Instructables: exploring - technology - subwoofer - speaker - popular Mon, 22 Dec 2014 18:16:19 PST BLOX v1.01 DIY Subwoofer system
DIY Subwoofer system - More DIY How To Projects]]> MrTealwoi Hi everybody, this is my first instructables, I hope you'll appreciate. I apologize in advance for my bad english...Before to start with the introduction, I want to spend some words about the Instructables group of italian authors. If you're italian, please join the group. Contanct me, Darthorso or ...
By: MrTealwoi

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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 02:25:10 PDT
Upcycle an old speaker system into a modern and see-through one!
Upcycle an old speaker system into a modern and see-through one! - More DIY How To Projects]]> Damutsch Some of you may know that I made a monitor with a plastic stand out of an old laptop lcd which I use to play on my playstation! The only downside is that because it used to be a standalone monitor, it doesn't have internal speakers! I normaly use my headphones anyway, to not disturb the misses but I...
By: Damutsch

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Thu, 24 Apr 2014 05:28:26 PDT
DIY Dual woofer setup (Hidden and Underseat)
DIY Dual woofer setup (Hidden and Underseat) - More DIY How To Projects]]> bhvm "Necessity is the mother of invention" They say. When I got my New SUV (Mahindra XUV 500), I had not one, But TWO Necessities... First need was BASS! I can't live without any. Provided that I have a 15 inch Monster SUB at home with 11 Speaker custom Sound system. I was spoiled. Second need was abi...
By: bhvm

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Sun, 1 Sep 2013 00:03:04 PDT
Building A Subwoofer Enclosure
Building A Subwoofer Enclosure - More DIY How To Projects]]> endesereth Designing and building your own subwoofer can be a rewarding experience. Not only will it save you money, you will also get better performance than prebuilt subwoofers, and you can make the subwoofer to what your needs are. Building a subwoofer may seem like a daunting task, but with this procedure,...
By: endesereth

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Sat, 15 Jun 2013 17:43:13 PDT
How to Build Custom Speakers
How to Build Custom Speakers - More DIY How To Projects]]> noahw Building your own custom speakers has got to be one of the most rewarding, straightforward and cost-effective DIY activities I've come across. I'm absolutely shocked that it hasn't had a larger presence on Instructables and in the community...well, until now of course.Some speaker projects can be co...
By: noahw

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Tue, 2 Jun 2009 14:57:56 PDT
Build an Infrasonic Subwoofer
Build an Infrasonic Subwoofer - More DIY How To Projects]]> splnlss Infrasound is sound that is below your hearing threshold which general drops off at 20-30hz, i.e. lower than big booty bass. It can have a profound effect on your body, and should be experimented with carefully! Infrasound is used by the military as a weapon, or science to monitor earthquakes, whal...
By: splnlss

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Wed, 5 Oct 2011 11:41:25 PDT