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Well, tomorrow at ten I'm getting all four wisdom teeth pulled out, plus two others. They were supposed to be out the day after Christmas, but I was so stressed I actually got too sick for the surgery to be done safely.


i have had 11 teath pulled from my mouth. its not fun.just think about somthing else and you will be fine. also do not get scaired and think it will be bad. it is actuly not that bad.

Remember what Christy said: heavy metal!

Heavy bass! I chose industrial.

Close enough :P Heavy metal has heavy bass, right?

Not necessarily... Some songs you can't even hear the bass in... It's like some people just don't care about the bass player.

Darn, four days after my wisdom teeth got pulled (today), I just got braces. My mouth is full of hurt.

Oh man, I'm so sorry. I didn't get my braces for a couple of weeks after I got my teeth pulled.

I'm not going to be able to concentrate on all my finals tomorrow.

I have to buy some new songs, iTunes is down though.

The dentist will give you vicodin!

It's not that bad...but be sure to take pictures of your swollen cheeks, you'll laugh at them once the pain goes away.

Well, it's worsened by my severe anxiety of the dentist/ortho. I wonder what blended steak and chicken tastes like.

This is your best excuse to live exclusively on milkshakes and pudding! Live it up.

Here I am complaining about some pulled teeth (Which don't hurt right now, but I'm pretty drugged up) while my aunt just got her entire breast removed because of cancer.

Just don't blend them "together" :-) A little hot water and blended meat and you have ......soup

Don't worry, it will be ok. When you worry ou only make it worse. Good luck Reply if you live (just kidding)

im so loopy, last thing i rememnbrt is the iV beijgn put in! lolo next thing i know im in a couch an everything is trippy and double visio n. ill get some pictures its so weird and confusing.

But then wouldn't he have the day off?

I think we have a big science test sometime next week and then an algebra test and an essay in english is due in two weeks and then we will have a test in english. Then next semester I have woodshop.

Martin Luther ? He has every day off now (just teasing), yeah I suppose schools still do that day. I don't have it off of work though.

Don't worry, there is absolutely no chance of dying. Just severe pain. But they numb you up really well.

There is a chance of other stuff happening though. I could tell you (splintercell) if you really wanted to know, but I'm not going to scare you yet.

Holes in the roof of my mouth into my nose, pinching/severing the nerve just under the tooth, deadening the jaw for a few weeks?

Actually I was going for more of what happened to my cousin, where they broke his jaw in 3 places... But those work too. Its not that bad though. Mine didn't even hurt. I just bled alot... The worst part of all of it was getting food stuck in the holes while they were healing.

I'm getting jaw surgery in a year. (They cut my jaw in half, move it forward, then staple it back in)

My cousin had that, and it turned out fine! I didn't see the convalescence, though, so can't comment on pain.

As the guy said, "There's only a 1% chance you'll be numb for the rest of your life" Knowing my luck, I'm that 1%.

pulling out wisdom....isnt that like making you dumb? (just kidding)

Dang, that sucks! I hope you have fun, you should get a little engraving of the Instructables Robot on your tooth or something. Haha, just kidding. Tell me if you can defeat Tozaka, and save the town of Mulikie from being burned into ashes, and their souls will be reincarnated into the ground, they will grow into beautiful trees, but then Tozaka's son will come by and cut them down, and then he will burn them, and then you will have to defeat him with the skills of your Instructable power. Hope you live.

X[ Lemme know how it goes... if you survive.