Instructables: exploring - living - Paper - popular Tue, 7 Jul 2015 19:23:36 PDT BLOX v1.01 Give A Hot Tip: Peel a $2 Bill From a Pad!
Give A Hot Tip: Peel a $2 Bill From a Pad! - More DIY How To Projects]]> Instructomaker Unless you are a stiff and never tip any service people, you probably are accustomed to shelling out a few bucks for wait staff, a valet, concierge or some other service. You break out your wallet, or pull out a wad of bills you’ve stuffed in your pocket just for that purpose, discretely select a...
By: Instructomaker

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Fri, 3 Jul 2015 13:45:00 PDT
DIY Newspaper Nail Art
DIY Newspaper Nail Art - More DIY How To Projects]]> Felicia Does Hi! I will teach you how to do newspaper nails! It's super easy and super fun! Perfect for those who wants to start doing nail art! Now let's go!What you will need: A newspaper (of your choice) One bottle of light nail polish - (white, beige, silver, pink... You choose!) A scissor Nail polish r...
By: Felicia Does

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Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:18:40 PDT
Something in the Water- Shark Papercraft
Something in the Water- Shark Papercraft - More DIY How To Projects]]> Verticees You're gonna need a bigger boat.Several thousand sharks are killed every year, and thus, the kings of oceans are slowly becoming less common. In awareness against shark fishing and in honor of the king of the sea, I designed a Great White Shark papercraft. This model is over three feet long, at a wh...
By: Verticees

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Sat, 20 Jun 2015 08:23:33 PDT
Reused book as a hiding place
Reused book as a hiding place - More DIY How To Projects]]> Creaflux How to make an old book into an awsome hiding place. - Note: This project takes quite some time to do thoroughly. Find a book Find an old book. - This one i found by the recycling corner where i live. Utensils To make this you need: A bookA ruler A pencilA knife (i used a boxcutter)Some glueA ...
By: Creaflux

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Mon, 15 Jun 2015 11:47:32 PDT
Tiny Matchbox Suitcase
Tiny Matchbox Suitcase - More DIY How To Projects]]> momoluv Hey momoluvers! It's momo! Today I'll be showing you how to make a tiny matchbox suitcase. I did not create this tutorial, but I did create the entire template originally. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns!Also, thanks you for voting! I really ap...
By: momoluv

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Fri, 5 Jun 2015 11:15:26 PDT
The Origami Straw Paper Rose / Flower (Simple Directions) RichsMethods Hello!  Want to impress your friends or Girl Friend/Boy Friend the next time you are out? This video shows you how to make a rose / flower from the straw paper wrapper when you are at a restaurant.
By: RichsMethods

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Sat, 3 Dec 2011 15:42:38 PST
Fold Infinite Recursion
Fold Infinite Recursion - More DIY How To Projects]]> Cawley Anyone who starts playing around with origami pleats and tessellations will probably discover this fold themselves, sooner or later. I did, and later learned that it is commonly referred to as Fujimoto's Lotus after being described in the 1960s by origami artist Shuzo Fujimoto.The basic idea is to t...
By: Cawley

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Fri, 8 May 2015 08:32:51 PDT
Fold A Hyperbolic Paraboloid
Fold A Hyperbolic Paraboloid - More DIY How To Projects]]> Cawley Some of you may be familiar with the paper folding exercises that were once taught at the Bauhaus, including the design for a simple hyperbolic paraboloid. This project is a riff on those experiments using a folding pattern of my own design. It's a bit more difficult to execute, but the end result i...
By: Cawley

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Mon, 9 Mar 2015 23:48:06 PDT
Paper rings that you can actually use everyday
Paper rings that you can actually use everyday - More DIY How To Projects]]> nvilchis Paper rings are a perfect way to show your craftiness, your creativity and your ecological sense if you have any. They will surely be a conversation starter at least once and the good thing about them is that they don't look like a middle school craft project even if they are that simple to make. ...
By: nvilchis

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Thu, 12 Feb 2015 12:12:26 PST
Illuminated Tunnel Book
Illuminated Tunnel Book - More DIY How To Projects]]> Cheezwedge I just wanted to show some instructions for how to make a tunnel book. I couldn't really find any good instructions for how to use images found online so I decided to make my own after creating this tunnel book. Decide On A Theme I first started by deciding what theme I wanted for my book. Since ...
By: Cheezwedge

