GoPro Case
This is in my bag that fits almost all GoPro accessories. And most important is that it is portable, small. I bought a bag for tools. GoPro Case…
posted by vvrtlar on Jan 23, 2014
views: 1,001
GoPro Mounts
I'm new to the world of GoPro and was wondering, where are some good spots to mount the camera, other than the helmet?  It would help to know, also…
posted by FrodoandSam on Feb 19, 2013
views: 166answers: 2
GOPRO lens cover
Hi, this is my first "instructable" and it is more simple to view than write!! I wonder why there is no standard cover for gopro case!!! Lens  is b…
posted by lux4x4 on Oct 4, 2012
views: 1,894comments: 2
Homemade Gopro Gimbal
This is a 2 axis gimbal that is for a gopro. It will cost roughly $50 - $60. materials the items that you will need:1. Gopro2. kk2.1 board3. 2 m…
posted by camman61898 on Feb 23, 2014
views: 1,180
GoPro Mount
Purpose This project is a one off. I had to make a mount for a Go Pro so it would track with an envelope for a promotion. Here is what we were …
posted by TheCainster1 on Feb 8, 2014
views: 260
Gopro Cap/had
This is how you make your gopro cap with house hold items! Enjoy! What Do You Need? You will need: a cap or had The J-bu…
posted by luukzon on May 30, 2013
views: 935
ftc gopro mount
so im a 3 year FTC member and im going into competition tomorrow and i am building a mount for my gopro to mount to my teams competition robot to …
posted by quincy trott on Jan 4, 2014
views: 551comments: 1
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posted by Lukas7 on Oct 2, 2013
views: 3,013
GoPro Mounting Tips | Installing GoPro Tethers
I don't own this, 'micbergsma' does, All praise goes to him, I thought I'd repost his Videos on Instructables for people that don't go on Youtube. …
posted by BrociliTree123 on Jan 2, 2013
views: 4,761comments: 1
Sugru GoPro Screw
Instructables sent some Sugru to Milwaukee Makerspace for the July 2013 Build Night and I made a nice screw for my GoPro. I used an M5 x 40 bolt a…
posted by rasterweb on Jul 22, 2013
views: 1,122
GoPro Wrist Mount
Arm Band I found an old Futuro Sport arm band. You can use any arm band, just make sure it is wide so the GoPro doesn't tip over on your wrist.…
posted by aj770 on Nov 27, 2013
views: 1,432comments: 1
GoPro wrist mount
I made this wrist mount  for my hero2 by hacking the original plate that was in the box. I use it for diving, but since it is adjustable, you can m…
posted by Gyebi on Oct 6, 2013
views: 963
GoPro Camera Case
This is a case I made to fit my camera and all my gear in MATERIALS ($25) Pistol Case w/ foam from sportsmans warehouse SUPPLIES ($7) Max 77 spra…
posted by DemolisionWolf on Aug 1, 2012
views: 2,873comments: 2
GoPro Camera Projects
GoPro are portable cameras that shoot in full HD and produce amazing shots. These fun, small cameras come with a variety of clips and mounts which …
posted by mikeasaurus on Sep 6, 2012
4.24 (2 ratings) views: 40,531comments: 1
Streaming Twitch on your Gopro WIRELESSLY!
