Instructables: exploring - workshop - painting Thu, 28 May 2015 01:27:15 PDT BLOX v1.01 12 Easy Spring Makeovers For Your Home
12 Easy Spring Makeovers For Your Home - More DIY How To Projects]]> AdrianaF1 Spring is finally here! Seems like it took forever, right? I've listed some ideas below that can transform your home and bring the spring into your household. The plates It may sound a little weird, but when you have breakfast or dinner, it can boost your mood just looking at beautiful plates. It...
By: AdrianaF1

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Tue, 31 Mar 2015 10:20:25 PDT
CNC Machining Project: Wild Hives Honey Display
CNC Machining Project: Wild Hives Honey Display - More DIY How To Projects]]> jack.hewett1 Hi, I am a student studying my Model Making degree. I am in my last year of the three year course and will soon be in the Industry. This Instructables shows my process in how I went about making this Model.For this project I had to find a client that needed a model made for them. I ended up approach...
By: jack.hewett1

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Wed, 11 Mar 2015 12:05:53 PDT
Tube/Pipe Painting Tool
Tube/Pipe Painting Tool - More DIY How To Projects]]> good_apollo Painting tubing/pipe is a real pain. Getting all the angles painted during a given coat without "running" it is almost impossible. Whatever project said tubing/pipes are getting installed on would almost certainly impede a complete coverage. Therefore the process is very time consuming and wastef...
By: good_apollo

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Tue, 10 Mar 2015 01:05:28 PDT
Carved Wood Owl Caricatures - Owl You Need Is Love
Carved Wood Owl Caricatures - Owl You Need Is Love - More DIY How To Projects]]> JNewhook This simple caricature of two owls in a wintery scene can be made with a few hand tools and wood burner. It is made from a rectangular bass wood block which can be found at your local craft store for under $5.If you are new to woodcarving, it may take a little time to get the feel of cutting with ...
By: JNewhook

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Sun, 1 Mar 2015 16:01:49 PST
Frame for painting / photography
Frame for painting / photography - More DIY How To Projects]]> evalds My version of making custom sized frame for painting on thin paper that needs to be pressed between glass and back-plate. Construction is made strong enough for very heavy 6mm organic glass. What you need for the task:Wooden laths of 2 sizes (thinner for back and thicker for front, make sore front l...
By: evalds

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Sun, 1 Feb 2015 07:35:37 PST
Cheap Drill Conversion
Cheap Drill Conversion - More DIY How To Projects]]> transistor2 This is a super easy way to make your cheap drill run as either a corded or cordless drill, that way you dont have to throw away the battery. It took me about 15 minutes to do it and it can be done with just about any drill. What you will need. Any drill that is battery operated expensive or chea...
By: transistor2

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Mon, 19 Jan 2015 17:25:15 PST
Kids Folding Art Easel
Kids Folding Art Easel - More DIY How To Projects]]> TabLeft An easy to build double sided folding art easel with self contained chalk boards, white boards, magnet boards, and sacrificial wood boards for painting.
By: TabLeft

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Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:19:31 PST
Minecraft Crossed Swords
Minecraft Crossed Swords - More DIY How To Projects]]> pudtiny Minecraft crossed sword wall art. Not a difficult project but it is a bit time consuming. Bits & Bobs - Tools & Stuff Materials18mm Ply 16" x 21" Picture HangerToolsJigsawMouse SanderDrill with 10mm Wood BitLarge Framing SquareBlack Spray PaintColoured Acrylic Paints Marking Out and Cuttin...
By: pudtiny

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Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:50:24 PST
A sort of modern kinetic art.
A sort of modern kinetic art. - More DIY How To Projects]]> giuliom_95 Hi all!In this instructables I will explain how I've created my personal kinetic art using cheap materials.Kinetic art is a very general expression that encloses every form of art that is related to movement or the illusion of it. In this case the movement is performed by the observer: the "sculptur...
By: giuliom_95

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Mon, 8 Dec 2014 06:35:28 PST
Update bathroom with some paint
Update bathroom with some paint - More DIY How To Projects]]> jgaffney3 Hello everyone,In this indestructible i will explain the steps necessary to update your bathroom with just a little bit of paint. We moved into this house about a month ago now, and it was built in the 1950s. The house has stayed in the 1950s, not that it was a bad year or anything but, it needed ...
By: jgaffney3

