Instructables: exploring - living - travel - popular Mon, 25 May 2015 04:51:35 PDT BLOX v1.01 Dog Travel Hammock!
Dog Travel Hammock! - More DIY How To Projects]]> sarahofsydney Funky travel hammock for you best friend! A cleaver way to keep your dog safe and your car clean(er)... If you live where there are laws about dogs being restrained in vehicles this is a great way to do it :) This system uses the adjustable height headrests to support a heavy weight denim hammock, ...
By: sarahofsydney

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Sat, 11 May 2013 04:35:26 PDT
Compact Airline Approved Snack Pack
Compact Airline Approved Snack Pack - More DIY How To Projects]]> ashleyjlong My parents recently booked a trip to Europe. Since they almost never fly, especially not for the duration it take to cross the Atlantic, my mom asked me to research the best airline approved snacks to take in a crowded carry on bag. She said "I want to do better than the crackers, cookies, and pean...
By: ashleyjlong

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Sat, 31 Jan 2015 19:36:23 PST
Avoid Jet-lag Like A Boss
Avoid Jet-lag Like A Boss - More DIY How To Projects]]> nishajsoni1 I have been traveling to India since I was little and at about age ten, I figured out how to completely get rid of my jet-lag. My dad (pictured above) however, is still trying to master the process. Change Your Internal Time The main reason many people get severe cases of jet-lag is because the...
By: nishajsoni1

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Fri, 9 Jan 2015 13:01:30 PST
How to Pack a Suitcase
How to Pack a Suitcase - More DIY How To Projects]]> tmherrin This is my instructable for packing a suitcase. I used to be terrible at packing, but after a number of trips under my belt, I have learned some useful tricks of the trade - some even MacGuyver-esque tricks. Traveling can be made a lot easier if you know how to pack. The first time I went on a se...
By: tmherrin

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Sat, 25 Oct 2008 21:59:52 PDT
Cancun Airport to Resorts
Cancun Airport to Resorts - More DIY How To Projects]]> jprussack Welcome to Mexico!How to for avoiding the aggressive cabbies of Cancun...The initial excitement of landing and passing through customs is followed by the onslaught of cab drivers aiming to fleece travelers who typically look to travel only 5-15 miles from the airport. On a recent trip to Cancun I w...
By: jprussack

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Mon, 15 Dec 2014 11:38:00 PST
How I Spent $6.79 on Gas in One Semester
How I Spent $6.79 on Gas in One Semester - More DIY How To Projects]]> masterbuilder One of the banes of transportation is the price of gasoline. It really puts a damper on things when nearly 6-8 hours of hard work is squandered away in the tank of a 5400cc machine. The gas prices are especially rough if you are a college student with limited income.I am currently a freshman at Brig...
By: masterbuilder

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Sun, 14 Dec 2014 13:34:57 PST
BACKPACKING: WHAT TO BRING - More DIY How To Projects]]> abeaule Backpacking across different regions of the world is increasingly popular. If it's for a few weeks or a few months, preparing for such a trip can be confusing and stressful. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you prepare for your adventures.The information in this Instructable refers to i...
By: abeaule

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Sun, 14 Dec 2014 09:29:31 PST
Putting A Heated Floor In A Bus (part 1)
Putting A Heated Floor In A Bus (part 1) - More DIY How To Projects]]> rovingcraftshop I HATE being cold. I hate the thought of being cold. I hate getting out of bed on a cold winter morning to step on a cold floor. Even carpet can't really take the cold out of a cold floor. The most it can do is attempt to mask the cold and it doesn't do a good job of that.So I decided to install...
By: rovingcraftshop

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Sun, 23 Nov 2014 10:49:16 PST
Scratch-Off Globe
Scratch-Off Globe - More DIY How To Projects]]> LD_P I love travelling, and I've been fortunate enough to see a fair few countries in my life. However, as any sufferer of wanderlust will know, seeing a few only makes one want to see more - there's a whole world out there just waiting to be explored! Inspired by the method craftknowitall used to make t...
By: LD_P

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Sun, 14 Sep 2014 14:57:34 PDT
The Perfect Duffel Bag
The Perfect Duffel Bag - More DIY How To Projects]]> rachel I've made several duffel bags for various purposes over the years. This one is the culmination of all the knowledge I've gained. It will hold all the things you truly need in any circumstance, make its way through any airport to your side, resist stains and abrasions, stop global warming, and cure...
By: rachel

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Sun, 9 Mar 2008 19:32:32 PDT
pocket drafting kit
pocket drafting kit - More DIY How To Projects]]> foobear Have you always got a little notebook in your back pocket, like I do?   Do you wish you had a miniature drafting kit to go with it?   Of course you do!  Who wouldn't!?  Well, here it is! materials xacto knife cnc cutter and make the cut software thin cardboard - such as from the side o...
By: foobear

