Instructables: exploring - stepbystep - kitchen - featured Mon, 4 May 2015 09:09:06 PDT BLOX v1.01 Laser Etched Spice Labels
Laser Etched Spice Labels - More DIY How To Projects]]> acoens A move to a new apartment meant the only good place to store my spices was in a small container in a drawer. The only trouble was that every time I wanted to grab a spice, it was a mini game of Memory. I decided to find a scrap piece of thin plywood and make individual labels for them and hot glue t...
By: acoens

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Mon, 27 Apr 2015 05:40:56 PDT
FingerGuard - More DIY How To Projects]]> mitko300589 Cut fast,cut straight,save your fingers with FingerGuard. Orientation and support I advise this orientation and support structure for this print.
By: mitko300589

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Mon, 6 Apr 2015 04:38:33 PDT
Multi Functional Fridge Magnet
Multi Functional Fridge Magnet - More DIY How To Projects]]> Susan Cirigliano What do you do with all those cool little cans that special candies and spices come in? If you ar like me you can't bear to part with them and you have plenty of traveling vitamin containers or button boxes. Make them into something useful for your home! A multi functional refrigerator magnet...hold...
By: Susan Cirigliano

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Wed, 22 Apr 2015 07:31:40 PDT
copper and wood trivets
copper and wood trivets - More DIY How To Projects]]> jessyratfink These copper pipe and wood trivets are super cheap, fast and beautiful! My favorite type of project. Don't you love it when you just have to glue things together and then you're done? Plus, who doesn't love trivets you'll gladly leave out to look at? Copper and wood is much more fancy than the grimy...
By: jessyratfink

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Tue, 21 Apr 2015 14:33:36 PDT
Lasercut Straight-Sided Taster Glasses
Lasercut Straight-Sided Taster Glasses - More DIY How To Projects]]> SquirrelBrained We're planning a beer tasting party to improve our knowledge of beer flavors. So what better way to get started, than with a nice new set of tasting glasses, each etched for approximately 3 oz pours and numbered 1 to 10. I whipped up these glasses at TechShop SF over the course of 2 2-hour sessions ...
By: SquirrelBrained

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Sun, 12 Apr 2015 12:10:53 PDT
Lo-Tek Yogurt Maker
Lo-Tek Yogurt Maker - More DIY How To Projects]]> nathanaloysiusbash This is an extremely easy to make yogurt maker that works really well. -Cooler-nightlights-three outlet extension cord-mini utility knife-chopsticks-hot glue gun This instructable is going to be a lot easier to follow exactly if you live near a Dollar Tree. You get one of their little foam c...
By: nathanaloysiusbash

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Sat, 28 Feb 2015 12:51:19 PST
Hanging Microwave Shelf
Hanging Microwave Shelf - More DIY How To Projects]]> RonnyK My little kitchen doesn't have a lot of counter space so I came up with this cheap, easy, and sturdy shelf to hang my microwave under a countertop or cabinet. This shelf could also easily be adapted for other appliances or storage.The materials cost about $25 total, including having the plywood cut ...
By: RonnyK

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Sat, 28 Feb 2015 11:03:51 PST
Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry
Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry - More DIY How To Projects]]> boston09 In this Instructable, you will learn how to steal some much needed kitchen storage, and not take up any more room in doing so.I live in a small apartment with an even smaller kitchen that is lacking in the storage department. So I needed a new cabinet, and since I do NOT have permission to put big h...
By: boston09

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Sat, 21 Feb 2015 15:12:15 PST
Tamper Resistant
Tamper Resistant - More DIY How To Projects]]> davidbordow Tamper Resistant is a brass and aluminum espresso tamper that indicates to the user when they’ve tamped to 30 pounds of pressure. This is important in making espresso because a correct tamp produces a better infusion. I machined the parts using a lathe, mill and other metal working tools. The bas...
By: davidbordow

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Wed, 11 Feb 2015 18:31:28 PST
DIY Lazy Susan
DIY Lazy Susan - More DIY How To Projects]]> mysterygirl995 I don't know about you, but, I live in a small house & the pantry is even smaller. So to save space a made a lazy susan to hold my spices. It is really easy & cheap to make. I put mine in my pantry but you could also put it on a table (it could even hold perfume on a vanity table or something) Be cr...
By: mysterygirl995

