Instructables: exploring - outside - camping - survival - can Thu, 26 Nov 2015 01:17:35 PST BLOX v1.01 Simple and Clean Penny Stove
Simple and Clean Penny Stove - More DIY How To Projects]]> JoeyHersh This is a penny stove that I've built. The body of the stove is a tuna can. From the other penny stoves I've seen, this one is the cleanest, simplest, and most professional. Go ahead and make variations to the stove you build. The stove can boil water in a medium size pot in around four minutes. S...
By: JoeyHersh

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Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:05:51 PDT
camp stove
camp stove - More DIY How To Projects]]> jkimm7 this instructable will show you step by step how to make a small lightweight camp stove.  materials for this project you will need; an aluminum can (empty) a pocket knife or box cutter ice pick, or a thumb tack scissors 90%+ alcohol or coleman fluid a container to boil water or cook stuff in cu...
By: jkimm7

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Sun, 8 Dec 2013 16:25:21 PST
Pocket Alcohol Stove - "Jet Stove" (Camper's Guide)
Pocket Alcohol Stove - "Jet Stove" (Camper's Guide) - More DIY How To Projects]]> ASCAS Today I am going to show you how to make a "Jet Stove". A stove that can fit right into your pocket! The stove can be powered by hand alcohol or anything similar. There are tons of useful applications for it. You can use it for camping, for winter warming, during brownouts, when you run out of LPG t...

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Sun, 29 Jan 2012 12:35:05 PST
Priming Wick for Alcohol Stove [and Pot Stand]
Priming Wick for Alcohol Stove [and Pot Stand] - More DIY How To Projects]]> JohanJShaw Priming Wick Made from Household Materials An alternative to using a priming pan or a fibreglass wick wrap on your drinks can stove. Tools and Materials You will need... Needle-nose pliers with wire cutters (or Leatherman) 1 bolt, 5 or 6mm diameter (I used M6) Thin, bendable wire like snar...
By: JohanJShaw

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Sun, 3 Jul 2011 12:23:28 PDT
"Turret" Preheater Pot Stand for Alcohol Stove JohanJShaw My preheating pot stand design, for homemade drinks can alcohol stoves Made from 2 standard food tins Primes the stove with a tealight in the base and holds the pot! Advantages No messy priming pan to set your sleeves on fire Sturdy construction; more stable than wobbly bent-coathanger types Fl...
By: JohanJShaw

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Tue, 24 May 2011 16:02:33 PDT