Instructables: question - arduino Mon, 8 Feb 2016 11:05:42 PST BLOX v1.01 Make Led cube? Soumojit Hi, I want to make a 4x4x4 led cube ? Please tell me which is the best instructables to make a cube? Which cube is good common anode or cathode? I want to make the cube with a arduino uno I find  a  instructables - Is it good to make an...
By: Soumojit

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Mon, 8 Feb 2016 00:11:13 PST
Is it possible to upload a new Arduino, already compiled sketch with VB or C? mart225 Hello everyone, so my question is: Is it possible to upload already compiled sketch with the Arduino IDE (.ini file) with a program created in VB or C?
By: mart225

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Thu, 4 Feb 2016 00:40:22 PST
Arduino calculation error... Or operator error? fracture123 Below is a tachometer program that was patched together... Using a hall effect for the sensor. For some odd reason when the calculation is done for interrupts per second something goes wrong... When set at 30*1000 I get what seems to be a good RPM number... But when changed to 60*1000 the RPM jumps ...
By: fracture123

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Tue, 2 Feb 2016 12:54:56 PST
Can I use an Arduino to program an AT89S52 using ISP? robodude95 Since the AT89S52 controller is ISP programmable is it possible to use an Arduino UNO as a programmer to upload the hex file to the 8952 ? I've tried various programmer softwares such as progisp, 8051 loader and ISP Prog v1.4 but the Arduino doesn't show up as a programmer on any of these. I've upl...
By: robodude95

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Tue, 2 Feb 2016 08:51:49 PST
Arduino GPS Tracker Help? RedCthulu Hey guys, I'm using a arduino uno r3, an adafruit ultimate gps shield, and a 16gb SD card. I have the Adafruit GPS Library and the "friendlier" SD library which is in the details for the shield online. Whenever I try to use any programs on the arduino and shield at all, it says: Ultimate GPSlogger S...
By: RedCthulu

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Mon, 1 Feb 2016 13:52:25 PST
AC Power Phase Control? KaroonjharN Hello, Can we use AC phase power control Solid State Relay to control the speed of single phase Induction motor, Using PWM as input to the Relay and the output of relay connected to Induction motor, The motor runs at 220v AC,50Hz,55Watt.
By: KaroonjharN

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Mon, 1 Feb 2016 10:03:50 PST
How can I let Arduino GSM shield respond to specific numbers? Mechatron147 I am working on a project where i send 1 to my GSM Shield to switch on the LED connected to pin 13 and off by sending 0, but i would like to modify the code in order for the GSM Shield to respond only to the number specified. Here is my code, in my case I used an example phone number ...  ********...
By: Mechatron147

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Sun, 31 Jan 2016 04:02:42 PST
Need help for project with Arduino mkeranov So I've to make a multi-functional garbage container, which would be solar powered, and it must have an arduino . The idea is that the container will have a servo controlled cap, which will be controlled by the arduino . The trigger for that cap should be a motion sensor. I'm a noob with the arduino...
By: mkeranov

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Sun, 24 Jan 2016 03:22:49 PST
Transition between two Steppers with independently assigned cues toshi182 Hello. I am going to use two step motors, two easy-drivers, one arduino uno. Each step motors have gear to rotate, front and back. First, I'd like to assign multiple rotation cues for each steppers. such as, int step1cue1 = 329 int step1cue2 = 582 int step1cue3 = 1038 int step1 cue4 = 1790 ... in...
By: toshi182

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Tue, 19 Jan 2016 23:46:56 PST
Play with IKEA DIODER and Arduino ArthurB24 Hi everybody ! I have an Ikea DIODER that I want to drive with my arduino UNO. I'm quite noob with electronics and i'm looking for some help ;) When I opened one of the for lamp, I saw 4 spots marked R, G, B and M (or W?). If I test voltage between the M spot and another one, I can read "14V". So...
By: ArthurB24

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Tue, 19 Jan 2016 07:10:28 PST
Simple Quadcopter using Arduino Uno? nishanksingla Hello guys I am making a quadcopter using Arduino uno. My first simple aim is to lift and hover the quadcopter.  To achieve this aim  I have connected the signal Wire of all the ESC's to arduino Pin 9 and giving throttle via node server using bluetooth module and johnny five library.  My quadcopter...
By: nishanksingla

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Thu, 14 Jan 2016 18:57:03 PST
I want to operate 3 different LED's using single push button? thered4321 I mean when i'll press the button, 1st LED should glow and it should be turn off after few second... and when i'll press this button for 2nd time, only 2nd LED should glow and it should be turn off like 1st .when i'll press this button for 3rd time, only 3rd LED should glow and it should be turn off...
By: thered4321