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Mon, 2 Feb 2015 15:37:13 PST
Micro Food Kitchen
Micro Food Kitchen - More DIY How To Projects]]> ChristopherD9 This is my first Instructable.I have been running a food booth for some time. Through the years, i have gone from small, wooden framed, stand-beside booths, to fully covered trailers. This is my first metal framed booth. I also possess a very diversified, and well-rounded skill set, which keeps me e...
By: ChristopherD9

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Fri, 30 Jan 2015 11:33:45 PST
$10 Kitchen/Cooking Torch
$10 Kitchen/Cooking Torch - More DIY How To Projects]]> tgvoss I was interested in a cooking torch to help make sous-vide dishes look better and to help make créme brûlée. Most of the torches designed for the kitchen are $25-$50 and require the use of small butane canisters, which cost more per ounce ($2.20/oz vs. $0.20/oz for propane). Secondly, torches design...
By: tgvoss

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Thu, 29 Jan 2015 15:00:35 PST
Rubber Band Wine Rack
Rubber Band Wine Rack - More DIY How To Projects]]> craftsfamship Nothing says classy, sophisticated wine storage like nestling your bottles of wine on this rubber band wine rack!Supplies:4 qty 1-3/4" x 36" square wood dowel6 qty 5/8" x 36" round dowel120 qty #33 rubber bands (3-1/2"x1/8")wood gluesand paperstain and beeswax optionalTools: Drill5/8" drill bitsaw...
By: craftsfamship

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Sun, 25 Jan 2015 19:17:48 PST
RUBBER BAND INSULATED TEA SLEEVE - More DIY How To Projects]]> abeaule Drinking out of Mason Jars is very popular at the moment. But have you ever tried drinking something hot out of a Mason Jar without a handle? They get hot. REALLY HOT. So this idea was inspired by the porcelain reusable coffee cups that have a rubber sleeve. The sleeve is not removable so you need t...
By: abeaule

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Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:45:07 PST
Molecule Wine Glass Charms
Molecule Wine Glass Charms - More DIY How To Projects]]> jhutchison Used these charms to identify your glass at a party.The designs were etched with a wood burner and are representations of molecules to do with drinks:SugarWaterEthanolCitric AcidGlassCarbon DioxideI took a little bit of artistic licence with the glass molecule because of its crystalline structure. I...
By: jhutchison

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Fri, 16 Jan 2015 14:41:39 PST
Build a Custom Cleaver Handle
Build a Custom Cleaver Handle - More DIY How To Projects]]> rodneywong I made this solid wood handle for my cleaver to replace the original rounded one that was extremely worn. When working with cutlery it's best to cover the blade and wrap it securely to protect yourself. Also be aware to keep your woodworking tools away from contacting the metal that may dull your ...
By: rodneywong

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Tue, 13 Jan 2015 23:59:51 PST
Knife Block made of Skewers
Knife Block made of Skewers - More DIY How To Projects]]> Berkana This knife block is inexpensive and flexible enough to accommodate any sort of knife collection. (Speaking of inexpensive, this is part of the "On a Budget" contest. Your votes are appreciated! ^_^ ) And unlike the commercially made knife block that uses plastic strips bound together at the base (ca...
By: Berkana

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Tue, 13 Jan 2015 09:15:25 PST
Kitchen Trivet (Hot metal pad) from cork wine covers
Kitchen Trivet (Hot metal pad) from cork wine covers - More DIY How To Projects]]> aramaic Project for all these cork wine closures we can recycle after every wine party at home. If you like cooking - you always need a good surface to place your hot pan after food is ready. What could be better than cork trivet? Cork is perfect material for this purpose. It is natural and environmental fr...
By: aramaic

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Sun, 11 Jan 2015 09:07:46 PST
Steampunk Cheese Slicer
Steampunk Cheese Slicer - More DIY How To Projects]]> MaskMarvl Cheese slicer made with two pieces of pipe, wire and some screws. Materials Find two pieces of pipe and cut to desired lengths. One for the handle (thicker), and one for the wire holder (thinner). Some screws, washers, stainless steal wire and a piece of rounded wood.I used a piece of copper pip...
By: MaskMarvl

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Sat, 10 Jan 2015 15:14:14 PST
Paracord Pot Holder
Paracord Pot Holder - More DIY How To Projects]]> firefightermeyer Protect your hands from heat with a pot holder made from Paracord! I don't like to use oven mitts so this is my alternative. This handle can slip on and off and squeeze onto all your pots and pans to protect them from the heat!You will need:- Two 8 foot lengths of Paracord- Scissors- Sixteen 1 inch ...
By: firefightermeyer

