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10 Positive Traits of Aspies. (People with Aspergers Syndrome) Answered


Here's one for those that think differently (those outside the spectrum):

‎"to say that they (people on the autism spectrum) lack empathy is an insult...because they are some of the kindest people i know."
~Tony Attwood

a microsoft division that employs ONLY people with autism spectrum disorders

and i can't find the link to the article...but there's another software company that is exclusively hiring people with autisum spectrum disorders...the only "normal" (sorry...can't think of a better way to write that...open for suggestions) people who work there are the receptionists and janitors

I am starting to understand why some persons with AS get so tired of hearing the negative naysaying about them......and why they don't care to be around most folks.....

Doesn't it say:  40 employees, of which 31 have ASD?

....i didn't notice that...


correction should be that they employ MOSTLY people with asd


The other nine do the cleaning, keep the coffee pot going, and the rest of the unskilled work.

Us Aspies think logical, you are failing us, consider yourself told off please.


employs ONLY people with autism spectrum disorders

That is logical, but also quite literal......only means only, especially when made bold.  
</lesson in logic> 


Don't you mean "So-called-normal-people"?

Thanks for the link, just trying to recall who, in the last few days, thought it was a great secret, that Aspies are great software programmers,

Silly me, I thought everybody knew.

I think it was my GP, sorry, its the Benefit (social welfare income support) Advocate who back in 2002, when I was denied emergency medical travel, helped me, then begged me, to push the system as far as we could (Nobody had wanted to) in order to learn.

Read the following carefully, to learnt how much hush money I made as a Aspie in a 4 year fight for justice against the system .. ONLY a aspie could have lasted the distance.

I was denied $29.50 per week for 3 months, 3 months later I got $5 backdated (they though that would stop me), then a month later increased to $10 per week, caught them out a week later, it became $19 per week, they labelled me as dangerous, over Christmas they took back $50 per week for advances as punishment, so my landlord's agent, agreed to wait for the rent.4 weeks later after the holiday, we went to the head office and The Minister, that put the case manager into shock, left me voice mail saying she reinstated the $50 per week. (I had managed to pay $40 of the rent.

That meant I had $200 paid off on my advance. I contacted the case manager minutes after she left the message, she must have in shock, as they never pick up the phone, I asked her, what about my rent? She had not known I stopped my rent, she intended to give me a bad Christmas, instead, the punishment failed. I heard her fingers hit the keyboard, she said, $160 coming overnight. Next morning, i forwarded that to the landlord.

Later I learnt, that was brand new money, undocumented, and not checked off, by a second case manager.

State of play, after 6 months. (that $29.50, had to be reviewed every 90 days)

$19 per week.
$200 paid off my advances, for free.
Travel provided to me by the Cancer Society as a favour, as I did not qualify, I gave them wooden toys I made.

Then the advocate learnt travel could be as a grant. (100%, the $29.50 was reduced from true cost as a SPB)

As I was supposedly dangerous, I had to sent in a agent, case manager said yes, no argument, but as its regular travel, it can only be as SPB (She refused me the SPB 7 months earlier) My agent, slammed her fist on the desk, said okay, but 100%. Case manager put false undocumented costs onto the system, so the SPB formula reduced my claim, to 100% of cost!!!!

State of play, travel as SPB, but at 100%, still had the $19 per week.

Then 2 side matters, 2 advances of $400, on each I should have $200 grant. Before Christmas, case manger denied me the grants, refused to process my review requests. After Christmas when head office asked her about the $50 deduction, they asked about the grant reviews (we had reported that too) She told me, my written request had never arrived there. I said I would print off a copy. (but I changed two words.)

Then my letter arrived setting a date for the review, I was amused to see she had not spotted the 2 words i changed, the letter enclosed my suposedly lost documents.

We lost the review at first level, (the local office was the first review) so took it to the finial level, a full legal tribunal hearing. We had the 2 advances about 3 weeks apart.

We prepared our case, but a week before the hearing, the legal officer opposing us, offered to settle out of court, not the $200 i was entitled to, but all $400, providing that $400 went to pay of the second advance, and I took the matter no further. YES. I put that agreement in writing.