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Thu, 14 Jan 2016 00:45:15 PST
Will two or more IIC devices share the same IIC pins on arduino? gada888 HI,All I got 4 IIC soil moiture sensors, could be named A,B,C,D.but my arduino nano only have one set of IIC pins.i want to set IIC soil moisture sensor's chips internal timer to go sleep mode each at diffirent arduino could take correct readings from one sensor at a time.i want to know i...
By: gada888

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Sun, 10 Jan 2016 07:06:33 PST
Can I connect an rfid reader to my arduino mini pro vcc pin? joshblease I have a 3.3v arduino mini pro, but I'll be supplying 5v to the raw pin to power it. Can I connect my 3.3v rfid reader to the vcc pin of the arduino to use the arduinos regulator or is this not possible?
By: joshblease

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Tue, 5 Jan 2016 05:36:38 PST
Converting delay to millis.? need help !!!! bvamsikr /* * Hi Everyone.  I am just starting with Arduino uno. I was wondering if you could help me? I would like to replace "delay" with  "millis()"   My Project Out Line. *  "LED Light" On/Off with delay using "Relay Module" and "Bluetooth Hc-05" *   working fine with "delay sketch" but I cannot schedu...
By: bvamsikr

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Fri, 1 Jan 2016 20:10:46 PST
Can anyone help me in programming in arduino to make my robot autonomous. Abhineet Mishra My robot uses Arduino, Motor Shield, 2 DC-Motors & 3 Ultrasonic sensors. I just want my robot to sense the object infront of it (about 30cm ahead) and make the logic itself whether to go left or right (if any obstacle is present in the left side then my robot should go in the right side & vice-versa...
By: Abhineet Mishra

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Wed, 30 Dec 2015 09:49:00 PST
Road Speed limit project ekayed Hello, I'ts my first post here, so dont get mad if it's not the right subforum for this topic. I would just like some ideas/opinions for my project, because maybe I am forgetting something in addition to i am new with arduino the idea is a device that tracks a car's speeds and omits a message to th...
By: ekayed

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Mon, 28 Dec 2015 22:33:41 PST
Trying to make a arduino based photo booth, and need help with my code for the countdown to be triggered by a button? DanielB118 i am new to Arduino and am trying to make an Arduino based Photo Booth which will have a button that is pressed and triggers a countdown on an 8x8 SPI matrix and at the end of the countdown it triggers a SLR Camera (Nikon D5500) (i still need to work out how to trigger the camera and write the camer...
By: DanielB118

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Sun, 27 Dec 2015 22:57:10 PST
Can anyone help me with data transmission in serial communication through a hub? laminceesay I need to write a c code, and using an Arduino uno, I should be able to transmit a short text to a recipient who is also connected to a hub. many other people are also connected to the same hub, but they should not be able to receive my text. Only the intended receiver is supposed to receive my text...
By: laminceesay

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Sat, 26 Dec 2015 19:25:18 PST
Multiple "void setup" in Arduino sketch? Konstantin Dimitrov Hello ! Can I use more than one '''void setups' simultaneously in one arduino sketch. Something like that - void setup() { code  } void setup1() { code 2  } void setup2() { code 3 } I saw in here that I can run multiple "void loops" simultaneously in sketch.
By: Konstantin Dimitrov

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Sat, 26 Dec 2015 06:50:25 PST
Help with interfacing a mobile phone lcd to arduino? 1101Snehil Help anyone. Urgently needed. After watching some of the instructables on using mobile lcd.s with arduino, I also wanted to do one. But I didn't got the right lcd (Nokia 6001) anywhere. However I had one another lcd and luckily I got its pin layout too. So far I have understood according to it that ...
By: 1101Snehil

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Wed, 23 Dec 2015 21:44:52 PST
Can the electricity from a tesla coil send the charge needed to activate a music board wired with Bare Conductive Paint? MaryM22
By: MaryM22

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Mon, 21 Dec 2015 14:43:17 PST
IFTTT Maker Channel to Arduino? Jonathanrjpereira Hey, I have been looking at the maker channel on the IFTTT website. I was wondering if I could trigger an led on my Arduino/LinkIt One (which is connected through wifi) if my smartphones battery goes below 15% or I get a facebook freind request or I post an Instagram or xyz or abc or etc etc etc. I...
By: Jonathanrjpereira

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Sat, 19 Dec 2015 22:56:36 PST
Laser trip switch? DIY_lover123 Hi I want to use a laser and a ldr to switch on a relay using arduino once the laser is tripped the relay turns on and once it trips again its off  could some one help me with the code and schematics i want to use pin 9 as in1 on the relay  thanks a ton in advance
By: DIY_lover123