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Sun, 7 Dec 2014 13:27:55 PST
DIY Building a Small Step Stool
DIY Building a Small Step Stool - More DIY How To Projects]]> darbinorvar If you are a beginner or would like to tackle a quick project in just a few hours here are some simple plans to build this really useful step stool. You don't need many tools or materials and the overall cost is very low. I recommend using pine or other soft white wood because it is cheap and easy t...
By: darbinorvar

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Wed, 3 Dec 2014 17:09:39 PST
DIY Super Easy Steel Rod Shelf
DIY Super Easy Steel Rod Shelf - More DIY How To Projects]]> darbinorvar To get that industrial vibe in your home would be easy with this DIY steel rod shelf, where you're mostly assembling, not building! Steel rods, end caps and flanges are easy to pick up in the plumbing department of your home improvement store. You can even have the home improvement store cut a piece...
By: darbinorvar

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Mon, 1 Dec 2014 20:46:26 PST
Quickly Mix Paint
Quickly Mix Paint - More DIY How To Projects]]> TabLeft Just a couple quick tips for mixing paint in regular and small cans with things you already have around the house/shop.
By: TabLeft

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Wed, 19 Nov 2014 09:13:00 PST
Quick and cheap painter's points
Quick and cheap painter's points - More DIY How To Projects]]> glassgiant Painter's points, aka painter's pyramids, are small, pointy tools with a wide base designed to elevate a freshly-painted project off the work surface. This allows you to paint both sides without waiting for it to dry after the first side. The idea is that the painter's points contact the piece at ...
By: glassgiant

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Tue, 4 Nov 2014 18:28:01 PST
Basement painting
Basement painting - More DIY How To Projects]]> jgaffney3 My girlfriend and I just bought our first house. We decided that it would be a great idea to paint the basement before we moved everything in. It should give it that clean and new feel, even though house was built in the 50's. In the following steps i will share with you my 4 day ordeal and how t...
By: jgaffney3

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Tue, 14 Oct 2014 06:06:44 PDT
Renovating bedroom time lapse
Renovating bedroom time lapse - More DIY How To Projects]]> nlinventor We finally got to renovate our guest bedroom. Here's the "after" photo of the finished room. I mounted the GoPro camera on the wall in one corner of the room and set it to take a picture every 60 seconds. The edited time lapse video has about 180 pictures out of the total of 900 or so that were ta...
By: nlinventor

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Tue, 7 Oct 2014 06:44:02 PDT
Painting a Wooden Sign
Painting a Wooden Sign - More DIY How To Projects]]> SamuraiBobX26 Recycling a piece of wood from a crate and turning it into a wooden sign for a gift or home decoration. Finding a piece of wood and materials The first thing you have to do is gather materials for this project. I had several pieces of wood that came from shipping crates that I recycled for this ...
By: SamuraiBobX26

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Fri, 26 Sep 2014 15:36:24 PDT
Convenient paint holder for a ladder
Convenient paint holder for a ladder - More DIY How To Projects]]> 1o_o7 Here is a very cheap, very convenient, way to paint at the top of a ladder without having to hold both a brush and a paint bucket. It can be installed on a ladder in 2 minutes and uses a removable disposable beer cup to store the paint. This allows you to refill or replace the paint without having t...
By: 1o_o7

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Tue, 9 Sep 2014 08:25:57 PDT
Drawer to Nail Polish Rack
Drawer to Nail Polish Rack - More DIY How To Projects]]> artistokat How to turn a drawer to a nail polish rack Step 1: Materials Supplies•drill•screwdriver•drawer•cocking or wood putty•headless nails•pencil •wood•saw (I used a Japanese hand saw)•tape measure•wood glue•hammer•sandpaper Step 2: Remove pieces Use the drill or screw to remove the drawer handle, th...
By: artistokat

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Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:33:12 PDT
Paint your work table
Paint your work table - More DIY How To Projects]]> kresimir1993 Greetings, Before we get started, I want to inform you that my native language isn't English, so sorry for some missplled words.So, you have an old working table that's been through a lot and the paint has worn off?Go buy a new one!The end.Just kidding, the reason you are here is because you want to...
By: kresimir1993

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Sun, 17 Aug 2014 08:54:16 PDT
Refinishing Old Dining Room Set
Refinishing Old Dining Room Set - More DIY How To Projects]]> kmeier We all have mismatching furniture that just doesn't go with anything else in the house or apartment. Though we all wish it did. Well you can change all that if you're willing to do the work! Since you're on Instructables site I'm guessing you are up for almost any DIY challenge. This is my first Ins...
By: kmeier