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Fri, 30 Jan 2015 10:48:21 PST
How to make a moving origami ninja star
How to make a moving origami ninja star - More DIY How To Projects]]> Mickardou My first tutorial. Materials All you need are 8 sticky notes of your liking. In this case I am using blue and yellow. First Fold To begin, flip your sticky note so the sticky part is sticking to what ever you are doing this on. Make sure the sticky part of the sticky note is on the left side...
By: Mickardou

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Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:05:02 PST
Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns - More DIY How To Projects]]> hinagiku If you love candles this diys for you.Paper creates really amazing shadows.You can use this candles to decorate every room :)) Materials -Candles-A jar or a glass-paper-paint-scissors Yingyang shape Draw a yingyang shape using a round object.Cut one side and paint it black then glue it to the...
By: hinagiku

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Tue, 27 Jan 2015 11:29:58 PST
A folded expressing garment
A folded expressing garment - More DIY How To Projects]]> Joekevdv Together with a fashion student I made a garment that expresses your mood and exaggerates your body language. Research The Google hit and Facebook page 'typing LOL with a straight face' made us realize communicating via screens will cause a lack of body language. We investigated the research top...
By: Joekevdv

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Sun, 18 Jan 2015 02:32:42 PST
Expanding/collapsing origami bracelet
Expanding/collapsing origami bracelet - More DIY How To Projects]]> lilypop The bracelet was inspired by the pattern used in Yuri Shumakov's Dragon Egg. I liked the idea of making a bracelet that can expand and collapse to fit different wrist sizes, having had a lot of experience with the dreaded "it doesn't fit!" response. I reccommend that you fold the dragon egg first or...
By: lilypop

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Wed, 14 Jan 2015 09:09:54 PST
Paper Privacy Windows (window frost like a boss)
Paper Privacy Windows (window frost like a boss) - More DIY How To Projects]]> Laserbird-M This is an inexpensive solution to add privacy to your windows while still allowing light through. This paper based window treatment is beautiful and has the added benefit of masking imperfections in the glass. We've used this method for our Makerspace, covering 3 storefronts which previously had vi...
By: Laserbird-M

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Wed, 14 Jan 2015 09:04:54 PST
Thermoplastic paper & Cameo Cutter
Thermoplastic paper & Cameo Cutter - More DIY How To Projects]]> The Juliart Hi! Everyone,Today I would like to show you how you can take paper cutouts and turn them into a plasticized material. When modeling miniature scenery, water is a major part of the design, and I am a little impatient when it comes to my work so I came across E-Z water years ago, it is sold in the mo...
By: The Juliart

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Mon, 12 Jan 2015 16:16:03 PST
Origami Paper Bowtie
Origami Paper Bowtie - More DIY How To Projects]]> FiberLab I may have found the perfect accessory for that fancy Near Year's Eve party you are going to! Yes, look totally dapper with this bowtie made entirely out of paper. It's sophistication with a twist. PS I can't promise that this DIY is super easy. This video is not to necessarily teach you how to make...
By: FiberLab

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Fri, 5 Dec 2014 10:17:13 PST
Up-Cycle Junk Mail into Artisan Paper
Up-Cycle Junk Mail into Artisan Paper - More DIY How To Projects]]> ashleyjlong I love sending handmade cards and making custom gift tags, and I hate the ever growing pile of junk mail that I try to shove under the coffee table with my foot on a daily basis. Seriously. Omaha Steaks sends me a mailing every other day, and I feel horribly un-green just receiving them. The soluti...
By: ashleyjlong

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Sun, 4 Jan 2015 22:00:42 PST
Fun & Easy Jewelry
Fun & Easy Jewelry - More DIY How To Projects]]> Not_Tasha About a year ago I started learning to make my own jewelry. It's incredibly easy and I need something to go with a specific outfit or for a specific purpose, I can whip it up in a flash. From start to finish it only takes a couple of hours (because of drying times). It's also a lot of fun, makes gre...
By: Not_Tasha

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Fri, 2 Jan 2015 11:06:58 PST
Moebius Knot
Moebius Knot - More DIY How To Projects]]> You know the Moebius strip, the most famous amusement that a paper strip is capable to offer. For those who don't know, when you glue the one end of a paper strip to the other end, and turn the one end by 180°, you get a strip with only one side and other super powers.But did you know, this does als...

