic table cloth.  I threw on some rubber gloves and spray painted my palm white, then dragged it over the table cloth.  If you spray a lot in your palm and flick it at the table cloth, it looks like blood spatter.  I made three of these, it took about ...
By: CarlieBoos

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Mon, 10 Oct 2011 16:04:59 PDT
Simple Samus helmet
Simple Samus helmet - More DIY How To Projects]]> astrobug Go ahead, call it boxy if you want, but I prefer "8-bit", or even "Retro".  Materials To build the helmet, you will need: -Two cardboard boxes that are roughly the same size -Some transparent green plastic.  (I used a file thingy, but a sandwich bag and a green sharpie would work in a pinch...
By: astrobug

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Sun, 13 Mar 2011 20:09:05 PDT
Gelatin wounds.
Gelatin wounds. - More DIY How To Projects]]> feralucce This is a basic tutorial on how to create semi-realistic wounds for film use or halloween using only things you can find at wal-mart or a similar store. This wound can be applied to any part of the body, but like any appliance may start to peel with excessive movement. It can be reapplied with duo ...
By: feralucce

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Thu, 18 Nov 2010 20:58:30 PST
Super Last Minute Trick-or-Treat House AngryRedhead Around 11:30 AM on Halloween, I decided to decorate and hand out candy.  At 7 PM, I had finished with only purchasing electric tea lights and candy.  It was quite the rush to gather materials, paint, hang, cut, clip, stretch, etc., but it got done using a lot of stuff I had around the house.  A lot ...
By: AngryRedhead

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Mon, 1 Nov 2010 08:54:51 PDT
Fleshy Hat
Fleshy Hat - More DIY How To Projects]]> gedion4000 List of Materials: Paper Bag Hot glue gun cereal box or two thin cotton fabric brown and black latex craft paint brushes In my first instructable, I will show how I made a creepy, fleshy-looking pint sized hat using card stock from a cereal box and liquid latex, among other things for m...
By: gedion4000

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Wed, 27 Oct 2010 09:40:20 PDT
Easy-Peasy (and cheap!) Ghost Pinata
Easy-Peasy (and cheap!) Ghost Pinata - More DIY How To Projects]]> kb1012 This instructable will show you how to make a very simple, very cheap ghost pinata using items either already on hand, or items purchased from the dollar variety shops. This is a basic ghost, but you can certainly invest more time and supplies into something more elaborate.  Let's get started, shal...
By: kb1012

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Sun, 24 Oct 2010 12:44:53 PDT
Sedrick the Spider with movable joints, Cheap,easy and child friendly!!
Sedrick the Spider with movable joints, Cheap,easy and child friendly!! - More DIY How To Projects]]> gothgaluk Well Halloween is just around the corner and it is once again time to put up all things ghouly. But you do not have to break the bank to give your house the wow factor! This is a fun halloween ornament that children and adults alike can make, a fun family activity!!   My son is hosting a halloween/b...
By: gothgaluk

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Sat, 23 Oct 2010 15:44:27 PDT
Velociraptor Statue and T-Rex Head alexthemoviegeek This is a full-size Velociraptor statue (modeled after the Jurassic Park version) I made mostly out of foam boards, plaster strips, and spray paint. I had first made a T-rex head with a similar method. It was with this rex head that I began to experiment and refine how to make statues like this. Th...
By: alexthemoviegeek

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Mon, 11 Oct 2010 11:29:06 PDT
Life-Size Alien Queen Statue from Aliens
Life-Size Alien Queen Statue from Aliens - More DIY How To Projects]]> alexthemoviegeek Before I made the Power Loader (, I made an Alien Queen. Full sized was the only way to go. This Instructable will show how I made her, cheaply and quickly. Inspiration and Goals At one point or another, I remember havi...
By: alexthemoviegeek

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Sun, 12 Sep 2010 14:26:23 PDT
The Zepto-52 EM necropolian The Zepto-52 EM is a flashlight. A big one. Really, a big one. The name is formed by: -'Zepto',  the SI-prefix for 10 to the power of -21-52, my favorite number-EM, which are my initials, or which stands for 'Enlightment Module'This is simply my flashlight, made from an old telescope, and a pen-size...
By: necropolian

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Wed, 21 Oct 2009 11:42:27 PDT
FREE Wound FX at Home- Last minute laceration
FREE Wound FX at Home- Last minute laceration - More DIY How To Projects]]> Lftndbt This I'ble will show you how to create wound FX, at home on the cheap. With only a few items from around the average home, we shall try to accomplish some authentic looking last minute effects for our Halloween ensemble.This was created in under 45min, done 1 handed obviously. That includes picture ...
By: Lftndbt