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Thu, 14 Aug 2014 02:22:46 PDT
painting your cordless drill battery
painting your cordless drill battery - More DIY How To Projects]]> xander95 Hey everyoneI decided to make a instructables for my cordless drill paint job.I have an old cordless drill from Bosch but the batteries weren't what they used to be...So I decided to buy new ones, and because I wanted to know which were the new one and which the old batteries are, I came on the idea...
By: xander95

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Wed, 6 Aug 2014 14:58:28 PDT
Faux Stone Painting
Faux Stone Painting - More DIY How To Projects]]> Rhonda Chase Design When I replaced my ancient one piece range with new appliances I was left with a big swath of unfinished drywall. Looking at my options and not liking most of them, I decided to paint a faux stone wall. I'm pretty happy with the result, and even more important, so is my family.Update: I've been usin...
By: Rhonda Chase Design

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Tue, 5 Aug 2014 17:54:01 PDT
Matte camouflaged yamaha Fz16
Matte camouflaged yamaha Fz16 - More DIY How To Projects]]> zamil_316 I love doing innovative stuff, for long time i was thinking of putting my work for all of you. so this is a part of my work.I have painted my motorcycle 2 times, the camouflaged version is my second time. Tools needed Tools needed:-1. Air compressor with regulator2. Spray gun + airbrush 3. sten...
By: zamil_316

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Sat, 26 Jul 2014 04:10:15 PDT
DIY Rocking Chair Makeover with Olympic Stain
DIY Rocking Chair Makeover with Olympic Stain - More DIY How To Projects]]> Weekend_Craft My sister recently bought a house and they are in the process of making it their own. Week after week Jenny has sent me links to rocking chairs that were just too pricey or falling apart on Craigslist. I immediately knew this would be a fun project to surprise her with. Check out the blog post here ...
By: Weekend_Craft

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Mon, 21 Jul 2014 07:41:40 PDT
Superhero Kids Bench
Superhero Kids Bench - More DIY How To Projects]]> AmateurHour A friend of mine wanted a bench for her sons who just happen to like the superheroes Ironman, Hulk, and Spiderman. I couldn't resist the opportunity to combine my longtime fondness of painting with my new skills in woodworking and naturally I also had to make an instructable.Materials:2x3x8ft lumbe...
By: AmateurHour

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Wed, 16 Jul 2014 23:26:27 PDT
Paint Using Faux Technique
Paint Using Faux Technique - More DIY How To Projects]]> DarkoOK The faux technique was applied to a wall prepared with a thick texture of joint compound using a variation of the knock down trowel method above the chair rail. 2 shades of brown were used. A rich medium brown and a sandy shade of tan were chosen. Apply a light sandy shade of brown paint to a roug...
By: DarkoOK

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Tue, 1 Jul 2014 09:39:32 PDT
How to repaint a shower & tub
How to repaint a shower & tub - More DIY How To Projects]]> The Rustic Barn Owl Instead of buying and replacing a new shower and tub we decided to TRY and repaint it. It was a lot of work but turned out great! Materials materials:1. You can buy a tub & sink refinishing kit at lowes for $45.00. Check to make sure it will cover your area. Might need more than one kit or extra ...
By: The Rustic Barn Owl

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Sat, 21 Jun 2014 16:53:35 PDT
Spill Proofer
Spill Proofer - More DIY How To Projects]]> JON-A-TRON Have you ever knocked over a cup of water and soaked the project you were working on? I did yesterday. I always keep water and a chip brush handy when I'm gluing wood- I like to clean up the glue that squeezes out when you clamp wood while it's still wet instead of sanding dry globs of it after the ...

