Instructables: exploring - workshop - box - featured Thu, 30 Jul 2015 09:13:14 PDT BLOX v1.01 Bandsaw blade storage box
Bandsaw blade storage box - More DIY How To Projects]]> seamster I love my band saw--it's my favorite workshop tool.Over the years I've collected a handful of blades for it, but I've never had a decent place to store them. They've always just hung on nails on the wall. So I built this simple box of shelves to store my band saw blades a little more tidily. The co...
By: seamster

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Tue, 21 Jul 2015 20:31:43 PDT
Wood box
Wood box - More DIY How To Projects]]> yehong Make a wood box Preparation Select a suitable wood for box, I used walnut wood. Remove the wood for box Use proper tool to remove wood. Make the box cover Use proper tools to make the box cover Clean and make detail Use sand paper to process the box surface.
By: yehong

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Mon, 20 Jul 2015 07:59:33 PDT
Cedar Planter Box
Cedar Planter Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> LaneBrosWoodShop I always enjoy building outdoor projects anyways. I wanted to build something a little different from the usual planter boxes and decided that a sort of Greene and Greene style would be cool.This is really a simple project to build especially if you have a Kreg Jig. I started out with 4 1x4x8 cedar ...
By: LaneBrosWoodShop

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Sat, 18 Jul 2015 10:55:25 PDT
How To Make Apple Boxes
How To Make Apple Boxes - More DIY How To Projects]]> nick ferry Apple boxes get tons of use in all sorts of fields relating to camera work. These are great for having talent sit on, stand on, setting props on or secure lighting fixtures or tri-pods. They also work really well around the home workshop for a place to sit or as a nice little step stool! My photo...
By: nick ferry

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Sun, 21 Jun 2015 22:41:38 PDT
Log card box
Log card box - More DIY How To Projects]]> mikeasaurus Collect all the cards for your birthday, wedding, or other event in a rustic card box that's made from an old section of log. This card box is made from real wood, and is sure to capture the imagination of your guests. The log section was trimmed up and hollowed on a bandsaw. A swivel lid allows acc...
By: mikeasaurus

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Thu, 18 Jun 2015 12:41:18 PDT
Bonsai in the box - La caja del Bonsai
Bonsai in the box - La caja del Bonsai - More DIY How To Projects]]> kraeheTishka Hola!!!Soy una acumuladora de plantas, entre ellas, una corriente que me cautivo fueron los Bonsai, para los que no sepan de que hablo, son arboles, que pueden llegar a ser muy viejos, pero que mantienen un tamaño muy pequeño.Este pequeño que muestro en la foto, es una jacaranda (jacaranda mimosifol...
By: kraeheTishka

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Mon, 15 Jun 2015 20:00:14 PDT
Free Pallet Raised Bed Garden
Free Pallet Raised Bed Garden - More DIY How To Projects]]> sslfamilydad Raised bed gardening can help you manage a small garden by saving you time and money. In this instructable I will show you how to build a couple of free raised bed boxes using pallet wood. Pallets are an excellent source of free materials to build just about anything. Normally they are already heat ...
By: sslfamilydad

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Mon, 8 Jun 2015 09:14:03 PDT
DIY Book Safe Box
DIY Book Safe Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> Maverick14 We always try to keep our stuff protected from thieves. There are many safes in the market but almost all of them are very expensive and it´s the first place where thieves will look. So a clever alternative solution would be buy a book safe, but why buy something that can be easily made at home wi...
By: Maverick14

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Fri, 5 Jun 2015 15:39:42 PDT
Raised Bed Pallet Planter *Updated July 28th*
Raised Bed Pallet Planter *Updated July 28th* - More DIY How To Projects]]> Tater Zoid *Recently Updated, see Step 9 for our "In Progress" Instructable. It's spring time in the Rockies and we are ready to grow. Ms. Zoid asked for a solution for a raised bed that we had to leave at the last house we lived in, so we put our heads together. I see a lot of discarded pallets in the alley n...
By: Tater Zoid

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Mon, 1 Jun 2015 06:00:37 PDT
Watchmaker toolbox
Watchmaker toolbox - More DIY How To Projects]]> JérémyF1 So I am a watchmaker and I have a lot of tools. But as it is not my full time occupation anymore, I only need a few of them and decided to make this box to carry them around.As I'm a swiss watchmaker, I'm not a native English speaker, so please excuse my mistakes :-) Tools and material You will n...
By: JérémyF1