3 weeks later, the same happened

The Advocate was amazed, that had never happened before. WE then began fighting to get the review of the $29.50 SPB, legally, it had to be within 30-days of it being denied that was 7-8 months earlier.

I then realised, that the 2 settlements, I was supposed to drop the matter of the SPB too. But the legal officer had not said that, I checked the 2 agreements I had written, and I had written it, so as not to include the SPB review. By accident! The legal officer had not noticed it.

What a boo boo.

Travel paid. plus $19.00 per week. $800 to settle two advances, $160 hush money. Plus goods to the value of $800. (A bed, and new glasses)

We never worked out the profit on the $800, $160 and goods. The whole thing was mixed up, and the $160, was illegal too. I knew, no way would they send the cops ever, because then i could tell the judge about the SPB being denied.

we continued asking about the SPB review. The $19 worked its way up to $33 per week.  It was supposed to be reviewed every 90 days, it never was. The case manager kept adding on false undocumented costs

They claimed I had not put in the SPB review request, within 90 days of the SPB being denied, I dug out my copy, which had been taken in by a community lawyer, no way they could deny that.

The first level of review, said, no jurisdictional, as we were outside the 90-days by 9 months. Outside, my advocate, said, end of the line, there is no descion to be reviewed by the tribunal.

I said wrong, the decision was "no jurisdiction" so we get that reviewed. he said not possible, becuase we needed them to sent a letter to the tribunal.

I told him, forget that, phone the tribunal, say a letter is on the way, but we need a urgent hearing, we will get a date for the hearing, before the letter arrives.

We got the date. Then the legal officer, completely sick and tired of me and the local office fighting, goes over the orginal application, which supposed had been reviewed 2-3 times back at the local office, and finds a $4.41 per week error, recalculates, and says $29.50 SPB was correct after all.

After 3 years, I got the review that should have been done within 24 hours, and I got $800 backdated.

But I am still not happy, a error of $4.41 per week, should not have given me $29.50. So I start faxing. A month later, we meet the legal officer, in Wellington, at a Tribunal hearing, where both me and the advocate were representing a friend of mine. (I had become a benefit advocate)

The legal officer, showed me my original document, and within 10-seconds I spotted a $30 error they made.

Vindicated. Still on travel (Had not needed it for a while, plus $33 per week hush money.

back to 18-months after it all began, the case manager thought I was using a friend to bypass her (she had blocked all avenues for me to contact 2 good case managers that knew me well) my friend told me something weird was hoping on, and gave me details.

within minutes, I worked out my bad case manager, had manipulated my friends records. I faxed details to head office, 8 days later the bad case manager wrote to me, saying she was leaving.

She must have been near nervous breakdown, becuase instead of Dear Peter, it was Dear Pamala and it had her personal signiute, she failed to see the error. her big boss, got moved out, all senior management got moved out too.

I continued on the hush money for another year, The costs on the system for me, were totally illegal, no documentation to validate each cost, I offered to have it all deleted, and start again. I lost maybe $40 per week, when we went legal again. But the department (local office has been nice ever since)

This case manager, and her boss, sent untrue reports everywhere, regional office, national office, strangely the case manager had been reporting direct to The Minister. I realised the senior manager, had been out of her depth in her position, and the bad case manager had her bosses ID and password for her system log in.

The bad case manager, had reported direct to the CEO, who sent back a draft report to the Ombudsman for the Senior to approve, she did so, without reading it.

Oops, what a woopise, the CEO misinformed the NZ ombudsman.

At the end of the day, it was not everybody that had had a wonderful time, just me. Everybody else had egg on their faces.

The 2 good case managers, knew me and the bad case manager had a big battle on, but knew no details, and weren't allowed to look in on it.

They told me afterwards, every morning the bad case manager went to check the fax machine, then sometimes come storming back.

They called it, me "faxing NZ" because fighting for my SPB review, I was faxing everywhere asking for help.

And the bad case manager, was helkpless, could not even call in the cops, as she was illegal not me.

If only she had given me that $29.50 per week SPB, I only needed it for 90 days.