YOU WILL NEED: A) Gopro Hero 3 / Gopro with Wifi B) a Laptop (The Better the Laptop, The Better the quality) with both WIFI and Ethernet connection…
posted by Gomex19 on Apr 6, 2014
views: 252
Gopro multi-use rig
I do a lot of sports and outdoor activities so i wanted to make something for my gopro that was cheap, easy to make, flexible(not literally) to use…
posted by roberto22223 on Aug 27, 2013
views: 2,973comments: 1
GoPro Wrist Mount
In need of a Wrist Mount for your GoPro Hero 3? Look no further! Following this guide, brought to you by, you can make your own -…
posted by arcticunion on Apr 3, 2013
views: 15,032comments: 1
Pocketsized GoPro Handle
There it is! The smallest GoPro handle EVER SEEN! You could pay to buy a handle for your GoPro... But it costs around 30$ and you don't want to pay…
posted by feanbr on Jan 22, 2013
views: 2,788
GoPro Pole Cam
This is a cheap, fast and easy GoPro pole cam. It took less than 2 hours, including shopping time! PLEASE read the after thoughta section before yo…
posted by Wolfbane221 on Nov 19, 2013
views: 2,286comments: 6
GoPro Gravity Slider
The GoPro Gravity Slider is a custom mount for a GoPro that allows it to shoot footage of an object as it is falling. If you drop the object and …
posted by fungus amungus on Dec 2, 2013
views: 25,663comments: 10
GoPro Hand Mount
Well I bought a Gopro and I soon noticed that you must always mount it to an object to take a video, and I dont really have any other video capturi…
posted by brittonr on Oct 1, 2012
4.09 (1 ratings) views: 3,083comments: 4
GoPro Model Rocket
This is a completely scratch-built model rocket designed to carry my GoPro camera.  It is 42" tall and flies on three "E" size Estes motors, and i…
posted by seamster on Jun 11, 2012
4.89 (10 ratings) views: 33,277comments: 34
GoPro Dog Collar
Dogs are amazing. Anyone that has had one knows exactly what I'm talking about. So have you ever been interested in seeing life how your four-legge…
posted by trans4mation on Mar 18, 2014
views: 4,747comments: 7
Handlebar mount for GoPro camera
The handlebar accessory of the GoPro Hero HD camera is expensive, and takes time to put in place. Here is a cheaper replacement that has also the a…
posted by kabado on Sep 25, 2011
4.09 (1 ratings) views: 7,546comments: 2
protection for GoPro camera lens
The GoPro Hero HD is a wonderful sport camera meant to be used in heavy condition. However the fish eye lens is exposed to scratches, and surprisin…
posted by kabado on Sep 25, 2011
4.09 (1 ratings) views: 4,908comments: 6
1 axis camera gimbal for gopro cheap.
this is a step by step guide of how to build a one axis camera gimbal although it would be easy enough to add a second asis.for paning. what you…
posted by dlane7 on Aug 5, 2013
views: 3,100comments: 4
Normal Camera mount for GoPro accessories
I recently got the new GoPro Hero 3, along with it i got a lot of the accessories, chesty chest mount, handlebar mount, and all of the 3m sticky on…
posted by the guy11 on Feb 6, 2013
views: 2,631
GoPro Camera Tube Float
I wanted to take my new GoPro camera inner tubing down the river. But mounting my camera on my own tube just didn't seem like it would be able to …
posted by bigflash1 on Aug 23, 2011
4.05 (1 ratings) views: 7,541comments: 8
GoPro suction cup windshield mount
Very easy and cheap suction cup windshield mount for your GoPro camera. Buy suction cups Bought two of these at A.C.Moore craft store for $1 e…
posted by marple200 on Oct 27, 2012
views: 6,349comments: 5
Sugru GoPro Rail Mount Hack
Thanks Sugru!  You sent Milwaukee Makerspace some free samples for Build Night and I made something useful.   This was my first time using Sugru, …
posted by adamcohen on Jul 18, 2013
views: 1,069
hydration pack camera mount for GoPro
  This is a camera mount for activities where you would normally bring a hydration pack.  A good hydration pack  would have several straps that a…
posted by tinram on Dec 16, 2012
views: 7,172comments: 1
GoPro Kayak Camera Mount
  Pyranha was kind enough to use ordinary philips head screws on the back handle instead of security screws. That made this very easy. I just remov…
posted by hatnb on Nov 24, 2012
views: 2,015comments: 1
GoPro Hero Black 3+ Chesty
Cheap bareback gopro chesty costs less than MYR 10 or USD 5. Holes of Glory Make 4 holes (can i say holes?) for the straps shown in the photos..…
posted by mrul8484 on Apr 12, 2014
views: 255
How can you make Gopro mounts with resin?