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Wed, 20 May 2015 09:26:13 PDT
Bandsaw Box- Whale
Bandsaw Box- Whale - More DIY How To Projects]]> HaroldPenner How to make your very own Bandsaw box Whale. Thanks to Angeli Frondoso who made this in our Woodworking class. (:Thanks Angie for the instructable directions! Whale Pattern Length- 25cm (10")Width- 8.5cm (3 3/8")Height- 8.5cm (3 3/8") Draw top and side view of the whale This pattern can easily...
By: HaroldPenner

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Mon, 18 May 2015 18:23:48 PDT
Small Van Modifications
Small Van Modifications - More DIY How To Projects]]> bill.rose.31392 Ok so I have a small van. A Citreon Berlingo its a common size of van and has a lot of space inside. However a lot of that space is wasted. Its just a lot of air being driven around and the loading area is limited. But if you build a parcel / crate shelf then the van becomes much more user friendly....
By: bill.rose.31392

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Fri, 15 May 2015 04:25:04 PDT
Batman Cardboard Lampshade
Batman Cardboard Lampshade - More DIY How To Projects]]> Christian Reese I recently moved into a new house and had a lot of cardboard boxes for recycling. Instead of throwing them away I decided to get creative. The light in my kitchen was the first of the list. It needed a lampshade, so I decided to create one of my own. Items You Will Need A small box. It really doe...
By: Christian Reese

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Mon, 4 May 2015 05:04:48 PDT
EASY STORAGE BOXES - More DIY How To Projects]]> DIY_DAVE I made these crate style storage boxes for our sons nursery room. My wife was not happy with the cheap ones we had so I made these instead and she painted them the same colours to match the rest of the room. They are real easy to make and look great. A nice easy DIY craft project. What you will n...

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Wed, 15 Apr 2015 05:56:38 PDT
Bat-Box from a Reclaimed Pallet
Bat-Box from a Reclaimed Pallet - More DIY How To Projects]]> Renard_Bleu Nana-nana-nana-nana Bat Box! This project provides a much needed home for the commonly misunderstood and under-appreciated flying mammals. Why would I want to harbor these flying rodents on or near my property? Bats are very efficient hunters; most consume up to 50% of their body weight in insect...
By: Renard_Bleu

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Sun, 5 Apr 2015 16:09:18 PDT
Custom Project Enclosure
Custom Project Enclosure - More DIY How To Projects]]> DIY Hacks and How Tos So you have just finished building an awesome electronics project. Now you need to find a housing for it. You could just stick it in a plain plastic box. But project enclosures that you buy from a store are expensive and are rarely the right size. So why not build your own custom project enclosure. ...
By: DIY Hacks and How Tos

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Thu, 12 Mar 2015 04:37:09 PDT
CNC Hammer Joint Box
CNC Hammer Joint Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> mydarndest I am building some skills with my Shapeoko 2 and decided to cut a box that uses joinery and assembles without glue. Using a joinery technique called “Hammer Tenon”, I did some studies to translate it for CNC and did test cuts to make sure I had my file match the tolerance of the machine. Then, I d...
By: mydarndest

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Mon, 9 Mar 2015 12:24:27 PDT
Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig
Super Simple, Single Blade Box (Finger) Joint Jig - More DIY How To Projects]]> TheWoodfather I really wanted to create box joints on my table saw but I don't have the cash right now for a a Dado stack. (They are hard to come by in Australia) so I decided to make an accurate Single Blade Jig for my Table Saw. The results are great, perfect fitting box joints straight off of the tablesaw. I t...
By: TheWoodfather

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Tue, 3 Mar 2015 05:20:16 PST
wine box into rustic wood box
wine box into rustic wood box - More DIY How To Projects]]> briciius Hello everybody !Today i will teach you how to get an authentic, vintage and rustic wood box from a classical wine box.It's a project i've made during my studies a long time ago. so i've take new pics to show you the differents step. Preparing our magic potion. We need : A bottle - Vinaigre ( use...
By: briciius