Instead, look at how much damage to them, this Aspie did over 3 years, just to get that $29.50 per week SPB for 3 months?

My advocate learnt heaps by us pushing the system to the limit, and as a side line, I was using the Official Information Act, to get policy documents, standing orders documents, even their personal security guidelines. Everything I read, gave me more ammo to use.


Sorry for my lag in reply....I haven't "ownership" of the forum, and so I don't get notice of posts....and the owner passed away about a year ago or so.

Cool, I read that tourettes has advantages as well (I have tourettes).


its shocking the way he defends his remarks


Throughout the long-running case, McKinnon's lawyers have argued against extradited in part because he suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, and could commit suicide or suffer psychosis if it went ahead.

As an Aspergers, this is a nice list for a build-me-up.  We still live in a world of Normals so we still need to deal with them.

Welcome Tim.  I don't really think it is about "dealing" with each other.   Most persons have a heck of enough time dealing with themselves.  '

I've been blessed with having been exposed to a wide range of cultures and points of view over the years, and so now......people tend to try to "deal with me"  instead of the other way around ;-) 

I am kind of on the mild side of this spectrum, but then I have been practicing 'avoidance" for almost 50 years,  so I have gotten good at hiding traits too.   There is a time to "act" and a time to be myself.   In Instructables, I have found I can be myself and still be acceptable....

Just joining in quickly, as I am writing a political comment about a bad politician here, signed off as a logical thinking Aspie.

1, young Aspies are getting all the education support possible, the next generation of Aspies could very well be runing this world, trying to save it.

2, Mikes (Goodhart) "but then I have been practicing 'avoidance" for almost 50 years," that is the reason why it is so hard to diagnose adult Aspies, only 2 doctors (paediatricians)  in NZ can, while all the paediatricians can dignose kids.

Hey Mike, when is your assessment going to be?

My PC is back to normal, I am out of here, to fax off my political comment, then knock off for the night, its 9-30-pm on Friday, I am still ahead of you Mike, can you not ctach up faster?

Just noted a paste from Word option, seems Eric was watching our discussion a while ago. Hi Eric. (or does he monitor everything for mention of his name? I would.)

"Hey Mike, when is your assessment going to be?"

I am not sure....I am still recovering (financially) from being off work for nearly 2 months at only half my normal pay......juggling concepts and precepts rather then physical entities, is difficult, at best. 

So, whenever things become stable again.....hopefully before next year (since I would have to start over with my Deductible then  grrrr.)

You can only be a honorary Aspie then Mike, I am really sorry, we will have to cut your Aspie pay in half, and make you workk twice as hard, until you get your license to be considered weird, like the rest of.

As Asperigers is not considered to be a mental disorder, to continue what I have been doing the last 10-years, I have been given the label of honorary mental health consumer.

The providers wish they had never come across me, I caught them out so many times, abuse, lies, laziness, but then, that is explained by a Aspie having a eye for detail, great memory, good CPU, and willing to risk his sanity and life to speak out.

29th July 2009, I became happy again, the services can not longer touch me. In fact they dont want to, I am far too dangerous to their reputations, if I speak out about their actions.

Yes, I fall over a lot, but always with a big smile on my face.


I don't need a license to be weird.....been doing it for over 50 years (well, 51 years as of today).

  My weirdest weirdness can only be witnessed in person though.  I keep telling my wife (to her utter consternation) that she is about to "knock over, drop, break, spill, or crash, something......and then she goes and does it anyways, even with the warning *sigh*.   I'll "drop" something in my hands, and I experience a "time dilation" where I will "observe that I have dropped it, access if I can catch it again, make the attempt at catching it, and then actually DO catch it;  all before the article gets more than a few mm from my hand.    
I've known about this since I was quite small, but only recently have I heard any studies done on the "process".  
I have avoided a LOT of auto accidents, by this method....automatically going on auto pilot....locking the brakes, accessing that this took away my steering, letting UP on the breaks, and steering away from the accident that would have surely happened otherwise.  
To tell you the truth, it just FREAKS me out at times.    

