Instructables: exploring - technology - clocks - time Tue, 1 Sep 2015 11:30:31 PDT BLOX v1.01 3D POV Clock from a HDD
3D POV Clock from a HDD - More DIY How To Projects]]> mso797 **I've entered this Instructable in the Before and After Contest. Don't forget to cast your votes :)**In this Instructable we are going to convert an old HDD into a 3D Persistence of Vision Clock.POV Clocks use a simple method to display time in a really neat way. A POV Clock spins a set of LEDs rea...
By: mso797

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Sun, 19 Jul 2015 14:54:16 PDT
Rainbow Neo Clock
Rainbow Neo Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> tdonoclift This clock was made as a gift but I was so happy with it that I thought I'd make an instructable for it. The clock uses 2 Neo Pixel Rings from Adafruit Industries as well as the Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller and a DS1307 Real Time Clock (RTC) to keep accurate time. The time can be set when upload...
By: tdonoclift

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Wed, 24 Jun 2015 05:16:06 PDT
TimeRuler - More DIY How To Projects]]> glazur TimeRuler is a time-space measuring tool, using light-painting technique. It can be used for fun, for measuring high speed movement in different sports or as an educational device for schools. What you need:Arduino UNO, or similar13 pcs. 3V ultra bright dome LEDjump wiremini breadboard9V batteryplyw...
By: glazur

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Tue, 30 Dec 2014 13:52:52 PST
Make an awesome clock from Sugru + Twigs
Make an awesome clock from Sugru + Twigs - More DIY How To Projects]]> projectsugru In the run up to Christmas break this year we're sharing a genius idea each a day, for 24 days! (kind of like an advent calendar) From ideas to get the house ready, to making awesome gifts and planning fun activities for the break, these ideas will help you make this the best Christmas ever.Check ba...
By: projectsugru

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Tue, 2 Dec 2014 02:04:13 PST
Making Time Run Backwards, The Reverse Clock
Making Time Run Backwards, The Reverse Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> antagonizer This instructable started off as a bit of a prank that I thought I'd share, and is a bit off of the instructables I normally do. I've never been a fan of having clocks in the living room. To me it represents an area where being regularly reminded of the time is counter intuitive to the relaxation an...
By: antagonizer

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Sun, 12 Oct 2014 09:01:20 PDT
Reviving a Vintage Clock
Reviving a Vintage Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> ctx1985 I picked up this old wall clock from a roadside antique shop for $15 this past weekend. The clock itself still works fine, but the paint was flaking off in various sections and it had a lot of minor surface rust too. I knew with a little TLC, I could make this old clock look new again!What you'll ne...
By: ctx1985

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Fri, 10 Oct 2014 06:52:00 PDT
Simple Nixie Tube Wristwatch
Simple Nixie Tube Wristwatch - More DIY How To Projects]]> trumpkin This is a novel nixie tube wristwatch I made a few years ago that uses an MSP430f169 microcontroller and two IN-17 nixie tubes. It has an accelerometer so that you only need to twist your wrist in order to display the time. The power supply consists of three 240 mAh lithium ion batteries in para...
By: trumpkin

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Tue, 4 Jun 2013 13:20:57 PDT
Resistor Color Code Clock
Resistor Color Code Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> tcone Call me a huge nerd, but I recently decided it was necessary to memorize the color codes used to designate the values of different resistors.  I've also recently become interested in making (relatively) large scale representations of electronic components, either in a semi-functional or purely artis...
By: tcone

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Thu, 16 May 2013 16:53:44 PDT
Final Fantasy Wall Clock
Final Fantasy Wall Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> Jujitsu-Man You're a Final Fantasy fan, aren't you? So what are you doing with a boring standard wall clock hanging on there?Although this isn't an original idea of mine (I've already seen similar clocks on the internet) I've decided to create this tutorial because I haven't seen it yet in this website, is some...
By: Jujitsu-Man

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Thu, 18 Oct 2012 17:19:11 PDT
Simple Bike Clock
Simple Bike Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> eef999 Revamp an old clock in under an hour! Materials and Tools All you need is: love a bike wheel After calling around, I found most cycleries have old parts that are up for grabs. A place on Polk St. had great spare wheels. a clock or clock mechanism I used an old Ikea clock of mine- http://www.i...
By: eef999

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Wed, 1 Aug 2012 17:34:54 PDT
Lamina Nixie Clock
Lamina Nixie Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> zorwick This is my first instructable and I hope you will like it. I have been reading this website for a while now and I decided to publish my project. I am non-native English speaker please excuse my language mistakes. This project is inspired by a previous instructable from Hellboy and his Lantern Clock...
By: zorwick