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Fri, 20 Feb 2015 04:43:17 PST
Portable Welding Table / Kit
Portable Welding Table / Kit - More DIY How To Projects]]> BoilingLeadBath A different approach to the "welding table" problem.As I see it, one of the primary advantages of the little (~100 A) arc welders is their portability, due to small footprint and 120 V input. However, the standard welding table is rather ungainly, heavy, and has no (or inadequate) storage capability...
By: BoilingLeadBath

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Mon, 9 Feb 2015 11:40:12 PST
Mid Century Coffee Table
Mid Century Coffee Table - More DIY How To Projects]]> jessemckee First, this design isn't necessarily my own. It's a common mid century design that I added some of my favorite details to. Mainly the box joinery. Sorry about the images being smaller, I only took these with my iPhone and updated my progress on Instagram a while back. My Instagram is @jessemckee if ...
By: jessemckee

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Thu, 22 Jan 2015 07:17:04 PST
Ring box with wooden hinge
Ring box with wooden hinge - More DIY How To Projects]]> petachock I really like making wooden boxes and always use wooden hinges, I think they look so much better than any hinge you can buy. Plus they cost so much less (in money terms that is, not time!). As a lot of people who do woodwork I often have loads of offcuts that a generally too small to do anything wit...
By: petachock

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Fri, 16 Jan 2015 14:23:20 PST
Secret Compartment Box with Silver Inlay
Secret Compartment Box with Silver Inlay - More DIY How To Projects]]> rybitski This box was constructed as a gift from cherry and walnut. The cherry was cut, dried, sawed, and planed in my hometown in Virginia then moved out west with me. The walnut was purchased locally in California. The only fasteners used in the construction of the box are the screws attaching the hinge, e...
By: rybitski

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Wed, 14 Jan 2015 17:12:01 PST
Wooden Apple iPad Protective Box
Wooden Apple iPad Protective Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> AverageJoesJoinery I made this wooden box/case to enable me to take my iPad with me when I go into hospital. It will offer a lot of protection if I did drop it because the iPad is secured with padded foam inside the wooden box. Just because it was designed to offer protection doesnt mean it shouldnt look nice, so I in...
By: AverageJoesJoinery

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Sun, 11 Jan 2015 08:41:04 PST
Marvel Toy Chest
Marvel Toy Chest - More DIY How To Projects]]> Bresy Ive recently bought a new house and have given my two kids permission to design their room anyway they wish. My youngest son has asked for a marvel themed room so Ive started with this Toy chest.What you'll NeedBasic box made from Wood ( MDF or similar as easy to work with )Blue Paint Red PaintWhite...
By: Bresy

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Sun, 11 Jan 2015 04:27:17 PST
Storage Shelf
Storage Shelf - More DIY How To Projects]]> tlp801 I found some parts for a metal storage shelf at a local surplus warehouse and figured this would be a perfect project. I've seen similar shelving sold at Costco for around $150 - 200. But this costed much less!! Cost: Metal Shelf $20Plywood $10 x 2Total: $40Time to Complete ...
By: tlp801

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Thu, 8 Jan 2015 09:54:55 PST
Laser Cut Wooden Jewelry Box
Laser Cut Wooden Jewelry Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> Regax This Instructable will guide you through all of the steps required to make a fully customizable laser cut wooden jewelry box! This jewelry box contains two fold-out wings complete with satin foam pads, three racks designed to hold a total of twelve rings/necklaces and two fold-out panels designed to...
By: Regax

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Sat, 3 Jan 2015 00:12:16 PST
Cityscape Christmas Lamp
Cityscape Christmas Lamp - More DIY How To Projects]]> Cheesetopher Five years ago I tried to make this lamp and failed miserably with the use of expanding gorilla glue instead of hot glue, a set of scissors that creased paper rather than cut it, and procrastination may have also played a part. Here is my second attempt at the same idea of a lamp.My lamp has a Chris...
By: Cheesetopher

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Fri, 26 Dec 2014 08:13:52 PST
Hardwood watch box
Hardwood watch box - More DIY How To Projects]]> plkap74 I made this wooden box as a present for my brother over the holidays. The box is made of two pieces of Padauk hardwood (love the red color). Box pieces of wood have had pockets CNC milled into them to fit a 2 watches, and the top of the box has been CNC milled with a v-shaped bit to make his initial...
By: plkap74