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Sun, 18 Oct 2009 18:13:00 PDT
How to Make a Superman Costume giannyl Learn how to make a superman costume without spending too much.
By: giannyl

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Wed, 7 Oct 2009 14:55:23 PDT
Flintstones - Betty Rubble Costume From a T-Shirt giannyl Here is an easy way to turn a t-shirt into a Betty Rubble Costume!
By: giannyl

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Mon, 5 Oct 2009 06:17:03 PDT
Make Your Own: Pen-cap Eraser Action Figures!
Make Your Own: Pen-cap Eraser Action Figures! - More DIY How To Projects]]> 007dna Are you bored with those boring, old, plastic action figures? I have the solution! Erasers! They can be used for many different things, including action figures, complete with cape! Let's take a look. What You Will Need You will need:1. Assorted pen cap erasers2. A pen3. Tape4. Paper5. Colored ma...
By: 007dna

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Sat, 26 Sep 2009 21:25:22 PDT
How to be a Flasher for dirt cheat and offend almost nobody!!?!?!
How to be a Flasher for dirt cheat and offend almost nobody!!?!?! - More DIY How To Projects]]> ronchi This was my Halloween costume last year and won first prize in a costume contest. Note this is the only photo that I have for this instructable because I put this together last halloween and did not expect to publish an instructable on this so I don't have any pictures on the process.... Supplies...
By: ronchi

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Thu, 3 Sep 2009 15:20:45 PDT
How to make a Cardboard AK-47
How to make a Cardboard AK-47 - More DIY How To Projects]]> CVJX Nowadays, there are many people who are against gun violence. They say that guns are bad and always have a negative effect on a person who has been exposed to guns. But what they are talking about is crap. If you own a gun you should be responsible for it and anyway, a lot of gun mishaps happen beca...

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Mon, 15 Dec 2008 02:54:06 PST
airsoft rocket launcher
airsoft rocket launcher - More DIY How To Projects]]> wazupdoc this is an instructable about how to make a airsoft rocket launcher. I hope to add a video soon. (don't make fun this is my first instructable.) the rocket will go 50 feet. you can use a ball that fits or something else but the rocket goes farer then the rest.(the tennis balls do not go that far onl...
By: wazupdoc

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Tue, 4 Nov 2008 15:53:09 PST
Halloween Decor Inspiration Very Keri *Updated for 2009* I ditched the tinsel and confetti and added an assortment of spray painted and glittered skulls (another Martha project) mixed with polka dots. My favorite project this year was the simple, paper book covers because my husband and I had fun coming up with the book titles and choos...
By: Very Keri

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Sun, 2 Nov 2008 03:58:19 PST
How to Make the Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade
How to Make the Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade - More DIY How To Projects]]> inept Ever since I first played this game, I've wanted one of those sick hidden blades like Altair has. Well, in this Instructable, I'm going to show you all how to make one for next to nothing. Here's a look at a very detailed drawing of the one from the game:
By: inept

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Fri, 31 Oct 2008 18:56:15 PDT
Make a super-cheap Halloween yard display
Make a super-cheap Halloween yard display - More DIY How To Projects]]> carpespasm I've just moved into a new house with a couple friends in the past couple weeks, and with all hallow's eve coming up in the next few days I thought I'd share my quick and surprisingly nice looking yard display. The biggest key is using materials that are either cheap or easy to come by for free. At ...
By: carpespasm

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Wed, 29 Oct 2008 20:00:33 PDT
Steampunk / Cyberpunk Time Device On The Cheap
Steampunk / Cyberpunk Time Device On The Cheap - More DIY How To Projects]]> KentsOkay The reasons for building a time device (an all-in-one phase generator, time and space warp device, teleport, compass, etc...) are many. Perhaps you plan to party in 1929, or you need a great accessory for your Time Agent outfit. Or maybe you gotta get back to your real time in the future. Anyways, h...
By: KentsOkay

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Mon, 27 Oct 2008 07:27:34 PDT
Spooky, Scary, Haunted Halloween gourd
Spooky, Scary, Haunted Halloween gourd - More DIY How To Projects]]> Papai Make your own ghostly project with just a gourd and some paint. Simple yet scary! Muhuhahaha! Find an appropriate gourd for your project. To make this creepy craft, you need a gourd and some acrylic paint. Now, finding the perfect gourd can be very challenging. Often you won't find the gourd with...
By: Papai

