Instructables: exploring - play - lego - stand - featured Sat, 25 Mar 2017 17:14:14 PDT BLOX v1.01 Phone/Tablet Lego Stand (Yoga Stand)
Phone/Tablet Lego Stand (Yoga Stand) - More DIY How To Projects]]> Alpha Giant There is a multitude of DIY phone stands out there and frankly it's pretty easy to make a stand from old credit cards or a piece wood with a groove cut in it. One could say that leaning it up against a book is fine. All these DIY hacks have one common flaw and that's adjustability. The formula for t...
By: Alpha Giant

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Sun, 14 Feb 2016 07:22:31 PST
K'NEX Star Wars Lambda-Class Shuttle
K'NEX Star Wars Lambda-Class Shuttle - More DIY How To Projects]]> GWorks Don't underestimate the power of Instructables!- Darth Vader - Episode IVThis instructable will show you how to make a Lambda-Class Shuttle from the Star Wars movies! I've made this model for the K'NEX contest 2015. Personally I'm a Star Wars fan and the Labda-Class is one of my favourite ships. (I ...
By: GWorks

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Sat, 16 May 2015 09:36:59 PDT
Lego Minifigure Stand
Lego Minifigure Stand - More DIY How To Projects]]> iproberry1 This will show you how to make a Lego Minifigure Stand that you can spin! The reason behind this project is to make a stand for a minifugure to be displayed on. Note: this is only for one minifigure. Some more projects: Lego Candy Dispenser Lego Pendant Lego brick shaped gummy candie...
By: iproberry1

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Sun, 29 Apr 2012 16:48:57 PDT