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Mon, 22 Dec 2014 21:48:20 PST
Frozen Checker Board Box
Frozen Checker Board Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> sporty667 I wanted to build something for my cousins two little girls for Christmas and my dad said make checker board that's what I used to make for family and my mom said do something from frozen. These two little girls love frozen and were even them for Halloween so I started working, first time attempting...
By: sporty667

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Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:54:20 PST
Fence Wood Shadow Box
Fence Wood Shadow Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> theredsurfer A while back my GF saw a cool looking antique like shadow box at Hobby Lobby that she liked, though the $50 price tag for something that isn’t really an antique turned her away. So for a present I wanted to make a shadow box of my own and to give it a classic antique look I reused some old wood fenc...
By: theredsurfer

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Mon, 15 Dec 2014 11:33:24 PST
Secret Compartment Box
Secret Compartment Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> dhpenner1 I've had this idea for a jewelry box with a secret compartment rolling around in my head for a few months. There are no metal mechanisms, all movement is caused by wooden springs activated by an unassuming key. Selecting Your Wood I used a Walnut for the sides and Curly Maple for the back, front...
By: dhpenner1

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Mon, 8 Dec 2014 21:51:51 PST
Cardboard fan blade
Cardboard fan blade - More DIY How To Projects]]> 5hwb Sometimes, the plastic fan blade of a fan can be prone to breaking, rendering the fan useless, even though the motor is still able to run well. A non-functioning fan can be very inconvenient, especially when all you want to do is cool off on a hot summer day. So what now? Thankfully, it's quite easy...
By: 5hwb

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Mon, 24 Nov 2014 08:22:25 PST
Terrarium Table
Terrarium Table - More DIY How To Projects]]> Paige Russell I've been wanting to make a piece of indoor 'garden' furniture for ages. Not only do plants help improve indoor air quality (see NASA study), they also are huge mood enhancers for me. So I finally got down to it and built a terrarium coffee table! It was a lot of work for my beginner self, but tot...
By: Paige Russell

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Tue, 18 Nov 2014 09:00:50 PST
Make A Cordless Lightbox
Make A Cordless Lightbox - More DIY How To Projects]]> imwilly Recently designed and constructed this light-box which requires no 'mains' power supply. Just insert a 9V DC battery.Have just finished my upload file and wanted to share.Now everyone can make their on light-boxes. Wanted to get it out there before someone tried making everyone pay for it.Cheapest A...
By: imwilly

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Mon, 17 Nov 2014 03:34:10 PST
dogwood burl and walnut freehand pick box
dogwood burl and walnut freehand pick box - More DIY How To Projects]]> rickysp8 Well it said "In this Wood Contest, we want you to show us what magic you can create with a hunk of wood" so I did just that. A couple of years ago while wondering out in the woods I found a dog wood tree with a small burl near its base and since the tree was nearly dead I got my saw and cut the bur...
By: rickysp8

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Wed, 12 Nov 2014 17:18:59 PST
Seat Belt Buckling Box
Seat Belt Buckling Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> gravityisweak I have a pretty small car, because of that I'm really limited on my storage options. But I use my car often, both for work and for fun. Usually I find myself putting whatever is in my hands onto the passenger seat and usually by the time I get where I'm going this stuff finds its way onto the floor,...
By: gravityisweak

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Sat, 25 Oct 2014 08:26:42 PDT
Coroplast Wall Storage for Tools and Toys
Coroplast Wall Storage for Tools and Toys - More DIY How To Projects]]> MattTheMaker I'm always trying to make my shop more orderly so today I made some storage cubbies for my power tools. They are quick, easy, cheap, and strong. I tested one out and was able to hang off it as seen in the picture, I'm just shy of 160 lbs so these things are pretty tough. The materials needed for thi...
By: MattTheMaker

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Tue, 28 Oct 2014 21:08:03 PDT
Pirate Chest Cooler Box
Pirate Chest Cooler Box - More DIY How To Projects]]> joshwelch9 I recently saw an instructable about turning a cooler into a treasure chest and had to give it a go. I'll walk you through the steps I took to turn my cooler into a treasure chest. All of my materials used were recycled wood from pallets and t...
By: joshwelch9

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Mon, 29 Sep 2014 21:14:03 PDT
Generating elliptical boxes using a laser cutter and Inkscape
Generating elliptical boxes using a laser cutter and Inkscape - More DIY How To Projects]]> Basv This Instructable will teach you how to make elliptical boxes of different shapes and sizes like the ones pictured above. These boxes are easy to customize so you can add your own personal touch. Tools and materials A computer. Inkscape, a free and open source vector drawing application. ...
By: Basv

