Instructables: exploring - play - home - easy - featured Thu, 28 May 2015 19:38:17 PDT BLOX v1.01 Prank Juice
Prank Juice - More DIY How To Projects]]> kelleymarie An easy and fast edible prank that is silly, harmless, and wins everyone over with smiles in the end. Pranks can be fun, especially for the one pulling the prank. That being said, they aren't always fun for the other person. Pranks can be especially hard when you're pulling them on kids. So why not ...
By: kelleymarie

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Tue, 18 Mar 2014 20:56:35 PDT
Duct Tape Wallet
Duct Tape Wallet - More DIY How To Projects]]> Childrens Museum of Houston Don't buy a wallet. Keep your a wallet you make! This is also an excellent introductory project for working with duct tape from which you can spin off and start creating more complex projects. This is one of the 48 projects for our Instructables: Made In Your Mind (IMIYM) exhibition at t...
By: Childrens Museum of Houston

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Tue, 5 Jun 2012 14:23:03 PDT
Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Dirt Cheap Acoustic Guitar Pickup - More DIY How To Projects]]> Xuthal Build a cheap(But good sounding) acoustic pickup from house hold items. Materials Gather these materials. 1-Old smoke detector/co2 detector.( Be sure to only use one that is not being used.Fire and co2 detectors have their vital purposes,you're safety) 2-Old computer mic cable. 3-Pill bottle c...
By: Xuthal

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Wed, 1 Dec 2010 13:44:26 PST
Use Cardboard To Make A Billfold or Wallet!
Use Cardboard To Make A Billfold or Wallet! - More DIY How To Projects]]> Creativeman This is an easy to make a billfold out of cardboard. Tools And Materials I Used One piece of thin cardboard. Then I used scissors for cutting the paper needed, glue of course, clamps to hold while gluing, paint brushes, and finally, some high gloss polyurethane varnish, wat...
By: Creativeman

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Tue, 28 Jul 2009 14:29:50 PDT
Magic Table
Magic Table - More DIY How To Projects]]> msolek Table frame Make table frame Table top Make Table top and cut Holes Make holes in table top "Table cloth" and stick like this: Montage table top Screw table-top lock Make lock Finish enjoy, Good luck
By: msolek

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Tue, 6 Nov 2007 11:47:49 PST