Emergence (plays with RealPlayer)....explains a lot of this....  

happy birthday, or do I have to wait till tomorrow, seeing I am a day ahead of you?

as for licence, I think you come under the Grandfather clause of Aspie Act #23, subsection 4.

If you were born more than 50-years ago, you dont need to sit any test, because you pre-date the licensing regime of Aspie Act #19.

that is your birthday present.

unable to read all your stuff above, and 3 other comments, been in a major panic attack last few hours, after something happened about 18 hours ago, showing somebody is making decisions for me, without my knowledge

I am barely controlling it.

have to do a urgent fax to postpone a appointment on Monday, that will take the pressure off I hope, then do other relaxing things, check what meds I got, that will help, will be on line thou

just watched DVD movie, Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, last saw in in the 60s I think, the panic spoilt it.

gota go before i spew up, when wil they leave me alone?

If you are a day ahead, it is already the 21st there.....The 20th is (was?) my BD

be careful, or you might lose youir birthday

its 6-15-pm Saturday 21 November here in NZ, this second

sure its the 20th?

you might be wrong.

if you go to the South Pole, and walk a circle around it, 2 metres in diameters, can you gain  day every minute?

What if you walk the other way?

Happy birthday GH!  (Mine's next week!)

hey, i thought i lost this one above

that spining wheel is FLaSH, causeing heaps of trouble on the archive, might let Gerry there know, except last I heard from him, just shuting down his laptop, befoore going to the operating threatre for a heart op. he my age.

mybe thats adding to me panic

Yeah, we can build up our reflexes to do that.  I remember seeing a full bottle of coke falling over on a table.  My hand went out, caught it by the neck, pulled it in the direction of the neck and brought it up without any spillage.

However, I terrify people who ride with me in my car!  If I don't watch out, I will stress out people in conversations with me as I rattle off.  I have to remember to go s-l-o-w.

I've done it since I was quite small....alot of it has to do with my perception of things around me.....and when I see possible chaos,  I react, sometimes early enough to head off a situation, but then people wonder why I am "acting so weird"  when the "situation" does not occur.......*shrug*....I live with it though.

Hello Tim,

I wonder if you were aware of  our forum base, as you commented on a topic.

Try https://www.instructables.com/group/aspies/ you might enjoy doing the unofficial test, created by somebody else not known to us, but please read the instructions on the site carefully, you only got one hour to save the results to your PC, and only post to this forum the picture and the 3 lines of the score, your answers to the questions are personal to you. It pays to write down, how to tick each question (the rating) before you start, I did my test in 10-minutes.

We call ourselves Aspies

Our forum base and sub topics contain heaps of information. Currently I am waiting for a CT scan after seeing a neuriolgest yesterday, for a long time, years I have been close to falling, the doctor yesterday said, stand at attention, close your eyes, I did, began leaning to the right, I corrected that, the doctor caught me before I hit the floor on the left.

its part of a issue, or condition commonly associated with Asperigers Syndow, or MS or ceribal plusely.

I will email Mike to also welcome you.

I'm surprised at the response, you guys.  The "Aspies" section has more information than I have seen in the three years I've been diagnosed.  Haven't done the dimensional test,yet.

Normals.  They assume they are the only intelligent humans on earth.  They are the majority (or 'normal'), but we are the ones who make the stuff they assume they made for themselves.  I actually had a counselor tell me, "Why don't you shape up?  Be like me!"  Normal athletics are based upon running and fast reflexes -- what we are at a disadvantage at.  They think it is fun to enter a room with over a dozen loud conversations going on at the same time.  Since normals have multiple personalities, they assume we can switch modes & personas in a flash as needed.

I've got a description of Aspergers on a business card size to get them to cut me slack as "handicapped."  But after a while they forget and go back to being frustrated that I don't do what they can do.  When I do things they can't they are amazed and quickly forget it.

Tim, the last time I saw my psyclogest (now ex-) we discussed what is well. We desided there was no world standard of wellness posible.

So, how does a nurse define wellness? by her own wellness.
The same with a docter,
same with a dentist I suppose. (they always have good teeth anyway

I just sacked my pyscholigest, I wanted to sort out issues with the practice manager a few months ago and tried to meet with her, instead she got the psycoligest to lay down the law to me, i was not told in advance or given my legal right to have a advocate or support presnt.