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Sat, 3 Jan 2015 06:26:40 PST
Kirigami crane
Kirigami crane - More DIY How To Projects]]> emilyvanleemput Kirigami: Literally translated as to cut paper. It is a variation on origami, usually the paper is folded first and then cut. It might sound a bit strange, but there's one kirigami model I think a lot of you have actually made: cutout snowflakes. You fold a square or round paper, cut out your desig...
By: emilyvanleemput

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Sat, 27 Dec 2014 09:46:20 PST
Upcyled Hemp Or Grocery Bag Messenger Bag
Upcyled Hemp Or Grocery Bag Messenger Bag - More DIY How To Projects]]> mitchellguyon I found this who knows how old hemp paper in an old box. You can also use paper bags from a grocery store but it has to be four ply. Materials Needed You will need:At least a yard or meter of paperAn IronGlue strip, stitch witch or fusing tape.A TSquare rulerA right angleA rulerTwo bucklesA bone ...
By: mitchellguyon

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Tue, 23 Dec 2014 07:25:53 PST
3 different styles of letter folding
3 different styles of letter folding - More DIY How To Projects]]> ninjacow258 These are three of my favs from Check out Tadashimori's video's on Youtube. (I think he runs Gifts Beauty) His origamis are AWESOME. The letter folding is very simple :] I'll explain each in 3 steps Style #1 This one doesn't take long, and is really easy to open. I tried making a...
By: ninjacow258

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Mon, 17 Aug 2009 12:03:01 PDT
Gift Bows (from recycled paper)
Gift Bows (from recycled paper) - More DIY How To Projects]]> canucksgirl It's inevitable. You are almost finished wrapping gifts and you run out of bows! Now there's no need to run back to the store, or leave out the bow altogether when you can make your own bows with recycled paper. Use left over gift wrap, a magazine page, newspaper, craft paper, scrapbook paper, shee...
By: canucksgirl

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Sun, 11 Dec 2011 19:35:21 PST
Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper
Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper - More DIY How To Projects]]> xxlauraxx There's no need to purchase wrapping paper. Make your own out of brown paper grocery bags! The results are unique, and the process is fun and quick.In this Instructable I decorate the wrapping paper with animal patterns using a Sharpie felt pen and acrylic paint, but you can decorate your wrapping p...
By: xxlauraxx

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Tue, 23 Dec 2014 15:16:07 PST
Iron on Transfers for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and Other Fabrics
Iron on Transfers for T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and Other Fabrics - More DIY How To Projects]]> vintageretroantique How to Transfer Graphics Onto T-Shirts and More Iron on transfers are great for t-shirts, and once you know how to apply your own custom images to fabric with the use of iron on transfer sheets, the possibilities are endless!  You can make custom clothing, tote bags, aprons, and much more.  Whether...
By: vintageretroantique

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Tue, 16 Jul 2013 20:51:20 PDT
Atomic Snowflakes
Atomic Snowflakes - More DIY How To Projects]]> AngryRedhead Who doesn't love a little mid-century modern, particularly when the cost isn't sky high due to demand?These snowflakes were inspired by the atomic age and all the fabulous designs of that time. There are antennas, atoms, bubbles, and sunbursts, and the template is free and printable! Gather Mater...
By: AngryRedhead

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Tue, 16 Dec 2014 16:00:35 PST
grocery bag pendant lamp
grocery bag pendant lamp - More DIY How To Projects]]> blissful2015 Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery stores – yummy foods, happy people, and those cool looking paper bags!This pendant lamp is made with one and a half paper bag. All you need is a little folding.And the magic of origami: it can shape-shift into a much smaller object! Materials, tools, & a ...
By: blissful2015

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Thu, 11 Dec 2014 16:30:22 PST
McLaren P1 DIY Paper-Super-Craft
McLaren P1 DIY Paper-Super-Craft - More DIY How To Projects]]> visualspicer The McLaren P1 is one of my favorite supercars and now another addition to my expanding automotive papercraft collection. This paper model measures 30" (76cm) long when assembled from 139 parts on 40 pages. View this entire project at - Watch the making of the McLaren P1 Paper-Super...
By: visualspicer

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Tue, 9 Dec 2014 10:38:50 PST
Watercolor Holiday Cards
Watercolor Holiday Cards - More DIY How To Projects]]> plkap74 This is a really easy technique for making painted cards that look very professional! It is also my new favorite technique for combining digital design and painting: using the Silhouette digital paper cutter to cut vinyl stickers as paint masks on watercolor paper. The results are extremely crisp. T...
By: plkap74