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Wed, 11 Apr 2012 11:07:00 PDT
CYCLOPS - More DIY How To Projects]]> hellboy Hello Here is Cyclops... all metal, shiny, very industrial. I can picture it sitting on baron Harkonens mantel.... I have been wanting to build a single digit Nixie clock for a while now,  I looked around the workshop and found a bunch of bits and pieces that I would start the design with, littl...
By: hellboy

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Sun, 26 Feb 2012 01:17:34 PST
Glow in the dark RAM clock
Glow in the dark RAM clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> DualPhase This instructable will show how to make a glow in the dark clock out of old computer parts. Tools Required Tools Required: 1)  Hot glue gun 2)  Super Glue 3)  Drill or dremmel tool Materials The following are the materials used: 1)  Hard Drive 2)  RAM 3)  CD/DVD 4)  Clock Mechanism 5)  Small...
By: DualPhase

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Tue, 20 Dec 2011 12:34:22 PST
Project'hour : Hack a LCD clock into a projector slide
Project'hour : Hack a LCD clock into a projector slide - More DIY How To Projects]]> jovolomo How to hack a LCD clock to project time through a slide projector. For this Instructable, I chose the Photo Instructable because it would have made no sense to describe steps that wont be the same for you as you probably won't have the same LCD. I'll do my best so you can understand how I did and s...
By: jovolomo

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Mon, 5 Dec 2011 16:46:04 PST
Lantern Clock
Lantern Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> hellboy Hello All here is my first Instructable, It’s a beautiful Nixie Lantern clock, A little steam punk and a bit Victorian, made up of mostly of found components I tend to communicate better when there is something to show so please look at the images and tags, they sometimes will hold more info than th...
By: hellboy

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Tue, 13 Sep 2011 23:41:25 PDT
New Earth Time (NET) digital clock in recycled retro-modern case
New Earth Time (NET) digital clock in recycled retro-modern case - More DIY How To Projects]]> ajax_electronics Ever get confused by GMT, or just wish you had a cooler way to keep track of time?  Build a New Earth Time clock!  Using a PIC microcontroller, some code, and a couple discrete parts, you too can have a unique timekeeping device to keep on your desk. New Earth Time (NET) is an idea for a global tim...
By: ajax_electronics

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Sat, 10 Sep 2011 14:35:24 PDT
The Acoustic Alarm
The Acoustic Alarm - More DIY How To Projects]]> jamie2903 The Acoustic Alarm allows the user a more pleasant way of waking up in the morning. Inspired by various musical instruments, The Acoustic Alarm uses a rotational pick to pluck guitar strings to awaken its user. Human emotions are influenced by many factors, and one which irritates people the most i...
By: jamie2903

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Thu, 1 Sep 2011 07:49:26 PDT
15-minute paper-craft sundial
15-minute paper-craft sundial - More DIY How To Projects]]> arpruss This is a 15-minute paper sundial in two senses: it takes 15-minutes to make and is labeled to the nearest 15-minutes.  It is made of paper, but I designed the gnomon to have a three-dimensional base for greater stability, tapering to a thin top for better accuracy around noon. The hard work was my...
By: arpruss

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Wed, 24 Aug 2011 18:48:52 PDT
Pong Clock
Pong Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> mrnick1234567 March 2014 Update! Version 5.1 of the code is out with bug fixes and a nice lower case font. Get it while it's hot! The link is on the last page of this instructable! This clock uses the classic video game Pong to tell the time. The 2 players automatically win and lose so their scores show the h...
By: mrnick1234567

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Sun, 21 Aug 2011 08:38:12 PDT
Large driveway, patio or garden sundial
Large driveway, patio or garden sundial - More DIY How To Projects]]> arpruss This is a design for analemmatic sundials, large or small, with elliptical dials.  The one I made with my son is twelve feet across, drawn in sidewalk chalk on a level part of our driveway, and you check the time by standing in the spot corresponding to the date and seeing where the middle of your o...
By: arpruss

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Thu, 18 Aug 2011 21:28:53 PDT
CD Clock instructable WORKS!!!
CD Clock instructable WORKS!!! - More DIY How To Projects]]> supercoolbuilder3321 This is my CD clock programmed from another clock parts!!!!!!
By: supercoolbuilder3321

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Mon, 8 Aug 2011 10:39:51 PDT
Perpetual Projection Time Machine
Perpetual Projection Time Machine - More DIY How To Projects]]> msuzuki777 Okay, so I used a little deception in the title to try to grab your attention. Did it work? Well, it’s more like a Perpetual Projection Clock. This is a "GREEN' project. Theoretically, you won't use up and waste batteries.  PROBLEM: So I am a LAZY OLD GEEK (LOG). I mostly sleep on my side. On on...
By: msuzuki777

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Mon, 1 Aug 2011 08:40:24 PDT
Cardboard Pocket Watch Step-by-step
Cardboard Pocket Watch Step-by-step - More DIY How To Projects]]> torydillo I started making these pocket watches when the metal one I had cracked the faceplate. I felt compelled to take it apart and build a cardboard replica to house the clock part. [Recently had a slight problem with this intro and all the previous info I had here got deleted. I am working on re-compilin...
By: torydillo