Her administration stsaff have been pushing me around for years, but point the finger at me, when I know they are at fault. The staff got together, without giving me my  rights to give my side, I am told if i follow up, the staff decided I could no longer stay, and there is no other GP I can go too.

the manager does not want to meet with me, as I have certain questions, which if I get her to answer will vindicate me.

It was not the role of my psycloigest to do thst, I told him it would harm our professional relationship, he continued, and I can no longer trust him.

ever since, I been panicing when a issue comes up with administration  staff  because If I try to resolve it with a official complaint, the complainees get together and give me the boot.

What a way to protect themselves from legal action.

So, since I lost my trust in the psylcoligest, i can use him as a tool, a complaint about his actions will highlight the pratice managers actions, if i word it rifght.

anyway, soon i wont have a doctor, if i stay, I get pushed around, if i go, no docter

Tim, you are signed up

If you think the aspies section has heaps of info, would you believe i got another 10-Mb of PDF?

sent me a email off list, with a direct email for youself, and say what sort of info you want meds, self storys etc

I am having a major anxiety atack  for the last 24 hours, does not help if this site uses double click cookes, that must download first, and they dont come for ages

and the google thing is not fixed, I tried a coment, it scanned it, i lost the comment.

might change to portible firefox, oldr vestion, so i can stay on line

not sure if this gets thru.

its not the cucase, but the last 20 hors, there is been a sort of party across the car park, the noices, off and on, is also stresseing me

if i keep my lights off, might be safer, its just twilight

Hahahahaha! Lateral Thinker has his mind in the gutter! (j/k) XD

Lol, nevermind, random silliness. Have a great night/day/whatever it is in New Zealand! :)

its all the same for me, one big holiday, either 24/7 sleep or 24/7 awake, the trouble is, its 24/7 awake currrently, the storm one morning, the earthquake last night, I began saying tonight it would be a meteorite, and damn, the news this morning said one passed over early this morning. 10 minutes before to 2:10-am Earthquake, a lady neighbours was yelling outside because her drunkard 24/7 neighbours had the stereo flat out, she has to start work at 7-am, to pay her income taxes, so that drunkard gets income support, so he does not have to work, but can still buy his booze. NZ is a bit weird. What is an Aspie way of handling that drunkard?

Hey gmjhowe, no wonder I did not get upset with your comments, but I do admit I had trouble understanding.

And Sean, be polite to the ladies or Lithium Rain will no doubt scratch your eyes out. That is one reason why I treat the ladies around me, like they were my sisters, they all have LONG nails, while I pick mine short.

To save people asking, I use the thumb nail on one hand, to pick the nails on the other hand dead-short. I know just when I started, 47 years ago, age 6, first day at school in NZ. In fact, first minutes, i was outside the classroom being introduced to the teacher. A picture of those first few minutes have been burnt into my mind ever since. ===stress, and I still do it.

Well, I actually have very short nails - I can't stand them long! In fact I find myself doing the exact same thing with mine, actually...picking them off with other nails - but I will still scratch out the eyes of anyone who is rude or unconstructive on here. ;)

>Eyes Sean narrowly<

I recommend making removal nails, from tool steel, sharpen razer sharp. Living in NZ, I am very safe from such weapons, however, just to be clear, violence only makes matters worse. I often tell guys they will have their eyes scratched out by a lady they are impolite too, not that the lady will do it, but if they had to, I would back them up. Stand safely behind her, and watch her back Which checking out escape routes. (He who runs, is not a coward, because he plans to returm and fight another day when the odds are much better, something like 10 onto one.)

And to be clear, I mean safe from such weapons, if Ms Rain is upset with me, plenty of holes to hide in, here in NZ

Hey ! The lady's aren't the only one's with long nails....Long thumb and forefinger nails are great for picking one's nose ;-)

Goodhart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to point out, that Goodhart is not a normal Aspie. Most Aspies have normal depth noses.

actually I use them to take labels off of tapes at work....so I can scratch and re-use those tapes for backups.