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Mon, 5 Jan 2015 17:39:11 PST
The (Mason) Jar-inator!
The (Mason) Jar-inator! - More DIY How To Projects]]> The Green Gentleman I think perhaps the nicest thing about Mason jars is that only a tiny percentage of those who own them are actually using them for the purpose for which they were invented. They are the most eminently hackable of food containers, and yet consist of only three pieces. However, in spite of all its e...
By: The Green Gentleman

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Thu, 1 Jan 2015 11:43:08 PST
Glasses rack on wine bottle
Glasses rack on wine bottle - More DIY How To Projects]]> vatkin In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make this simple and beautiful wooden rack for your wine glasses that fits on top of a wine bottle. Its a nice way to showcase a nice bottle of wine and an easy and interesting way of serving a bottle and glasses to the table. If your invited over fo...
By: vatkin

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Sun, 4 Jan 2015 09:40:31 PST
MASON JAR SPICE RACK - More DIY How To Projects]]> abeaule This project was inspired by my granddads storage system in his workshop. I added a little style to it and voila ! It looks pretty good in my kitchen. This Spice Rack is easy to make and personalize to your needs. You don't need to use mason jars, recycled containers with screwable tops would do. It...
By: abeaule

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Thu, 1 Jan 2015 09:40:17 PST
DIY Monogram Mugs
DIY Monogram Mugs - More DIY How To Projects]]> SabrenaD I have a family of friends who all love Coffee! Even the littlest of them at age 3. I love to find ways to give them personalized gifts, especially since they all have very unique names. So I made these mugs for them for Christmas. What I like best about them is the precision of the letterforms. Usi...
By: SabrenaD

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Mon, 29 Dec 2014 16:25:50 PST
Rotating Knife Block
Rotating Knife Block - More DIY How To Projects]]> derwassi Well, there won't be knifes rotating in this instructable, but it will be nice non the less;-)In this instructable I will show you how I created a rotating knife block with a self built groove ball bearing.The knife block is round with a diameter of roughly 18cm and a total height of roughly 25cm. ...
By: derwassi

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Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:36:14 PST
Mason Jar Tea Cup With Built In Tea Ball
Mason Jar Tea Cup With Built In Tea Ball - More DIY How To Projects]]> ctx1985 I was just browsing the contest page here on Instructables and noticed the 'Mason Jar Challenge'. I'd been wanting to make my wife a tea cup with a built in steeper for a while now, and since Christmas was just around the corner, I thought now would be the perfect time!What you'll need:-Mason jar mu...
By: ctx1985

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Sun, 28 Dec 2014 06:57:58 PST
Wedding Beer Koozies
Wedding Beer Koozies - More DIY How To Projects]]> craftalavista My Brother got married in Vegas this year and I was tasked with decorations. They wanted a Tiki theme so I decided to make a wedding favour that people could use at the party but also take home as a keepsake. That's where the idea for these Koozies came fromWhat you need:A4 sheet of foamthick thread...
By: craftalavista

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Sat, 27 Dec 2014 15:49:34 PST
Coffee Cradle
Coffee Cradle - More DIY How To Projects]]> solobo If you have even an ounce of OCD in your blood (and don't we all?), then it will bother you--in some deep, unconscious, insidious, infectious part of your soul--to see your coffee filters wilting and flattening in the dark clutter of your cabinet. It will sadden you to see gorgeous goblets of gossam...
By: solobo

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Tue, 23 Dec 2014 05:18:24 PST
Rendering Beeswax
Rendering Beeswax - More DIY How To Projects]]> JenniferBerry If your beekeeping efforts resulted in a honey harvest, then chances are you have wax to process. Most of my beekeeping friends give me the wax simply because they don't want to deal with it after all the effort to harvest the honey. But have no fear, it can be really easy to process wax even if yo...
By: JenniferBerry

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Sat, 20 Dec 2014 11:15:36 PST
Wooden Fender Bass Spatula
Wooden Fender Bass Spatula - More DIY How To Projects]]> Luegg Lately, a growing number of my friends are becoming enthusiastic cooks. This calls for gifts (that may get me invited for dinner sometime). A musician myself (as most of my cooking friends are), I had the idea for this very recognizable spatula. It is a simple build, and it took me around 1.5 hours ...
By: Luegg