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Fri, 18 Dec 2015 01:51:26 PST
Arduino: How do I convert a decimal to ASCII? theredbryophyte I'm following this Instructable which is about communicating between 2 Arduinos with RF modules. The received value is stored in buff[0]  and if this value is "1", a light switches on. However, I was going to experiment with sending values other that 1 or 0 from the other Arduino and first added Ser...
By: theredbryophyte

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Thu, 17 Dec 2015 11:27:53 PST
How to make a large LED chase effect? mokhaddoumi I am looking to make a Xmas jumper with an LED chase effect to mimmic the snow falling.  I am having difficulties in deciding which is the best way to do this. Essentially Think of having 8 strings of 8 LED's (to make it simple) and each string will have its own chase effect running.  I want these ...
By: mokhaddoumi

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Mon, 14 Dec 2015 11:25:36 PST
9V battery and LM7805 power a audio AMP failled? gada888 Hi,All I use a 9V battery to pass power through a LM7805 to an arduino pro mini,a MP3 module,it works fine.later i am not satisfied with the low voice of the speaker,then i added an Amplifier module.the AMP module is a PAM8403-5V(could be USB powered),but the speaker produce weird sound.  it seemed...
By: gada888

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Fri, 11 Dec 2015 21:17:21 PST
Im repurposing my atx power supply to be a bench Psu. I need help with code please? icey.hood In this project. I want to use an arduino mega, 2 lcds, and 6 acs712 current sensing modules and 2 Lm2596 dc step up/down module The set up I have in mind is like so; arduino is powered by ATX stand by power (IF possible) there is a push button which turns on the programing to start the monitoring ...
By: icey.hood

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Tue, 8 Dec 2015 16:33:50 PST
I want to build a temperature sensor, any idea? Houtarou- I'm having problems connecting the wires together and my code is not compiling please help? #include #include SevSeg sevseg; LEDDisplay *led; int ledPin = 9; int inputPin = 13; int core = 0; int val; int tempPin = 0; int buttonState = 0; float celsius; int tempUnits = celsius; int refreshTime =...
By: Houtarou-

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Sat, 5 Dec 2015 14:37:02 PST
how do i code a pattern of leds on a attiny 85? printrbot932 I am making a prop and i need to embed a attiny to run 3 leds in a specific pattern, here is the patterm led 2 on for .75 seconds  led 3 on for .75 seconds  that pattern repeated 3 times then led 1 on for a half a seconds  then 2 on for 1/2  then 3 on for 1/2  that repeated twice then the whole thin...
By: printrbot932

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Thu, 26 Nov 2015 16:26:01 PST
Why you picked Arduino? iam_maker_leo Can you explain why we have to pick Arduino?
By: iam_maker_leo

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Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:20:55 PST
Arduino, how to type in two values in serialmonitor than sum them? KevinH110 hey guys, I want to typ in for example Variable1: "4" *pressing enter right after*, then type in Variable2: "3" *Pressing enter right after* Now i want Arduino to store these variable and then sum them: Variabl1 + Variable 2.
By: KevinH110

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Wed, 25 Nov 2015 06:06:33 PST
anybody knows what company manufactures SG90 servo? 기운서 Hi, I recently need a large quantity of SG90 servo. I only find those sellers from Aliexpress or Allbuy, but I need to contact in business way with a specific company that produces SG90 servo motor in real. Anybody knows a answer? Thanks.  
By: 기운서

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Tue, 24 Nov 2015 01:10:17 PST
Help me make shiftOut faster (Arduino Function) Victor805 I'm making a clock and I need an Attiny85 to output a "big" amount of data to a series of two shift registers. Using the shiftOut function that comes with the arduino lags the whole program down, making the clock annoying to the eye and reducing it's brightness.  I managed to reduce the lag a bit by...
By: Victor805

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Sat, 21 Nov 2015 21:43:02 PST
How to make a robot rover that can be controlled via internet? It should be controlled from anywhere in the world. Navaneeth V Hi guys.i want to submit an innovative  project to the school science fair.but i think i have the idea but don't have much time to think about it cause exams are coming... So here is my idea; A robot rover that can be used for spying or can be used to explore areas where human interaction is not p...
By: Navaneeth V

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Tue, 17 Nov 2015 11:51:59 PST
Atmega328pu Chip already bootloaded,can i program it with a usbasp programmer? StefanosK1 Hello everybody,i purchased some atmega328pu chips for a DIY projects (arduino bootloaded) ,just to get little space for my projects,I have already done with the chip part and im stucked on the Usbasp programming,i purchaces a programmer from e bay.
By: StefanosK1

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Tue, 10 Nov 2015 11:36:55 PST
metal detector mati ur rehman ​i want to make a metal detector using tda0161, when the detector detects the metal from a specific distance the buzzer sounds but as the metal comes near and near the buzzer sound increases!! so anyone guide me for this i want to use this with arduino and to interface it with matlab and want its c...
By: mati ur rehman

