Instructables: exploring - living - travel - trip Sat, 4 Jul 2015 00:22:09 PDT BLOX v1.01 How To Plan A Trip on a Budget
How To Plan A Trip on a Budget - More DIY How To Projects]]> cbfshr To most people, traveling can be a stressful experience. The reality of it is, though, that planning is the most important part; your goal should be to plan a trip well and enjoy a week away from distractions and - most importantly - stress. Planning a week-long trip takes time; planning a trip that...
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Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20:31:41 PST
Adventure Road Trip
Adventure Road Trip - More DIY How To Projects]]> delno In high school, three friends and I packed up the '97 Subaru Legacy my grandpa had left me the year before. We drove from our home in the Twin Cities about 800 miles west, to the Badlands. That was as far as we had planned on going, but we were consumed by the freedom and kept pushing west into Wyom...
By: delno

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Fri, 31 Jan 2014 16:09:59 PST
How to Prepare for a Trip to Europe
How to Prepare for a Trip to Europe - More DIY How To Projects]]> thisisforaclass314 Passport (4 months before your trip) Before planning a trip outside the United States, it is crucial to check the status of your passport. Every U.S. passport expires ten years from the date issued (for adults). If your passport is expired, or if you do not have a passport, you must register fo...
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Fri, 8 Mar 2013 12:42:33 PST
Packing for a Weekend Trip
Packing for a Weekend Trip - More DIY How To Projects]]> Mythbuster Kid This is how to pack for a weekend trip, two days and two nights. Materials What's Needed: Small Suitcase (Walmart for $20.00) 5 T-Shirts Pairs of Pants 4 Pairs of Socks Toothbrush Toothpaste Deodorant Not Shown: Underpants Pajamas Optional: 1+ Pair(s) of Shorts Body Spray Main Pocket Storage 1...
By: Mythbuster Kid

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Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:58:26 PST
Cross Country Time Lapse Film imarkberry My name is Mark Berry and i am 26 years old. Birthday 10-16-1985 My project plan ive been wanting to do for a few years now is take people across the united states in minutes. I wanna start from one coast and drive the opposite coast and do a timelapse of the process. you will be able to see the la...
By: imarkberry

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Sun, 2 Sep 2012 15:58:23 PDT
Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car: 12 fun things to do with just pencil and paper
Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car: 12 fun things to do with just pencil and paper - More DIY How To Projects]]> lalaclassic When I was a kid, I had a blast going on road trips!  We would often spend days on the road, and us kids were always entertained.  Guess what?  We didn't have a DVD player in the car, we didn't have a game system (Gameboy, Sega, Nintendo DS, etc.)  We had to make up our own games and the time flew b...
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Sun, 5 Jun 2011 21:11:24 PDT
Road Trip Games
Road Trip Games - More DIY How To Projects]]> iconrl Here are a few of the games we like to play on road trips.  Hopefully they can bring some fun and fellowship to you and your family/friends.  While I didn't come up with them, I believe just offering suggestions and making others aware is truly beneficial. This is my first instructable, so please of...
By: iconrl

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Wed, 1 Jun 2011 15:45:31 PDT
Traveling by Scooter
Traveling by Scooter - More DIY How To Projects]]> Doug Costlow I recently rode my new Honda Ruckus scooter over 150miles in one day and had a great time. I rode form Columbus,Ohio to Akron, Ohio on a trip home after working in Columbus for the past 5 months. This was quite an undertaking due to the fact the Ruckus tops out at about 40mph so I had to ride the ...
By: Doug Costlow

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Sat, 28 Jun 2008 21:01:45 PDT