I have an HD Hero 2 and I would like to know how to make mounts with resin and harder.
posted by alspad on Mar 3, 2012
views: 17answers: 1
GoPro underwater hand held monopod
I made this for a friend who was going snorkeling. We tossed around some ideas of how to make an underwater hand held monopod for his GoPro dive ho…
posted by marple200 on Jan 3, 2013
views: 15,533comments: 5
GoPro Lens Cover Cleaning Cloth
Many people with GoPro cameras seem to throw them around with abandon, but mine is my baby and if I screw it up, the Mrs. will probably not sign …
posted by shootr on Feb 22, 2014
views: 77
Cover to protect the Gopro HERO3 camera
Hi. In this instructable I would like to show you what I did to protect my Gopro camera. Although the camera comes with an housing ... I could…
posted by zholy on Mar 25, 2013
views: 1,422
Timelapse Panning controller for GoPro Cameras
This instructible will show you how I built (and you can also build) an Arduino Timelapse Panning controller for GoPro cameras. There are obviously…
posted by twinegarner on Oct 30, 2013
views: 31,491comments: 21
GoPro camera chest mount for Camelbak
I have heard great things about the Chesty GoPro camera chest mount, however, since I typically where a Camelbak when I ride, I figured it would be…
posted by marple200 on Oct 27, 2012
views: 15,166comments: 6
Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition IP camera
This will show you how to use your Gopro Hero 3 as an IP camera WITH sound. You will need your Gopro and a computer with wifi connectivity. You w…
posted by sdobbie on Jan 4, 2013
views: 16,584comments: 4
GoPro Vehicle Mounts: The Fender Mount
The Bonneville Salt Flats have held an appeal to gearheads for nearly a century, the highlight of which is the annual "Speedweek" held in the month…
posted by gjchandler on Aug 7, 2012
views: 7,709comments: 2
GoPro Tripod Stand Plate
I recently purchased a GoPro video camera.  These cameras come with cases and mounts designed for action sports and have no built-in tripod connect…
posted by antibromide on Nov 26, 2012
views: 12,712comments: 7
GoPro RC Car Mount
It's fun to race RC cars around outside or terrorize your coworkers, but what's there to show for it afterwards? That just means that it's time t…
posted by fungus amungus on Dec 2, 2013
views: 20,555comments: 7
I have wanted to make many instructables before now but this is the first time i followed through with the plan. The others ended with just a bunch…
posted by daldridge3 on Feb 10, 2014
views: 618
GoPro Vehicle Mounts: The Magnet Mount
The Bonneville Salt Flats have held an appeal to gearheads for nearly a century, the highlight of which is the annual "Speedweek" held in the month…
posted by gjchandler on Aug 7, 2012
views: 25,883comments: 13
GoPro: Clip On Ring Light
I recently bought a GoPro which gave me a bunch of new projects, so I thought it was about time I try and make my own Instructable to document it a…
posted by Chee Seng on Dec 28, 2013
views: 1,707comments: 3
3D Printed GoPro Mount
For the "Up" Challenge I decided to make something that I have wanted to make for a while now; a 3D printed GoPro mount. They are expensive to buy …
posted by freeza36 on Feb 15, 2013
views: 16,534comments: 19
10 Dollar GoPro Monopod!!!
For this instructable I show how to make a monopod out of that useless display box the go pro came with! Materials The only materials that you…
posted by theslingshotkid on Dec 27, 2012
views: 9,346comments: 8
Backpack GoPro Shoulder Mount
This is a shoulder mount for a backpack with your gopro I thought of this because I'm going on a trek and all the backpack mounts you needed tripo…
posted by Blaziken on Sep 16, 2013
views: 3,165
GoPro Underwater Fish Mount
Supplies 4- PVC Elbows2- 2 ft PVC poles1- 2.5 ft PVC pole3- 1.75 ft PVC poles1- 1 ft PVC pole 2- 3 way PVC connectors2- ropes1- GoPro mountSome…
posted by phenry5 on Dec 17, 2013
views: 1,115


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