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Sat, 7 Nov 2015 03:20:08 PST
What are some low power displays for arduino communication? dudes I need a display that could show at least the date and/or time for an arduino clock.  I am looking for the one with the lowest power consumption possible, perhaps the kind found on digital watches?  (I don't know what those are called)  if possible the display should have spi or I2C communication, p...
By: dudes

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Thu, 5 Nov 2015 13:16:09 PST
I need help coding an arduino sketch to activate audio from an mp3 board when my PIR senses motion Zukibeast My goal is to have a sound effect play when a person first walks into the field of view of my PIR. So far I can get it to work, but the sound "stutters" for about 4 seconds before it will play through all the way. The parts that I am using are: http://www....
By: Zukibeast

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Sun, 25 Oct 2015 22:13:50 PDT
the motor driver L293D controlling the direction of motor, i want to use limit switch to control two position of motor FarhanJ I am developing a automatic gate project. I want the DC motor stopped as soon as the gate closed or opened completely. I use IC L293D to control the motor forward or backward. This project is also using Arduino. I plan to use a limit switch to control the movement of  DC motor.
By: FarhanJ

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Sun, 25 Oct 2015 11:04:04 PDT
Wiring the L293D correctly? DIY_lover123 i bought 2 l293d's for a dollar and i wanted to use them to control a rc i have tested multiple wiring but it seems the motor doesnt move ic doesn't get hot :) and there is no response i tried with led still no response i am sure there is nothing wrong with the driver just the wiring can some please...
By: DIY_lover123

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Fri, 23 Oct 2015 02:46:05 PDT
How to make a motor related arduino code? Shaurya302000 I need a proper program in which I have 2 motors in which I need to make turns by reducing the speed of one motor and then come back to normal. Please I need help!
By: Shaurya302000

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Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:43:17 PDT
ATMega328-pu not responding on stand-alone PCB? robodude95 My ATMega328 based circuit is similar to the stand-alone Arduino design shown here. However even when I run a simple blink program the LED at pin 13 does not blink and I get no response from the microcontroller. I have tried the same circuit on a breadboard and it worked well. However when I transf...
By: robodude95

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Wed, 21 Oct 2015 02:46:23 PDT
Need help for a project with arduino? mkeranov So I've to make a multi-functional garbage container, which would be solar powered, and it must have an arduino . The idea is that the container will have a servo controlled cap, which will be controlled by the arduino . The trigger for that cap should be a motion sensor, and it also must have a lig...
By: mkeranov

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Mon, 19 Oct 2015 13:06:48 PDT
12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? DIY_lover123 i want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible Thanks
By: DIY_lover123

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Mon, 19 Oct 2015 09:33:24 PDT
How to use a YL-34 programmer with ATMega32A PU ? marc.deloor.5 So... A while ago I bought me a programmer, a YL-34. Just like this one :   As far as I can see, this board just connects the pins with connectors, has a Xtal on the right pins, a reset and lines that go to the 10-pin connector. I w...
By: marc.deloor.5

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Wed, 14 Oct 2015 04:54:07 PDT
ITEADLIB_Arduino_WeeESP8266 android response Arsalan Ahmadi im planing to do a project that using Arduino+esp8266 with android device, at first my code was something like this. #include #define DEBUG true SoftwareSerial esp8266(9,10); // make RX Arduino line is pin 2, make TX Arduino line is pin 3.                          // This means that you need to ...
By: Arsalan Ahmadi

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Tue, 13 Oct 2015 03:42:53 PDT
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding? nevet scarlet Hello, I have an Arduino uno with Atmega 328 pu and arduino ide 1.0.6programming language. I am using a Mac10.6.3. Whenever I try to upload a program, It tells me avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding. I have downloaded all the drivers and normally the port that the Arduino is on sta...
By: nevet scarlet

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Thu, 8 Oct 2015 05:52:13 PDT
Control Living Room Lights Through The Wall Switch With An Arduino And HC-06? DIY_lover123 I Want To Control My Living Room Lights Thourgh The Wall Switch With An Arduino? If possible please mention how to do it i want to know about how can i use relays and arduino to control a wall switch with a HC06 and arduino to control my living room lights with ardudroid thanks in advance PS 220v 50...
By: DIY_lover123

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Thu, 8 Oct 2015 05:02:58 PDT
Arduino Coding help? kjsrocks I need some guidance on how to write some Arduino code. The physical side is an Arduino mega ADK connected to some buttons and leds. On the code side, I modified the button sketch. I am stuck on how to add multiple buttons. in the void loop. I just need someont to show me how to add 1 after that i c...
By: kjsrocks

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Wed, 7 Oct 2015 07:12:48 PDT