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Mon, 16 May 2011 05:14:53 PDT
Oogling Bacon Clock!
Oogling Bacon Clock! - More DIY How To Projects]]> apacher Hey there all bacon lovers! A clock is something we look at on average 70 times a day, so why not make it special, by adding a little bacon to it! Materials The key thing here is the clockwork mechanics. This might be hard to get by as we need special 3 axis clockwork mechanics. -Tough and soft ...
By: apacher

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Fri, 15 Apr 2011 07:21:04 PDT
Cardboard Pocketwatch
Cardboard Pocketwatch - More DIY How To Projects]]> torydillo I originally made this watch for a contest but didn't finish before the deadline, so I gave it as a gift to the boss/owner of the Packaging & Printing company my mother works at because about 80% of what they sell is corrugated. The watch was the hit of the company Holiday party! The only non-corru...
By: torydillo

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Fri, 4 Mar 2011 02:24:16 PST
Lunchtime Clock
Lunchtime Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> randofo Have you ever wished lunchtime were longer, but didn't know where to find those few extra minutes? Well, wish no longer! Thanks to great in advances in clock technology, I present to you a clock that speeds up 20% every day at 11:00 and slows down 20% every day at 11:48, giving you an extra twelve ...
By: randofo

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Mon, 17 Jan 2011 11:09:33 PST
Pantone Clock
Pantone Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> gmjhowe This is an idea I have had in the works for a while now. I finally decided to go about making it a reality. So a productive afternoon later, we have a nice custom Pantone clock. It is a simple way to repurpose an old clock. Or you can make one from scratch and order your own clock mechanism. So, r...
By: gmjhowe

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Sat, 15 Jan 2011 11:40:29 PST
Linear Clock
Linear Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> Euphy Round clocks are so 20th century! Here's something a bit more post modern and obtuse. I'll be showing you here another full design project, from idea to design to prototype. The object of our desire today is a linear clock, that is, one that has numerals arranged in a line rather than in...
By: Euphy

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Wed, 15 Dec 2010 13:53:35 PST
Clock In a Jar
Clock In a Jar - More DIY How To Projects]]> HM-Innovations This is our rendition of “Clock in a jar” by Oren Hetzroni, a student at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Based on childhood memories of capturing insects in a jar, the clock presents the Authors idea of capturing time in a jar. We hope ya'll enjoy this Instructable as much as w...
By: HM-Innovations

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Thu, 26 Aug 2010 19:00:30 PDT
Clock In a Jar HM-Innovations Hey Guys we hope ya'll enjoy our rendition of the Clock in a Jar, a design made famous by Oren Hetzroni an Art Student from Jerusalem trying to depict his memories from trapping insects in a jar and replicating them by "catching Time in a Jar" this is an easy project that adds a good decoration to ...
By: HM-Innovations

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Wed, 25 Aug 2010 19:22:06 PDT
Custom Clock with Photo Hands
Custom Clock with Photo Hands - More DIY How To Projects]]> edmondslibrarian Some people are clock watchers. Now everyone can be the clock.Other projects customize the face of the clock. This one customizes the hands of the clock.It looks expensive, but is less than $5 dollars, and about 30 minutes per clock. Perfect for Christmas Gifts, birthday gifts, end of school year gi...
By: edmondslibrarian

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Wed, 9 Dec 2009 00:41:36 PST
Gear Clock
Gear Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> abbtech The heart of the clock is a PIC 16f628A microcontroller (PDF). This microcontroller has an internal oscillator however an external 20MHz crystal oscillator is being used since it will have to accurately keep track of time for weeks and months. The microcontroller is interfaced to two buttons and one...
By: abbtech

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Wed, 21 Oct 2009 10:02:36 PDT
Make a Customized Clock that Runs Backwards
Make a Customized Clock that Runs Backwards - More DIY How To Projects]]> karthikvasudevan What this Instructable will teach you ?To take a plain old timepiece or clock and make it run backwards and fit it into a really cool clock face to make your own customized clock you can hang proudly ,because you made it yourself.How cool is it? well, its pretty cool take it from me i had this clock...
By: karthikvasudevan

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Fri, 21 Aug 2009 04:07:48 PDT
Unique and Interesting Clocks
Unique and Interesting Clocks - More DIY How To Projects]]> lukethebook333 Over the years I have been collecting AND making some neat clocks. I decided to create a documentation of photographs and post them here to inspire new ideas and show off some of my creations. You'll see wood, glass, vinyl, plastic, touch screens, dice, etcetera. The main logo separates each clock.C...
By: lukethebook333