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Wed, 10 Dec 2014 11:43:25 PST
Origami Fireworks
Origami Fireworks - More DIY How To Projects]]> momoluv Hey momoluvers it's momo and today I'm making an awesome craft that makes cute decor for Christmas. It's called origami fireworks because it looks like fireworks when you spin it Supplies 1- scissors2- 15 sheets of 9x9 cm paper Fold Fold the paper diagonally both waysNow fold the paper in four...
By: momoluv

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Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:35:36 PST
Quill and Ink Vintage World Map
Quill and Ink Vintage World Map - More DIY How To Projects]]> mimaki cg60 Ahoy there and welcome aboard. This ible will take you on a journey along the coastlines and across all of the 7 wretched seas on a spirit of freedom and high adventure (without scurvy and other sailing-related misfortunes of times gone by). And oh, we have sea monsters too.Poetics apart, this instr...
By: mimaki cg60

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Tue, 9 Dec 2014 13:29:09 PST
Easy Leather Mini Notepads
Easy Leather Mini Notepads - More DIY How To Projects]]> assemblyrequired A friend of mine loves to write, so for the holidays, I thought a nice little notepad to jot down sudden inspirations might be nice. I knew already that I wanted to make something, so I tried my hand at very basic leather working to get the results you see above. This was an easy project (so easy I ...
By: assemblyrequired

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Sun, 7 Dec 2014 18:54:52 PST
Origami Ball - Kusudame
Origami Ball - Kusudame - More DIY How To Projects]]> Makermom2 This is a beautiful Kusudama Ball. If you’ve never done origami before, don’t be scared away. Take your time and you too can accomplish this.I’m not 100% sure on the time frame. I have never started a project like this and worked it to the end. I usually take a few breaks … chocolate breaks! :) ...
By: Makermom2

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Sun, 7 Dec 2014 16:33:38 PST
Paper chain snowflakes
Paper chain snowflakes - More DIY How To Projects]]> dogsrule0909 Fun snowflake chains, great for decorating windows or walls! Things you'll need PaperScissorsX-acto knifePencil Beginning Start by printing out the snowflake template from the included PDF. Next cut out the flake and set aside.Take the piece of paper and cut a strip from it that is the same h...
By: dogsrule0909

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Wed, 5 Feb 2014 17:42:22 PST
Paper Trees
Paper Trees - More DIY How To Projects]]> Hofkissed These gorgeous trees are easy to make, but look like they took you hours! Easy-peasy holiday decor in minutes. What you need... PaperScissorsTrimmer (optional) - to trim your paper into squares.The smallest square I've used is 4"x4" and the largest is 12"x12". Fold your square... Fold your sq...
By: Hofkissed

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Wed, 3 Dec 2014 10:20:22 PST
Loading Message Card
Loading Message Card - More DIY How To Projects]]> goldlego This is an awesome hand-made "Loading Message" card and it is super easy to make! Watch as you pull the card out from the envelope the bars will actually "load"! This card isn't just great for techies, its great for everyone! The card measures about 6.5 inches wide and 3.6 inches high and will fit n...
By: goldlego

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Tue, 2 Dec 2014 14:55:54 PST
Large scale origami sheets
Large scale origami sheets - More DIY How To Projects]]> nathan nash Have you been inspired by the recent success of the "white elephant" by Sipho Mabona or any other of the large scale pieces of origami, but don't have the $24,000 needed to fund it and don't want to crowd fund it. Well then you've come to the right place as this instructable has all the information ...
By: nathan nash

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Sun, 30 Nov 2014 09:37:25 PST
How to Draw anatomicaly correct Manga Cats (it can be done!)
How to Draw anatomicaly correct Manga Cats (it can be done!) - More DIY How To Projects]]> aartcritique Things you'll need:GIMPA basic knowledge of GIMPorPaperA pencilA penColored pencils or markersHello, everyone!  Despite what some may say, it is possible to draw in a good-looking manga style and still have everything anatomically correct for any subject.  I will show you by creating an anatomically...
By: aartcritique

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Sat, 29 Nov 2014 19:32:39 PST
How to Make a Decorative Paper Bow (with template).
How to Make a Decorative Paper Bow (with template). - More DIY How To Projects]]> Hallmark UK Yes folks! It’s that time of year already!!! And if you’re anything like us you are bound to have leftover scraps of wrapping paper from the previous year’s Yuletide season!Instead of banishing this bounty to the recycling bin however… why not try up-cycling your old gift wrap into a beautiful decor...
By: Hallmark UK