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Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:33:39 PDT
Backpack Insert
Backpack Insert - More DIY How To Projects]]> foobear Every backpack I've ever owned, I often find myself thinking:  "There's not enough pockets in here".  Ikea taught me one important lesson.  If there is a specific place to put something, it will get put away.  I found this out after I bought a bunch of drawer dividers from them a few years back.  O...
By: foobear

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Thu, 10 Apr 2014 15:47:21 PDT
Adventure Road Trip
Adventure Road Trip - More DIY How To Projects]]> delno In high school, three friends and I packed up the '97 Subaru Legacy my grandpa had left me the year before. We drove from our home in the Twin Cities about 800 miles west, to the Badlands. That was as far as we had planned on going, but we were consumed by the freedom and kept pushing west into Wyom...
By: delno

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Fri, 31 Jan 2014 16:09:59 PST
Leather Luggage Tags
Leather Luggage Tags - More DIY How To Projects]]> Paige Russell If you're like me, and thousands of others who have a nondescript black suitcase that is always a trick to pick out of a conveyor belt crowd, this leather luggage tag Instructable is for you! The Goods Here's what you need to make these time saving and good looking travel accessories:a thick r...
By: Paige Russell

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Mon, 3 Feb 2014 18:57:24 PST
How To Do Waikiki And Oahu On The Cheap (But Not Missing Out) Guide
How To Do Waikiki And Oahu On The Cheap (But Not Missing Out) Guide - More DIY How To Projects]]> sbdesigns Welcome to SB Designs' Waikiki and Oahu on the Cheap (but not missing out) Guide.This guide WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! It is a no frills guide to not spending much hard-earned money in the tourist haven of Waikiki, on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A., whilst seeing almost all it has to offer. There are ...
By: sbdesigns

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Mon, 30 Jun 2008 10:19:24 PDT
DIY Language Translation Cards for Traveling
DIY Language Translation Cards for Traveling - More DIY How To Projects]]> potterboy Create useful Language Translation Cards for your next overseas adventure or holiday. I travel overseas a fair bit and although I'm slowly getting better with my Spanish, German and French, these simple flash cards come in handy when I need that quick translation. I already have plenty of iPhone app...
By: potterboy

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Wed, 1 Jan 2014 06:32:06 PST
Protect Thyself Moneyclip
Protect Thyself Moneyclip - More DIY How To Projects]]> bfk Here's the situation:  You and your sweetheart are walking back to your car after a great movie, when out of the darkness, a thug comes up to you and demands all of your money.  You calmly reach into your pocket, remove your moneyclip and offer it to the robber. A moment later, you're pocketing you...
By: bfk

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Wed, 4 Sep 2013 10:13:59 PDT
How To Make A Secret Money Stash
How To Make A Secret Money Stash - More DIY How To Projects]]> ibrads15 Gather Materials Chapstick Optional knife Money Build You may or may not need a knife for this. Twist the bottom of the tube until it won't go up anymore. Remove Chapstick Get Your Money Put The Money Into The Chapstick Container Heads up the money may be crushed a little. Enjo...
By: ibrads15

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Thu, 25 Jul 2013 12:37:15 PDT
DIY Photo-Gear Backpack
DIY Photo-Gear Backpack - More DIY How To Projects]]> andrea biffi If you love to experiment in photographic techniques, or if you are a professional photographer, you probably need to travel with a very complete equipment. You can buy very good photographic bags of the type with interchangeable dividers, or you can build yourself a personalized backpack. the bag...
By: andrea biffi

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Mon, 8 Jul 2013 09:48:36 PDT
How to Escape from North Korea
How to Escape from North Korea - More DIY How To Projects]]> paulryu98 Does your government take all your money and claim to "distribute it fairly", making high ranking officers wealthy while you starve? Does your government force you to live in harsh conditions and participate in military activities? Does your government hide everything about the outside world and fee...
By: paulryu98

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Tue, 21 May 2013 21:14:31 PDT
Pack a Carry on Suitcase
Pack a Carry on Suitcase - More DIY How To Projects]]> delgaudm If you are like me, you do more than your share of travel. Business conferences, etc... Lots of places where you ahve to spend a couple days in khakis and collared shirts, and maybe a sport coat. Life is so much easier if you can fit all your stuff into a carry on. Using this technique maximizes spa...
By: delgaudm

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Tue, 20 Jun 2006 06:39:34 PDT
Pocket sized Commuter Kit
Pocket sized Commuter Kit - More DIY How To Projects]]> john pedersen I thought this up after being inspired by all the Altoids kits, The Nalgene vials wouldn't fit in one of those tins so I used an unused travel soap dish that I had. I used the vials so that a small quantity of consumables could be carried without worry about leakage or cross contamination with other...
By: john pedersen

