Instructables: exploring - soft-circuits - featured Tue, 28 Jun 2016 01:14:10 PDT BLOX v1.01 Beginning Soft Circuits zazenergy "Beginning Soft Circuits" gives you the complete step-by-step instructions for 19 different projects to light up your clothes. Learn to make your own sparkling tutu, a turn signal bike jacket, light up leggings and more! All projects come from, are written by our creative community...
By: zazenergy

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Wed, 11 May 2011 15:39:04 PDT
How-To videos for eTextiles, soft circuits and wearable computing Lynne Bruning How -To videos series about the basics construction of DIY soft circuits, eTextiles and wearable tech. These video shorts will help you- select hand sewing needles for conductive threads sew electronic hardware to textiles compare conductive threads and fabrics use conductive thread with your sewin...
By: Lynne Bruning

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Thu, 26 Jan 2012 04:52:32 PST
Soft Circuit Contest Carleyy COMING SOON: Soft Circuit Contest!!! I have gathered some awesome soft circuit instructables for inspiration.  Be sure to check out the Soft Circuit channel for more ideas along with these great websites! Fashioning Technology Soft Circuit Saturday I Heart Switch Lilypond Three Fabric Buttons T...
By: Carleyy

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Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:10:12 PDT
Conductive Fabric Instructables Guides Whether you call it "soft tech" or "wearables," we can all agree that there has been great advancements in recent years merging fabric-based crafts with electronics. These innovations have changed the way we interact with our clothes, each other and our environment. Be it clothes that aid the blind ...
By: Instructables Guides

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Wed, 4 Mar 2009 17:45:50 PST