Instructables: exploring - living - decor Mon, 31 Aug 2015 21:04:13 PDT BLOX v1.01 Hint of organizing room for pack rats.
Hint of organizing room for pack rats. - More DIY How To Projects]]> Ampontan Pokan If you are pack rat, it's very difficult to organize your room. But, You don't have to throw them away. Just put them All on the wall! and make lots of junk to your personal interior decor. All you need is a lot of thumbtacks. I like using 2 types of Thumbtacks. Bottom ones are good for hunging t...
By: Ampontan Pokan

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Tue, 5 Nov 2013 21:20:57 PST
Home Decorating Instructables Guides Trust me when I say that a person does not fully appreciate the importance of home decoration until they find themselves living in a situation in which they are not allowed to redecorate the pre-existing furnishings. After a few days, the peach walls start closing in, the overly bright curtains scre...
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Thu, 5 Mar 2009 13:04:06 PST
Starburst Mirror
Starburst Mirror - More DIY How To Projects]]> usedtobelieve This Instructable will show you how to build a custom Starburst Mirror. I found this tutorial online and decided it lacked some pictures and a few instructions so I am re-posting it.I don't have a picture for every step as I was not planning on making an Instructable, but this is a pretty easy craf...
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Thu, 5 Mar 2009 11:15:41 PST