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Wed, 27 May 2009 20:45:32 PDT
Socially Confused Clock
Socially Confused Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> Doctor What I was trying to make something not totally steampunk, but "gear inspired", so I decided to take apart a cheap alarm clock, and make it look different. I also wanted everything to move. I realized that I could make the hours move around the clock, instead of the hour hand pointing to them. And so ...
By: Doctor What

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Tue, 19 May 2009 19:24:52 PDT
Reverse Clock
Reverse Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> CybergothiChe This is kind of a response to Glitchmaker (, but not really. As the name suggests this is an instructable where I will endeavour to show you how to make a clock tick backwards and also to draw your own clockface by hand. Onwards! Step One Firstly ...
By: CybergothiChe

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Wed, 11 Mar 2009 19:57:34 PDT
A New Clock Dial
A New Clock Dial - More DIY How To Projects]]> Ashemha Tonight my wife was commenting on the decades old clock we have had since we have been married ( 20 years ). This, as I was destroying an old phone to salvage the switches and other interesting parts. So, I started thinking... How can I update the dial of that old clock. And right in my hands wa...
By: Ashemha

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Tue, 16 Dec 2008 01:18:58 PST
Wall CLOCK from Old Hard Drives
Wall CLOCK from Old Hard Drives - More DIY How To Projects]]> grybaz Here's Instructable on how to recycle old computer Hard Drives into very original looking WALL CLOCK. Materials and Tools Needed Tools that you will need for this project are:1. Drill - I would suggest small DREMEL type drill with bench press.2. Some Drill bits 3. Kit of Screwdrivers, type and ga...
By: grybaz

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Sat, 1 Nov 2008 06:04:50 PDT
Binary Clock
Binary Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> iideetee Here is a simple example how to build cool looking binary 24 hour clock. Red LEDs shows seconds, green LEDs minutes and yellow LEDs hours. Case contains four buttons to adjust the time. Clock works with 9 volts. This clock is easy to do and parts cost only few bucks, so it is also cheap to do. S...
By: iideetee

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Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:02:00 PDT
How to build a clock that projects time on the wall
How to build a clock that projects time on the wall - More DIY How To Projects]]> tonypascal This Instructable shows you how to build a projector clock. This device allows you to project time on the wall. Based on a small LCD alarm clock (not too small, instead, you won't be able to project it and to work on it), this is a good way to display current time. Gather the parts and plan For t...
By: tonypascal

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Mon, 12 May 2008 13:35:37 PDT
Oscilloscope clock
Oscilloscope clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> neelandan An eight pin Microchip PIC microcontroller is programmed to operate from a 32768 Hz watch crystal and output waveforms which, when displayed on an oscilloscope, show the time in HH:MM:SS format. The screen capture shows winscope showing 12:46: ... Design the character set On an oscilloscope scree...
By: neelandan

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Fri, 18 Apr 2008 02:23:28 PDT
Binary Marble Clock
Binary Marble Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> matseng This is a simple clock that shows the time (hours/minutes) in binary using leds hidden beneath glass marbles.For an average person it looks just like a bunch of lights, but you will be able to tell the time by just a quick glance at this clock. It might take you a couple of days to get up to speed ...
By: matseng

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Sat, 9 Feb 2008 07:03:09 PST
International Clock
International Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> msolek Circle Draw circle 12 Parts Exchange, 12 parts Clock shield Cut and draw 12 point Back Draw back element, and cut battery hole. Tube Make tube 12 x 29 mm Old Clock Dismount old clock. Shield and tube Combine shield and tube Write Country One part, one country or town Ba...
By: msolek

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Sat, 17 Nov 2007 07:04:26 PST
Sesame Street - Pinball Number Count clock
Sesame Street - Pinball Number Count clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> thydzik This instructable will outline the construction of a customised clock. Whilst this is specifically the construction of the clock featured on Sesame Street; the Pinball Number Counting animation, the general procedures are the same and the instructions are as generic as possible. The clock is inexpen...
By: thydzik

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Wed, 9 May 2007 06:02:15 PDT
Make A Cardboard Clock
Make A Cardboard Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> evy-wevy I hated my old projection zellers (equivalent to american wal-mart) bought clock. And the porjector stopped working so i turffed it. Later I bought a clockless Altec Lansing In Motion ipod dock and use that for an alarm.So I still needed a display with the time.I took this old clock and made a "case...
By: evy-wevy

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Tue, 23 Jan 2007 16:20:41 PST
How to Make a Dali Style Melting Clock
How to Make a Dali Style Melting Clock - More DIY How To Projects]]> fungus amungus I don't listen to any of my old records, but I really like to have them around. Luckily enough, so do my friends. Another point we have in common is an appreciation of knowing what time it is. I've been messing around with records and have solved my dilemmas of where to where to put my apples and ca...
By: fungus amungus

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Sat, 30 Dec 2006 15:42:53 PST