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1 key keyboard? Answered

heres the circuit for 1 key keyboard which has to be done with a attiny85 but can i modify the circuit to be made with a  12F683



Why not use the ATtiny ? Porting to a new processor is not for the uninitiated.



7 years ago

How could it be called a keyboard anymore? I believe it would be an on off switch at this point. An intermittent one.

Can someone? Sure.

Can you? Depends. Do you understand the USB protocols and the keyboard protocols which run on top of them, and the techniques for programming the 12F683, well enough to write the necessary microcontroller code?

(Note that even the circuit you show us will work only if the ATTiny85 is loaded with and running the right code. Presumably that's provided elsewhere on the website you pointed to.)

As Rick said, the simpler answer might be to get a single-chip USB keyboard scanner, which is a plug-and-go solution... either by scavenging one from a keyboard or by finding a source for that chip.

(I'm going to use a programmable microcontroller for my experimental MIDI instrument -- but that's because I'm going to want a bit more intelligence in the keyboard than a simple scanner chip would provide.)

You can more easily get an old (or even new as they are ridiculously cheap) keyboard. Work out what the connector connections are (search for keyboard hack to see how to do this) then just use the PCB and a single switch.

To answer you question directly I would think the answer is yes - BUT if you next question is how then I can' t help.