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Mon, 22 Sep 2014 10:50:35 PDT
Log box/case
Log box/case - More DIY How To Projects]]> SuperPollo My first Instructable, I hope you enjoy it:DFirst of all, I want to mention that English is not my mother or father tongue, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistake, or if it’s hard to understand/follow. Therefore I’ll be writing in English and Spanish (mother tongue) for any bilingual make...
By: SuperPollo

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Fri, 19 Sep 2014 19:12:42 PDT
Wooden iPhone Case
Wooden iPhone Case - More DIY How To Projects]]> deluges Hello everyone,So my dad got a brand new iPhone 5s (already outdated now) and I know that he would never buy a case for it so I decided to take the matter in my own hands and craft one for him, so that he would feel guilty if he said he didn't want it.Although he has a 5s, you can make this case for...
By: deluges

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Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:51:19 PDT
Marvelous money boxes
Marvelous money boxes - More DIY How To Projects]]> petachock I wanted to make a couple of money boxes for my kids and had a marvel poster spare so decided I'd make a comic clad money box for them each. They will get £1 a week and 20 pence a day, with the day one being an incentive to behave......well I'm hoping anyway (they are 5 and 7 by the way and not grow...
By: petachock

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Sat, 13 Sep 2014 14:00:58 PDT
BenchBox - More DIY How To Projects]]> OliverS1 A BenchBox is a furniture unique industrial design that combines the ideas of a bench and a box (of course!).The BenchBox is a space saving furniture, this because it combines two diferent functions in a small confortable space. The functional and minimalist design create a link between the user of ...
By: OliverS1

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Thu, 4 Sep 2014 10:39:59 PDT
Puzzle Box (Unabox)
Puzzle Box (Unabox) - More DIY How To Projects]]> mtairymd This is a modified version of the Unabox which was built by TXTCLA55 as shown here: simplified version can be built with limited tools and a basic skill level. The drawing is included in the video description. Note that the drawing units are...
By: mtairymd

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Sat, 23 Aug 2014 08:51:11 PDT
The Wooden Cordless Drill Press
The Wooden Cordless Drill Press - More DIY How To Projects]]> antagonizer Recently I was working with my drill press when the motor burned out. Lacking the funds to replace it, and in the middle of a project that required one, I thought it would be fun to come up with a press built completely out of wood. Taking it further, I wanted it to house my cordless drill so that i...
By: antagonizer

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Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:38:29 PDT
Pallet Companion Cube Container
Pallet Companion Cube Container - More DIY How To Projects]]> 110_Design The following will guide you through the process of creating your very own companion cube container. Combining two great things, pallets and video game culture, I have brought into this world an up-cycled cube. Depending on the scale that it is made into, it can serve many purposes. From office tras...
By: 110_Design

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Tue, 8 Jul 2014 13:58:23 PDT
auto roll up tool case
auto roll up tool case - More DIY How To Projects]]> Anred Zynch image 3 shows my damn old toolbox, so you see i need a new cool one urgently! but this is only my prototype, and I'm still working at this instructable. if you have some ideas, please tell me about and I will see if I can add it. The Component list spring rollo with stable materialwoodancho...
By: Anred Zynch

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Sat, 12 Apr 2014 13:10:54 PDT
How to build a fiberglass sub box
How to build a fiberglass sub box - More DIY How To Projects]]> bgugino In this Instructable i will show you how to build your very own custom subwoofer box! Making room Depending on your install you might have to remove some stuff from your trunk or cabin (spare tire,seats etc...)In my case i have a single cab truck so my options are limited. I decided to take the ...
By: bgugino

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Mon, 26 May 2014 00:26:50 PDT
Tenon Style Knob
Tenon Style Knob - More DIY How To Projects]]> dwestphal1 A while back I made this box to practice hand-cut dovetails. And then I wanted to make a tenon style knob. I've never made one before, so I figured 'back to the practice box!' Cut To Size The Knob I wanted a rectangular knob to match the rectangular box. Also, I've been wanting to work with th...
By: dwestphal1

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Wed, 21 May 2014 12:01:57 PDT