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Fri, 17 Oct 2008 02:58:34 PDT
How to Make a Feather Quill (2 ways)
How to Make a Feather Quill (2 ways) - More DIY How To Projects]]> DainiusGB Dont worry this does have to do with halloween! This could be a great prop If you needed to do some writing at a haunted house or halloween party !Here are two simple ways to make a fake and real feather quill or pen. These can be used in a witch or wizard costume, if you are doing some sort of big...
By: DainiusGB

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Tue, 14 Oct 2008 11:10:27 PDT
Halloween Inflatable with a Computer Fan
Halloween Inflatable with a Computer Fan - More DIY How To Projects]]> 6monkeyRS Do you have an old computer sitting around? Do you have trash bags? Do you have leaves bags for Halloween? Do you have some Scotch tape? Your computer may have a fan in it which you can use to inflate a prop of your design. The purpose of this instructable is to help guide you to make the basics. A...
By: 6monkeyRS

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Sun, 12 Oct 2008 08:20:31 PDT
Pumpkin Head Halloween Costume
Pumpkin Head Halloween Costume - More DIY How To Projects]]> msraynsford Halloween may still be a long way off this year (31st of October same as every year) but thanks to some confusion on my part I thought that was 6 weeks away instead of 10. I had some discussion with my wife about what her costume would be this year, we came up with the idea of a pumpkin head. I got...
By: msraynsford

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Mon, 25 Aug 2008 15:49:12 PDT
How to do Burn Makeup
How to do Burn Makeup - More DIY How To Projects]]> inept This is my first Instructable, so bear with me. I'm going to show you all how to do some awesome make up that looks like you got your face burnt. It's pretty easy and pretty cheap.Please rate! It helps me to know how I'm doing/should improve! Supplies Here's what you'll need:Liquid LatexToilet Pa...
By: inept

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Wed, 6 Aug 2008 12:21:29 PDT
Cheap & Easy Giant Spider Illusion
Cheap & Easy Giant Spider Illusion - More DIY How To Projects]]> PaHalloweenFreak Sometimes simple is the best way to go when it comes to freaking people out. The unseen can be more terrifying at times. Do you know someone with a fear of spiders? Just seeing these legs will probably totally freak them out. They don't even have to see the actual spider that "should" be connect...
By: PaHalloweenFreak

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Thu, 7 Feb 2008 07:21:14 PST
Scars with Bubblegum
Scars with Bubblegum - More DIY How To Projects]]> loup226 Cheapest method for making fx effect. This instructional show you how to make fake wounds with bubblegum instead of fx wax. AMAZING EFFECT GUARANTEED ! the base instead of fx wax you can take a non-sugar bubblegum.make the desired form of the wound you want to make. And apply skin tone( your colo...
By: loup226

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Thu, 29 Nov 2007 17:15:57 PST
Halloween Pita Pizzas!!/
Halloween Pita Pizzas! - More DIY How To Projects]]> jessyratfink These are really cheap and easy pizzas that you can serve at parties or for the kids in your life. Plus they taste just as amazing as the real thing with hardly any work! :D They take very little preparation and you can vary the ingredients as much as you like... plus everyone gets to be creative a...
By: jessyratfink

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Fri, 26 Oct 2007 21:47:41 PDT
The Ultimate budget ($8.20) Fog Chiller
The Ultimate budget ($8.20) Fog Chiller - More DIY How To Projects]]> Negafen With only the absolute simplest of tools, and fewest of supplies, one can construct a superior fog chiller. The fog chillers currently on instructables are a variation of the "fog on the rocks" design, but have a few shortcomings that small changes can correct. For less money we can construct a re...
By: Negafen

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Wed, 24 Oct 2007 21:46:12 PDT
Realistic Vampire Bite
Realistic Vampire Bite - More DIY How To Projects]]> Pull and Twist In this instructable I will be showing you how to create a realistic looking vampire bite or puncture wound. Supplies If you have followed any of my previous tutorials you will have most of the supplies you need already on hand. Nose and Scar WaxSpirit Gum & RemoverLiquid LatexCastor SealBasic M...
By: Pull and Twist

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Wed, 17 Oct 2007 19:45:20 PDT
Super Cheap and Easy Fog Chiller
Super Cheap and Easy Fog Chiller - More DIY How To Projects]]> admanrocks A fog chiller cools down fog from a fog machine so that it stays low to the ground. This one costs around $5-$10. I had everything I needed already, you probably do also. Materials There is not much that you need for this project.MATERIALS 1. Foam cooler 2. Dryer hose 3. fog machine 4. IceTOOLS 1...
By: admanrocks

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Fri, 12 Oct 2007 13:22:29 PDT