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Fri, 20 Jun 2014 12:29:57 PDT
How to paint varnish!!
How to paint varnish!! - More DIY How To Projects]]> ishiyasu How to paint varnish!!(video version)I introduce a way to fix a display shelf in the wall!! I live in a rental apartment, but I want to customize in my room without minding the deposit!!When I fix the display shelf in the wall, I pierce the wall.I introduce a way to repair the hole, too.I introduce....
By: ishiyasu

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Thu, 12 Jun 2014 23:25:04 PDT
Tetris Chest of Drawers
Tetris Chest of Drawers - More DIY How To Projects]]> craftalavista I bought a set of drawers months ago from Ikea and spent ages deciding how to paint them. Every time I looked at them the shape reminded me of a game of tetris but I didn't think all the bright colours would go in my living room. Then it hit me - why do I need to stick to the traditional colours and...
By: craftalavista

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Thu, 29 May 2014 13:35:14 PDT
Paint a Display Shelf
Paint a Display Shelf - More DIY How To Projects]]> ishiyasu Today  I paint my display shelf which I made before. Change to Paint I change to paint this display shelf. Put a Plastic Sheet I put a plastic sheet on the floor. Take it to Pieces I take it to pieces. Use This Paint I use this paint this time. It is "Buttermilk Paint of Old Villlag...
By: ishiyasu

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Wed, 30 Apr 2014 20:15:48 PDT
Folding (pac-n-go) Chair
Folding (pac-n-go) Chair - More DIY How To Projects]]> cahelming A chair designed for functionality, affordability, out door comfort, and easily disassembled for storage. More importantly it can be fabricated out of a limited amount of materials and tools. TOOLS: - Drill with 1/2" drill bit- - Jig Saw with wood saw blade - Clamps - Router with 1/2" di...
By: cahelming

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Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:20:08 PDT
Living painting made from succulents
Living painting made from succulents - More DIY How To Projects]]> algert555 Again an outdoor instructable. A living wall painting made from succulents.  List of ingredients: An old van Gogh with frame or only the frame Some scrap plywood Some scrap batten or whatever you have lying around An old plastic shopping bag Wire mesh Nails Staples ...
By: algert555

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Tue, 22 Apr 2014 06:57:48 PDT
How to Powder Coat Aluminum Wheels - TechShop
How to Powder Coat Aluminum Wheels - TechShop - More DIY How To Projects]]> kmagnuson I made it at the TechShop, well.. I powder coated it there. This is a "How-to" guide including step by step directions on How to Powder Coat Aluminum Wheels. Powder coating cannot be performed without having access to the proper equipment, but if you do it makes an excellent alternative to painting ...
By: kmagnuson

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Fri, 4 Apr 2014 02:38:52 PDT
Powder-Coating an Old Bike Rack
Powder-Coating an Old Bike Rack - More DIY How To Projects]]> solobo This old hitch-mounted bike rack has been through a lot. Since I got it for $50 on craigslist about 3 years ago, it's been rear-ended (twice), taken apart and re-welded, and slowly rusted in the rain and weather.  But today, it has new life. It has been powder-coated. Powder coating is a way to ap...
By: solobo

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Mon, 17 Feb 2014 19:18:01 PST
Artistic Crate Box/Table
Artistic Crate Box/Table - More DIY How To Projects]]> tcosbm16 This was a fun project for me that took several weeks, but it was all worth it. Here is how I did. The Making I received this crate from my parents almost lifeless. They got it at a auction. They were about to throw it away. I thought I could make something out of it and I did. I first ha...
By: tcosbm16

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Tue, 14 Jan 2014 13:53:43 PST
Easy Furniture Painting
Easy Furniture Painting - More DIY How To Projects]]> amalkhan I know what you're thinking: who would undertake the daunting task of painting furniture when ikea is alive and kicking? Well, if you're reading this Instructable, likes are you've overcome this internal debate!Painting furniture can breath life back into a boring piece, as well as make a big impact...
By: amalkhan

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Wed, 8 Jan 2014 18:12:16 PST
Paint and finish drying kit
Paint and finish drying kit - More DIY How To Projects]]> xwania This is my first Instructable's posting so be kind :-). I made some Xmas gifts this season and needed a jig to dry the urethane that I applied on the candle holders.  Normally I would do this by brushing the sides and top, let it dry and then do the bottom. Or use the drying cones/pyramids but they ...
By: xwania

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Sat, 28 Dec 2013 10:13:36 PST
DIY Cloud Ornamentation In Six Easy Steps
DIY Cloud Ornamentation In Six Easy Steps - More DIY How To Projects]]> JaneClarke DIY projects have become very popular these days and there is a reason why. They are cheap, interesting and the feeling when you've created something on your own is unique. Undoubtedly, many of these tasks require a lot of preparation or time to carry out. If you've repainted the wall of the nursery...
By: JaneClarke