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Wed, 23 Jan 2013 18:56:35 PST
Best FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World
Best FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World - More DIY How To Projects]]> woofboy111 Imagine this scenario. You may have gone through this same scenario yourself (although not necessary as extreme)... You are going on a trip to Orlando, Florida with your family of four. Your main destination here is Walt Disney World. Your lifelong dream of being able to hug Mickey Mouse, show off ...
By: woofboy111

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Tue, 1 Jul 2008 14:07:47 PDT
How to Take a Shower in Germany
How to Take a Shower in Germany - More DIY How To Projects]]> all_thumbs OK, for some reason you are staying in Germany, but you did not have the financial means to check into a ****** hotel. Now even if Germany can be mistaken for being a civilized country, a large number of their houses are less comfortable to live in than a Mercedes or a BMW. Since these cars do not c...
By: all_thumbs

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Mon, 24 Sep 2012 15:00:23 PDT
Add Detachable Wheels to a Duffel Bag
Add Detachable Wheels to a Duffel Bag - More DIY How To Projects]]> RonnyK I love traveling with duffel bags because they're easy to pack (you can just shove stuff in the corners) and the one I have always fits into the overhead bins on airplanes way easier than those bulky boxy type of rolling suitcases. But, now I'm getting old and creaky so it's harder to schlep my favo...
By: RonnyK

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Sun, 17 Jun 2012 22:07:57 PDT
Travel Toothpaste Refiller - SUGRU STYLE
Travel Toothpaste Refiller - SUGRU STYLE - More DIY How To Projects]]> EnergyHandyman If you travel, you have probably purchased a small quantity of some product that you already buy in regular quantity or bulk. Toothpaste often comes in 6.4oz tubes or greater, but the TSA allows 3oz or less. For the last several years, I have occasionally transferred toothpaste from a large tube i...
By: EnergyHandyman

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Wed, 2 Nov 2011 15:01:02 PDT
Build a Bed in the Back of your Van
Build a Bed in the Back of your Van - More DIY How To Projects]]> ModMischief So you've got a road trip planned, maybe you're even headed to Burning Man like we were, and you want to make the most of the space in your vehicle. Building a raised platform in the back of your van (or truck) will let you make the most of your storage space and also give you a comfortable place t...
By: ModMischief

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Tue, 23 Aug 2011 18:50:19 PDT
Airline Travel Tips
Airline Travel Tips - More DIY How To Projects]]> Phil B My wife and I most often fly Southwest Airlines domestically, that is, within the borders of the United States.  This is the interior of a Boeing 737 like Southwest uses exclusively in their fleet.  (The photo is from Bing Images.) If I am trying to read, I do not like splotches of sunlight and sha...
By: Phil B

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Sat, 4 Dec 2010 11:53:58 PST
Get a Free Upgrade to First Class
Get a Free Upgrade to First Class - More DIY How To Projects]]> =SMART= Getting a free upgrade to first class isn't easy, people who've paid for first class don't want a scruffy nobody riding free when they had to pay. Because of this the check-in attendants wont give free upgrades to anyone, you have to look like the kind of guy who would shell out that bit extra for ...

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Fri, 18 Jul 2008 15:29:46 PDT
Backseat Caddy
Backseat Caddy - More DIY How To Projects]]> Mrballeng Road trips are fun. Trying to feed little kids from the front seat of a moving car, not so much. This “caddy” provides an easily cleaned food tray complete with cup holders, making lunch on the go a little easier. For less than 20 bucks and 20 minutes you can have one too. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Here i...
By: Mrballeng

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Tue, 31 May 2011 22:18:42 PDT
Travel Bird
Travel Bird - More DIY How To Projects]]> islandmargarita HERE IS THE PATTERN FOR MY TRAVEL BIRD He is fun to carry around and travels well in a pocket, purse, or car. He is fun for children and adults alike to prop up in unusual or exciting places. I have found that people are willing to pose with him, making lasting memories of your travels. Even the...
By: islandmargarita

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Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:53:41 PST
Guide to Beach Combing
Guide to Beach Combing - More DIY How To Projects]]> Very Keri I know it seems simple, you go to the beach, look for shiny things, put them in your pocket, then continue on your merry way. You could do it that way, but if you follow my Guide to Beach Combing, you will get the most out of your experience. *These are all my own photos. *This Instructable was im...
By: Very Keri

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Thu, 6 Mar 2008 06:24:08 PST
What to do if your passport is stolen while on a trip
What to do if your passport is stolen while on a trip - More DIY How To Projects]]> zieak Last year while in Ecuador I had a bag stolen with my passport in it.  Here are some things you can do to prevent loss of your passport, be prepared for a loss and what to do in case your passport is lost or stolen. Be prepared I grew up in scouting so try to "be prepared" per the motto.  Here ar...
By: zieak

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Tue, 12 Jan 2010 23:37:15 PST