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Mon, 15 Dec 2014 08:20:20 PST
Water Jet Cut Wall Hanging Mushroom Garden
Water Jet Cut Wall Hanging Mushroom Garden - More DIY How To Projects]]> Maria Finn Photo by Charlie Nordstorm I'm mushroom obsessed. It's not just their deliciousness, the savory umami characteristics that give the pleasure of meat, yet are a fungus. They are inherently poetic-they link edibility & appetite with death and decay. The mushrooms themselves are the fruit of a vast und...
By: Maria Finn

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Mon, 8 Dec 2014 19:54:13 PST
Wooden kitchen scraper...why not?
Wooden kitchen scraper...why not? - More DIY How To Projects]]> warehouse32 A wooden what now??...My thoughts exactly. When my wife requested I make her one of these I thought she was making it up (can you tell I don't spend much time cooking). Then, she went on pinterest and proceeded to show me pages upon pages of kitchen scrapers. She wasn't making it up. Once I realiz...
By: warehouse32

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Tue, 2 Dec 2014 13:30:13 PST
How To Make Butter At Home
How To Make Butter At Home - More DIY How To Projects]]> antoniraj Making butter at home for our own use is very easy and does not require any specialized equipment other than a butter churner. In olden days our grandmother used to make butter from milk as well as from curd. Now a days we tend to buy readily available butter from the super market and hence the meth...
By: antoniraj

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Mon, 24 Nov 2014 22:27:13 PST
Designing a Ceramic Vessel for 3D Printing
Designing a Ceramic Vessel for 3D Printing - More DIY How To Projects]]> kitchentablescraps It's been a while since I've had a chance to spend any quality time in a ceramic studio. )Now that ordering a 3D print in ceramic is (relatively) accessible,  I've been itching to try printing a 3D ceramic vessel. As a designer, the possibilities are terrifically exciting. Many designs that would be...
By: kitchentablescraps

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Mon, 25 Mar 2013 09:08:00 PDT
Metal Coffee Pour Over Stand
Metal Coffee Pour Over Stand - More DIY How To Projects]]> deweymakes I'm the only coffee drinker in my household, so I have a little #2 pour over cone coffe filter that I use every morning. Sometimes I have a problem balancing said coffee filter on top of the particular coffee cup I'm using. So I decided to build a stand for it. I chose to use a few bolts and som...
By: deweymakes

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Mon, 24 Nov 2014 08:09:52 PST
Carbonating fruit with dry ice and a pressure cooker
Carbonating fruit with dry ice and a pressure cooker - More DIY How To Projects]]> gfish A couple years ago, I wanted to try carbonated fruit. Unfortunately, the standard technique was to use a whipping siphon and CO2 cartridge, neither of which I had. Being unemployed at the time, I didn't want to buy new equipment just for an experiment. I decided to improvise.The science is pretty si...
By: gfish

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Thu, 20 Nov 2014 22:17:45 PST
Make a Butter Knife for Spreading Cold, Hard Butter
Make a Butter Knife for Spreading Cold, Hard Butter - More DIY How To Projects]]> cammers Hello Instructablers.Here's how you can make a butter knife that can handle cold butter straight from the fridge without ripping up your bread or toast.The original idea is not mine. I spotted it on Kickstarter: project was super-successful, a...
By: cammers

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Tue, 11 Nov 2014 03:36:02 PST
Automated Pop-up Kitchen Spice Rack
Automated Pop-up Kitchen Spice Rack - More DIY How To Projects]]> Firgelli Automations - How To This is a simple Kitchen Automation project. A Firgelli Automation FA-400-12-18" stroke linear actuator was used to pop up this spice rack. Of course the top would typically be the granite square that was cut out originally, and the spice rack could be a coffee machine, microwave, TV, wine rack or a...
By: Firgelli Automations - How To

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Mon, 8 Oct 2007 12:19:00 PDT
how to stock a pantry
how to stock a pantry - More DIY How To Projects]]> jessyratfink If you've ever wanted to start cooking, having a proper pantry is one of the first steps you'll need to take! I cook pretty much every day and sometimes multiple times a day, mostly pulling from things I have on hand. When you've got an awesomely stocked pantry, you really only need to worry about g...
By: jessyratfink

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Wed, 5 Nov 2014 11:49:31 PST
Sugru Spoon Rest
Sugru Spoon Rest - More DIY How To Projects]]> rdcowley I enjoy cooking. Washing up, however, not so much. I usually try and avoid using a spoon rest by precariously balancing the wooden spoon I'm using on the pan handle.Sometimes this results in the teetering, sauce covered spoon, falling to the floor - usually in slow motion as I look on helplessly.My ...
By: rdcowley