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Fri, 13 Dec 2013 11:25:27 PST
DIY Distressed Peacock Green Finish Using Chalk Paint
DIY Distressed Peacock Green Finish Using Chalk Paint - More DIY How To Projects]]> ReDoneReLoved Creating a teal or peacock green finish using Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint, CeCe Caldwell's Emerald Isle Chalk and Clay Paint and Martha Stewart's Gold Metallic Paint. Find Your Perfect Piece I found this lovely desk on a local facebook yardsale sight and had to have it! I immediately kn...
By: ReDoneReLoved

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Sun, 6 Oct 2013 15:15:58 PDT
DIY: Painting A Striped Wall addi003 Having an accent wall can really change the look of a room. We recently painted a wall in our baby nursery with thick blue and white stripes. It was actually pretty easy to do. Follow our step-by-step instructions to paint a striped wall in your home. How To: Paint A Striped Wall
By: addi003

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Mon, 29 Jul 2013 12:44:01 PDT
Painting a vehicle using Tractor Paint
Painting a vehicle using Tractor Paint - More DIY How To Projects]]> sam24th So some of you guys may have seen my previous tutorial on how to spraypaint a jeep using krylon paint and make a zombie assault vehicle, well I'm back and pleased to present you guys with a new tutorial on how to use tractor and implement paint for a good budget paintjob that will hold up much bette...
By: sam24th

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Sun, 28 Jul 2013 20:05:18 PDT
DIY Chair Restoration
DIY Chair Restoration - More DIY How To Projects]]> NimbleMoney One of the best ways to give a piece of old furniture a snappy new look is to give it a colourful coat of paint.  In this tutorial I'm taking two old, mismatched chairs and showing you how to do a complete restoration. The end result is pretty cool! You can use these instructions for any piece of ...
By: NimbleMoney

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Mon, 17 Jun 2013 23:15:20 PDT
Reanimating Grandpas old DIY WWII Compressor
Reanimating Grandpas old DIY WWII Compressor - More DIY How To Projects]]> uncle_molotov I have to paint several parts on my car and therefore I wanted to use one of the old compressors which stand around in the cellar since my grandfather died According to my dad hey build them out of old airplane compressors from planes which where shot during WWII. He drove round the villages and col...
By: uncle_molotov

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Sun, 2 Jun 2013 10:13:31 PDT
Portable Desktop Drawing and Painting Easel with Woodburning MakeItWithJason I designed a portable easel out of two pieces of luan (1/8" to 1/4" plywood).  I originally intended to sell them, but decided I didn't really enjoy making them in production levels.  The time vs. cost factor didn't really pan out. Either way, this is a design that might make an artist loved one ha...
By: MakeItWithJason

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Thu, 2 May 2013 08:50:45 PDT
Learn with me as I Make Wooden Chess Set at TechShop. John_TS_DTW Goal:  To learn how to make Inexpensive Chess Pieces and Chess Board. Software & Hardware:  Google Image Search, Corel Draw and Epilog Laser Cutter and Edger. Special Note:  The wood to make the chess pieces were made from leftover scrap woods. Google Search "Images Chess" Get the images that yo...
By: John_TS_DTW

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Mon, 22 Apr 2013 00:50:51 PDT
Who well starts ...(waiting for spring)
Who well starts ...(waiting for spring) - More DIY How To Projects]]> torx This simple instructables is maintenance, which this year I did of my garden tools ... waiting for a spring that really late this year to venitre here in Italy. Just look at my instructable: to see that last year at this time ...
By: torx

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Sun, 7 Apr 2013 16:06:54 PDT
How to Paint a Side Table
How to Paint a Side Table - More DIY How To Projects]]> kochesjs Hello! Welcome to my Instructable, How to Paint a Side Table! By following these steps, you will learn how to paint an accent table of your choice from start to finish.  Materials Needed: Side table with wood finish 1-2 cans Krylon primer (additional may be necessary for a larger table) ...
By: kochesjs

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Thu, 4 Apr 2013 17:56:53 PDT
Safe Scaffolding for painting above an attached garage.
Safe Scaffolding for painting above an attached garage. - More DIY How To Projects]]> old_alex The pictured setup is over 20 years old. In my previous job as an R&D engineer for a government research lab the geek quotient was way up there. When you did a job at home and came up with an idea you would take pictures and bring them in to show others.  I live near the coast and salt spray makes y...
By: old_alex

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Tue, 29 Jan 2013 11:30:43 PST