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Thu, 27 Nov 2014 04:39:15 PST
Dodecahedron 2015 Calendar
Dodecahedron 2015 Calendar - More DIY How To Projects]]> blissful2015 A fun DIY 2015 calendar you can hold in your hands instead of flipping the pages – a 3D dodecahedron calendar made of just 2 pieces of paper! This would be fun to use as Christmas tree ornaments as well, and let your guests help themselves to a mini desk calendar for the new year! Print and cut...
By: blissful2015

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Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:42:34 PST
Small Paper Bags for your Small Gifts
Small Paper Bags for your Small Gifts - More DIY How To Projects]]> Elotopia A simple way to make creative and different paper bags for your small gifts.You can make paper bags any size with this simple technique. The problem I had a problem! I had these awesome brown paper bags to wrap my gifts at the craft fair. However, the smaller gifts were too small for these. So I ...
By: Elotopia

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Tue, 18 Nov 2014 10:51:00 PST
Lizard Man Papier Mache Figure
Lizard Man Papier Mache Figure - More DIY How To Projects]]> drdorward Hi Everyone,This is my first attempt at an Instructable and I hope you enjoy it.It has been on my mind for a number of years to try making things from papier mache. After the summer was over this year I started making lawn characters to add to my Halloween display. After having made a number of char...
By: drdorward

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Mon, 10 Nov 2014 15:45:23 PST
How to make a Paper Crane
How to make a Paper Crane - More DIY How To Projects]]> RNmaster Paper cranes are an origami classic, made popular in American culture by the stories inspired by the Japanese legend that one who creates a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish. (Read: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes)But before we can get busy working on our wishes, we need to start w...
By: RNmaster

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Sun, 11 Dec 2011 19:35:30 PST
Giant C Clamp Headphones
Giant C Clamp Headphones - More DIY How To Projects]]> caitlinsdad Wait, wasn't this contest to make something into a handtool?Did you ever feel the need to crank up the volume to earsplitting levels and needed something to keep your head from exploding. Well, now there are these Giant C Clamp Headphones that get it together and do a fairly decent job of skull crus...
By: caitlinsdad

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Sun, 21 Sep 2014 21:24:10 PDT
DIY Papercut Lamp
DIY Papercut Lamp - More DIY How To Projects]]> polethzav In this tutorial we’ll show you how to make a papercut lamp It´s beautiful, simple and not expensive decoration . Video Tutorial You need: -cardstock in the colors of your choice-a x-acto knife -pencil -glue stick -ruler Cut a 15 by 15 inches cardstock square .but you can cut any size and ...
By: polethzav

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Thu, 4 Sep 2014 10:46:58 PDT
how to make PAPER
how to make PAPER - More DIY How To Projects]]> Tom Howbridge Homemade paper Is fairly easy to make and is very rewarding. Make a wood frame I used a mitre saw to make a frame with mitred joints then just glue two blocks at ether side and put 4 screws in you could also use a handsaw and just overlap the corners or you could even use a picture frame. Addin...
By: Tom Howbridge

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Sat, 13 Sep 2014 03:37:35 PDT
REMIX - Papercraft Pocket Siren
REMIX - Papercraft Pocket Siren - More DIY How To Projects]]> krummrey This is a remix of the Pocket Siren by Kiteman, a laser-cut turbine whistle. don't have access to a laser cutter. But I do have a personal paper cutter a cricut explore I've won here on instructables btw. :D So I decided to build the siren with paper i...
By: krummrey

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Sun, 7 Sep 2014 11:32:43 PDT
How to deboss paper in a machine shop
How to deboss paper in a machine shop - More DIY How To Projects]]> ma77er What you will need for this instructable:Debossing platePressPaperSoft support for paper (rubber, cork, etc) Create the design you want to deboss The first step is to model your design. For my plate, I decided to use catenary curves to create a simple network with thickened nodes where each strin...
By: ma77er

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Sat, 6 Sep 2014 09:57:38 PDT
Stingray Paper Airplane
Stingray Paper Airplane - More DIY How To Projects]]> Childrens Museum of Houston This is one of the projects for our Instructables: Made In Your Mind (IMIYM) exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Houston . Produced in partnership with Instructables, IMIYM is an exhibit where families work together to build different fun, toy-like projects that help construct knowledge and skill...
By: Childrens Museum of Houston

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Fri, 29 Aug 2014 13:36:59 PDT