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Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13:11:15 PDT
Recycling IKEA INGO into bar standing table in 3 simple steps
Recycling IKEA INGO into bar standing table in 3 simple steps - More DIY How To Projects]]> carloratm We had a very old INGO table from IKEA. It was in a very dirty garage and we used it as a workbench.We decided to transform it to a standing table for our kitchen.The process is very simple, and the result is awesome! Cut the table to fit your space First of all, you have to cut the table top.Sta...
By: carloratm

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Sun, 26 Oct 2014 10:28:53 PDT
Whiskey Ice Tongs
Whiskey Ice Tongs - More DIY How To Projects]]> CrazyClever I have been striving to create the perfect whiskey set. I made my own whiskey stones and Bignoza provided me with the plans to make mini pallet coasters. All that was missing was a matching set of creative and unique ice tongs. I wanted something rustic, and more importantly, something fun!After muc...
By: CrazyClever

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Tue, 21 Oct 2014 00:38:24 PDT
Mini Hydroponics Herb Garden
Mini Hydroponics Herb Garden - More DIY How To Projects]]> kym.teo So... I've recently decided that I wanted to build myself a mini hydroponic herb garden and so naturally, I came onto instructables to find out how to do so. However, the instructables that I found all involved a simple airstone/grow pot hydroponic set up which, while simple to build, didn't fulfill...
By: kym.teo

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Sat, 11 Oct 2014 07:53:19 PDT
Project Yolk
Project Yolk - More DIY How To Projects]]> Studio Egg The act of cooking and preparing food brings with it many subtleties and nuances. From finding the perfect way to pepper a salad to the ultimate technique in which to scramble eggs – a long debated issue between many cooks. This mass of personal preferences combined with the countless tools and gadg...
By: Studio Egg

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Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:57:54 PDT
Chalkboard Crock Pot
Chalkboard Crock Pot - More DIY How To Projects]]> Make all you friends jealous at the next at the next pot-luck dinner you go to, even if your cooking sucks. With this easy mod to your crock pot, you'll always be a hit. What you need... 1. A Crock Pot2. Chalkboard Paint (buy it or make your own with paint and grout)3. Paintbrush4. Screwdriver5....

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Sun, 14 Sep 2014 03:46:27 PDT
Laminated Chopping Board
Laminated Chopping Board - More DIY How To Projects]]> msparker I had recently made myself a mini-bar and the last piece of the puzzle was a chopping board to fit the shelf i had made. In the garage i had a fair few random bits of wood from old furniture that had been take apart, but no big pieces so the obvious solution was to laminate some pieces together, som...
By: msparker

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Mon, 1 Sep 2014 12:49:20 PDT
Airtight Seal For plastic bagged foods Using an old water bottle
Airtight Seal For plastic bagged foods Using an old water bottle - More DIY How To Projects]]> Thatdan this is a great way to seal up bagged food frozen or not and keep them fresh also makes it very easy to pour out and when the food is all done you can reuse the seal over and over again You Need A Pair of Scissors And A Empty Water Bottle With The Top You can also use an empty soda bottle dependi...
By: Thatdan

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Wed, 27 Aug 2014 14:48:25 PDT
Word art trivet
Word art trivet - More DIY How To Projects]]> PKM I realised I was missing a trivet from my life and really needed somewhere to place hot things in the kitchen. I like self-referential objects, and "hot stuff" is a bit of an inside joke between my girlfriend and me, so I set out to make this word art trivet. The actual making process is pretty si...

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Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:15:16 PDT
Ikea Kitchen Drawer Extension - with printed parts
Ikea Kitchen Drawer Extension - with printed parts - More DIY How To Projects]]> lathe_makeatio Bugged by the dropping plastic bowls and boxes behind our big drawer I've made this extension. The main problem was, that the mentioned high drawers use the same base than the ordinary drawers plus one surrounding rod-line on the half of the drawers height.This is, when you put much stuff in, not hi...
By: lathe_makeatio

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Sun, 17 Aug 2014 15:07:37 PDT
Over-the-sink dishrack
Over-the-sink dishrack - More DIY How To Projects]]> michel.dedeo I wanted more space on the counter, so I made an over-the-sink dishrack. The prototype was my conventional metal dishrack screwed to the wall and cabinet.I wanted to use a branch I had lying around for the front support to make it look more interesting. Attaching the branch to a plank makes it eas...
By: michel.dedeo

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Fri, 8 Aug 2014 11:58:39 PDT